How to setup an iPhone VPN connection

hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and I wanted to show you how to set up a VPN on your iPhone a lot of people have asked me how to do this so I thought I'd just make a pretty quick tutorial and show you how to do this for those of you that aren't aware the reason you'd want to set up a VPN is usually one of two reasons one your company that you work for or owned or whatever requires a VPN and that's a virtual private network in order to connect securely into their network or intranet the other reason you would want to do this is maybe you are using public Wi-Fi and you don't want your access to your information available to everyone so instead you set up a VPN then you have a secure tunnel between you and whatever you're talking to on the Internet and it keeps everything safe and encrypted so what you want to do is first figure out what VPN you want to use now I just found a free one online I don't even know if it's secure or not but it's just for purposes of this demonstration now there's other ways to connect such as cisco anyconnect and that's a whole different set up as far as the VPN settings go this particular video is going to show you specifically how to set it up using the settings within the iPhone so first you want to go straight to settings and then under settings go to general scroll down and you'll see VPN go ahead and tap on VPN and then simply add a VPN connection now there's quite a few different types of VPNs and many are more secure than others but we're going to use PPTP for this particular demonstration so we'll go ahead and select that and then we can give it a description we'll just call it my VPN and then you'll need the server name and like I said I just found one online and I wanted to show you how this works so we'll just put this one in once you have the server name go ahead and put in the account name or username and then your password once you have that information in place go ahead and hit done you'll get a little warning saying VPN using PPP may not be secure and you you may or may not be aware of that but I just wanted to show you that you need to be aware of what you're using before you actually so you can see them on Wi-Fi right now and if I go ahead and flip it on and this is how you're going to turn it on every time you're going to come back to general go to VPN and then turn it on will turn it on and once it's connected it will give you a little VPN box right up here in this upper corner you'll see right here there's a little VPN box that lets you know that you're on the VPN so we'll go down here and then we can go to go to Apple and now we're using the VPN to connect to Apple and then give us our information to go to the website nothing really appears any different for you but you're using the VPN instead of having everything open to the public on Wi-Fi so that's pretty much it and then if you want to go back you can go back disconnect just like that and then if you want to delete that connection you just hit the little I here hit delete VPN and then delete it's really that simple and it's a really nice way to secure yourself when you're on public Wi-Fi there's a bunch of paid options as well and there's quite a few that have their own apps that set this up for you automatically sometimes it's free sometimes it's a five dollar fee a month or more it just depends where you're going to get those from but there's plenty of them online and plenty of them in the App Store as well so be sure to check those out if you want to be on public Wi-Fi and be pretty secure or you need to know how to set that up for your work hopefully that helps out if you have any other questions or comments or any suggestions let us know in the comments below if you haven't subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time

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