how to setup iphone vpn kuwait

hello everybody and welcome back to another weasel Pro tutorial now in this tutorial we will be looking at how to set up an l2tp VPN by phone iPad or iPods okay so we have our iPhone here and the first thing I want to do is go into the app store on the App Store you want to click search and type in a way so there is only one link for it so once you have clicked on this you need to download it and once it's downloaded you want to open it up and here you will need to sign in and with your ways or pro email and password once you have clicked a login that you'll be met with this page here and what you guys want to click on is change server then select the appropriate one to yourselves mine is the UK and click on a change server once that is loaded they will bring up this and install proof oh you just want to install that click install now and if you have a passcode for your device type file so once that is installed fully we want to think done in the top right corner this will take us back to our app and now is actually just going to play a little video just below there and it just shows you what you have to do next – so we need to go into our settings and slide that little bar across to allow our VPN to connect so just like that little helpful videos showing us we need to go off the app into our Settings app and we want to slide our VPN tab across and now just to make sure that we have set up correctly we want to hit general scroller and so we find the BPM and there is our configuration there so it's looking a little high and your settings and set from your account looks similar to that then we have done a good job and it should work absolutely fine so once again everybody thank you for tuning into this ways or pro tutorial if you have any questions or would like to know how to perhaps do this on an Android please visit our website

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