How to watch US Netflix anywhere (save time & $$!) | Best VPN for Netflix

aside from unblocking internet censorship the most common use for a virtual private network or a VPN is unlocking vast international libraries of movies and shows on streaming services like Netflix but not every VPN service does this well so what feature should you be looking for and which are considered the best VPNs for Netflix streaming let's find out in case you didn't already know there are literally thousands of movies and TV shows that are locked behind licensing agreements this is what's known as Gio restricting and if you want to understand how this works check out my video here it doesn't matter if you're in China where Netflix is entirely blocked in other countries where there are limited shows available or in the u.s.

Wanting to expand your available content anybody can benefit here in this video I'm going to cover three specific topics first we need to discuss whether using a VPN for Netflix is even legal second we're going to look at my time-tested process for finding content to watch on Netflix and finally I'm going to share with you my recommended VPNs feel free to jump ahead using these time markers or you can just read my description in this video for more answers ok now let's start with the elephant in the room is using a VPN to watch Netflix illegal the easy answer here is no although it's a little more complicated than that here's what the Netflix Terms of Use has to say about it you may view the Netflix content primarily within the country in which you've established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have license such content well that's clear as a bell right yeah I don't really get it either one thing I can say for sure is that by using a VPN to watch Netflix you're not breaking some national law for which you could be fined or jailed at worst Netflix might determine that you're breaking their Terms of Use and terminate your account but so far this hasn't happened I admit it's a gray area but remember you're paying Netflix subscribers so this isn't the same as content piracy now the next part is where I'm gonna show you my favorite little secret about watching Netflix if you're anything like me I hate browsing the Netflix catalog scrolling endlessly to find something that I want to watch I would much rather determine what I feel like watching and then figure out how to watch it to this end my process for watching Netflix goes like this first I figure out the movie or TV series after you like watching obviously newer movies and shows are less likely to be available but you never know second I login to an index of the Netflix global library and search for that movie or TV series there are a few indices out there but I currently use one called u nogs or the unofficial Netflix online global search the results will tell me exactly which countries where Netflix streams that show third I open up my VPN or smart DNS service and connect to a server in that particular country because speed is an important factor in streaming content you'll want to make sure you're using a faster protocol like IPSec or wire guard finally I reboot Netflix if you're on a mobile or Smart TV app you'll need to force close the app this restart is critical to make sure that you're connecting to the appropriate Netflix global library you then search for your desired movie or show and watch away this process has served me well over the years of living abroad and wanting to watch my favorite shows over the past 10 years I've relied on a handful of VPNs that have worked well for me streaming Netflix the key features here are that they have servers in all the countries from which Netflix has a library they have physical servers and not just virtual servers in those locations they have dedicated apps for popular TV streaming devices like Amazon fire TV and they offer a number of different fast connection protocols to choose from if you run into problems oh yeah and each of my recommendations here also has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get a full refund if they don't work like you want them to here are my three recommendations lately my VPN of choice has been surf shark a relatively new VPN that works extremely well because you can specifically choose physical over virtual servers and they have great apps for Amazon fire TV stick and mobile devices additionally they're one of the cheapest VPNs on the market today and you can find their latest deal using my affiliate links in the description below another great VPN for streaming Netflix is Nord VPN you can watch my review here but suffice to say they're considered one of the most popular consumer VPNs on the market today and are used by millions of people to stream netflix globally the server speeds have been really fast for me over the past 7 years I've been using and the ability to choose servers on a map within their app makes it extremely easy to use finally I recommend the ipvanish VPN service to stream Netflix if you're a us-based user who doesn't consider themselves tech savvy the reason I say this is because not only does their software allow you to easily choose the fastest available server in a country they also offer one thing that practically no other VPN service has customer support via phone in other words if you're having trouble setting up your VPN on your device or on your TV you can literally call them up and get a customer support rep who is in the United States not some calling center overseas and that's a huge benefit for some people now are there other great VPN services that allow you to stream Netflix anywhere in the world of course I can't list them all here but if you're welcome to leave a comment to tell me what your favorite is make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe to the all thing secure youtube channel for more great tips on privacy and security online

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