How to use Bitdefender VPN

online privacy is becoming a rare commodity these days this is why as much as one-quarter of all Internet users around the world prefer using a VPN your BitDefender product comes with a VPN service including a daily traffic quota of 200 megabytes to use BitDefender VPN simply go to central dock BitDefender comm and install the BitDefender security software for which you purchase the subscription here are just a few situations in which BitDefender VPN will help you secure your online traffic when you're connected to public networks or any other network you just don't trust such as coffee shops hotels or shopping malls when you don't want snooping eyes to see any of your internet traffic anything ranging from your regular browsing to file transfers when you're visiting websites or applications that might contain information you consider sensitive such as financial services or medical institutions when you're trying to view your favorite video streaming service unrestricted and anonymously once you've finished open the main BitDefender window go to the privacy screen and click on install VPN finally click on open BitDefender VPN the main BitDefender VPN window will pop up in the lower right part of your screen to connect or disconnect click on the blue status button when connecting you will be automatically redirected to the most appropriate server in order to connect to a different server you will have to upgrade a BitDefender premium VPN upgrading will also grant you unlimited protected traffic the easiest way to do this is by clicking on the get unlimited traffic button then click on view offer and you will be redirected to our website here you can follow the on-screen instructions to finalize your purchase to enable or disable product notifications click on the menu icon and select settings from this menu you can also choose to automatically launch the VPN on windows startup or when you're connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi for more information about BitDefender VPN visit our website or send us an email and we'll try to answer as quickly as possible [Music]

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