How to setup A VPN on iOS or Android and why you should use one

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
and I want to show you how to set up a VPN on your iOS or Android device and
why you should be using one now there are certain cases where you're not going
to need one and that's at home because of VPN is a virtual private network or
essentially a tunnel that connects your device to a server that provides a more
secure connection so for example I was at a coffee shop this evening and I was
editing a video and I was on the internet a public Internet but I wanted
to make sure that my date it was secure and locked down so I turned on a VPN and
that way it allows me to keep all of my data private and then keep it locked
down so maybe I can go to my YouTube channel and upload a video I generally
use this while I'm at a hotel or at a coffee shop any public network where
it's free internet access I will use a VPN if I'm home that's usually the only
place I won't although there are good reasons to use them at home as well now
the next thing is how to actually set one up well first you need some server
information so you would need a username and password and a server address you
could also create a server at your house but in order to set one up you can
simply do that an iOS by going to settings then you can go down to general
then you can go down to VPN add VPN configuration and this is where you
would put in your information so you would start with the type of VPN IPSec
or l2tp your server your remote ID and your authentication information once you
have that hit done and then you will have a VPN up here at the top of your
settings you can turn it on or off you can do the same with Android and it's
pretty simple and straightforward you can do the same just by going to
settings and under settings it's a network and Internet Advanced VPN then
hit the little plus in the upper right and here's all your information so if
you enter it here you can put in the same information you could put it on iOS
and you'll have access to your VPN but there's a much easier way to do that and
that's using a VPN through an app called surf shark and they're actually
sponsoring this video and when they first reached out to me to sponsor a
video the first question I asked them is what do you do with the data because
free VPNs generally will use your data and I'm not okay with that I want my
data secure and having no logs of what I've been doing or what I've been online
because my passwords could be stored there even if they're encrypted so surf
shark has a strict no logs policy and then they have this simple app so none
of your information is stored they don't monitor track or really store anything
you're doing online it's also 256 bit AES encrypted and they also allow access
to eight different Netflix libraries from the USA to Japan France Australia
and more so let me show you how it works we just go into the app and you've got a
seven day free trial and also if you'd like to check them out and get a
discount you can use my promo codes Oh low-tech for eighty-three percent off or
a dollar ninety-nine a month after you've tried out your trial so it's a
pretty good deal I think so as you can see this is the app it's
pretty simple and straightforward maybe I want to connect to Australia it's
already set up I'll hit connect and if you haven't
connected before it will ask you to add it will hit allow put in our passcode
and it's connecting it will take just a moment and then it's connected that's it
there's nothing more to it than that very simple and straightforward if I
want to change locations I can go to optimal location it disconnects finds an
optimal location you found a Atlanta and now I'm connected so that's all there is
to it the same is true on Android it works the exact same way it also works
on Windows and Mac but go to surf shark quick connect since I haven't done it on
here or I deleted the VPN to show you now it's already connected that's all
there is to it it's that simple and you can tell that by the little key in the
upper right and the same is true on iOS once it's connected it will say VPN and
that's really simple and straightforward a couple other reasons you may want to
use a VPN would include blocking things like trackers or malware and phishing
attempts or also even being protected while gaming maybe you're a serious
gamer and at home you need to be protected
across the secure connection or you're at a LAN party something like that you
want to be honest secure connection you can do that with a
VPN so I use a VPN all the time and I highly recommend them now you don't
necessarily have to use the one I recommended there are others out there
but this one is rated very highly so I always look into something like that I
would never use or recommend a VPN that I didn't trust so I definitely would
check it out if you wanted a VPN and like I said I'll link them in the
description click the link that will also fill in the promo code but the
promo code is so low tech be sure to check it out and let me know if you use
a VPN and what you're using for a VPN it's available in many different
countries in it's highly recommended especially when traveling but let me
know your thoughts in the comments below if you haven't subscribed already please
subscribe of course I'll link this wallpaper in the description as I always
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as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time

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