How to Setup Smart DNS Proxy VPN on Android and iOS

ever feel the need of having a wee pn on your smartphone or tablet but good news if you're a smart DNS proxy user you also get a free weepy end subscription along with it hi there and vamp you spot DNS proxy and today we will see how you can set up smart DNS proxy VPN on your Android and iOS devices let's get to the Android part now shall we head over to the Android store and search for a smart DNS proxy VPN once you've found it download it and an installer you'd need to log in to your we pian account if this is your first time most you will not have a username and password to get that head up to the smart DNS proxy website and log in or create a new account altogether if you're creating a new account then you get a 14-day free trial for a smart DNS proxy however VPN service is only for our paid customers once you've done that go to your account homepage and then click on VPN option to set a new username for the VPN log on your Weippe an account password is the same as your smart yunus proxy password if you don't remember it I would like to change it then click on the link to do it now switch back to the smart DNS proxy VPN app and log in with the username and password that you just created once you're in the app choose which country you'd want to masquerade into and then the subsidy along with it the cool thing about smart DNS proxy VPN is it also supports storms which almost no other we PN provider does swiping right will bring you to the settings page for protocol you can just keep the default ones or use a UDP port 80 if you're not sure what all of these means check out our smart DNS VPN installation video for a more detailed guide for now keep the settings as default and then go back to the status and turn on the weepy end judging from the Play Store reviews if you're getting a connection error just restart the app switch to a different server and it should work including bus smart DNS proxy we PN is that it works better on Wi-Fi and mobile data like I said before it also supports torrents so even if torrents are blocked on your network switching to a smart DNS proxy VPN will make it where and as you can see I've accessed Spotify even though it's inaccessible now let's see how you can set up smart DNS proxy VPN on iOS the steps are rather similar to an Android device on your phone your iPad head over to the App Store and install smart DNS proxy VPN I have the link for the both of them in the description below of this video as well once you're done open the app and log in with your smart DNS proxy username and password again if you don't know how to get your username and password jump back to the Android section of this video and find the steps the interface is pretty much the same as an Android you select the country and a city you want to appear in and tap on the turn on button iOS might ask you grant permission to this app click on allow and then to connect just stop on the turn on button and bippity-boppity-boo you're connected now you can secure your browsing with smart DNS proxy VPN so that's how you said it's smartness proxy on iOS and Android devices if you want to know how to set it up on Mac OS and windows check out these rectangular things that are right here go just once you like them yeah and I'm valid with smart dance proxy and thanks for watching [Music]

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