How to Update Nordvpn on a Mac ✅ Beginner Guide 2021

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Hey guys. So today I wanted to show you   how you can update Nord VPN, if you're using it on 
a Mac. So if you go ahead and go to Nord,   forward slash download, it'll give you 
this option here where it says download   on the App Store. So I'm gonna click on that 
so you can see what will happen. Now over here,   you can see, I already have Nord VPN brought 
up. And then over here, in the web browser,   it'll say go ahead and open the app store. 
And so that's what we were seeing over here,   we had the App Store open. And as you can see, 
it says actually need to update it.

So I'm going   to go ahead and click Update. And so this will 
now update me to the latest version of Nord,   one of the things Nord has added is the ability 
to do split tunneling, which is really cool. So   again, I'll put a link down in the description 
to any of the best deals or discounts on Nord   VPN right now, if you don't have it already. So 
feel free to take advantage of that if you like.   Now, it's saying to continue, I need to quit 
Nord VPN and complete the update. So I'm going   to go ahead and quit that. Make sure that's quit. 
Okay, cool. Now we'll go ahead and click Continue.   And now we'll go looks like I can click Open.   Okay, here we go.

Introducing presets. So these 
are some of the new things we can try presets.   It's a click saver when you use Nord 
VPN for different services news.   So I'm going to click not now on that. And here 
we go back to Nord VPN. So I will do more of an   update on some of the changes here in in another 
video, but just wanted to show you how to go ahead   and do the update. Again, on a Mac. 
It's really easy, which is nice.   But if you haven't done it before, might be 
confusing where to find it. So if you have any   questions again, let me know down in the comments. 
And again, as always, I'll put a link to Nord VPN.   If you do want to get it you don't have it already 
down in the description, again, with any of the   best deals or discounts I can get for you guys. So 
you're welcome to those But otherwise, thanks for   watching and I'll see in the next video.
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