How to stream TV from anywhere using VPN android iphone or tablet

hey what's going on YouTube have you guys ever wondered how to stream cable TV on your phone anywhere around the world well today I'm going to show you how so let's get started before we get started with this we're going to need a couple of things one is we're going to need a VPN connected to your house now I made a video about this not too long ago and I'm going to put a little descriptions below and also in one of these cards up on the top left corner we're gonna need a cable provider and I use optimum so that's what I could only test with for this instance you're gonna see I'm gonna open up to them I'm gonna notice that I'm gonna be out of network it's actually gonna say you are not in network and you can't watch anything I want to show you a demonstration I'm gonna hit guide and say I'm gonna try to watch bones it won't allow you to watch it on the phone you see how it's grayed out okay so what I'm gonna do now is go into my settings more connections VPN basic VPN home VPN connect now after this connection is successful it's actually gonna think my phone is home in the home network now when I go back into optimal it's gonna load and now it actually thinks that I'm at home and you can see on the top right corner that I'm using 14 so I'm not on my Wi-Fi connection I'm not home now when I hit bones you you see how it's not grayed out anymore I could actually watch it on my phone so I've been doing this for a while I don't usually use my phone to perform this test I'm usually on my Android tablet now I never had a chance to really test this on an iPhone or iPad or anything like that so if you try this out and it works let me know in the comments below now if you like this video please hit that little like button it does help me a lot now if you want to see more videos like this in the future hit that little subscribe button thanks for the view thanks for watching my video please take a moment to subscribe it helps me a lot and if you haven't watched my previous videos I'll post a link right here

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