Install free VPN on iPhone[Jailbreak]

hey what's going on guys I'm back with another video and I want to show you guys how to get unlimited VPN I know it's been a long time since I've shared any video or any content but I'm back okay so it's called tunnel bear you're gonna get a limited VPN with this hack with this debian package installed it so you're gonna get this application called tunnel bear from the App Store it's free go ahead and download it follow follow the instructions that it gives you the the registration with your email and password and I put in a fake email and fake password because I don't want these guys spamming me okay so here it is yeah that's how it works you just turn it on and you just surf the web normally and it basically tells whoever's tracking you that it's coming from somewhere else your IP address or this address where your ad is from somewhere else as of now I am in Germany so that's basically how it works okay so this is how you're going to do it's very simple just make sure you sign up and you see how much data you have on the app in the bottom and you're gonna go on to Safari and you're gonna copy and paste I guess the deviant package location so you're not gonna type in anything on the non Cydia any sources none of that that's all it is it's just them copy and paste and go ahead and open it up on I file or files up and install it and there it is it works so I have to respray now I'm gonna restrain my device and I'll get back to you guys once I'm done okay alright guys so once it's done we're springing you're gonna open it up tunnel bearer and you should not have that prompt at the bottom saying how much data you have because you obviously have a limited okay so let's go to France [ __ ] that let's go to Italy sorry excuse me excuse my France Norway we're going to Norway it's turned it on guess it automatically turns on connecting and rip the tunnel so once this little bear dude goes to your location that's if it's working yeah all right so on the top on the status bar it says VPN you can assume that it's working your settings says that your VPN is on so let's go to Safari let's go to some sort of track IP location yeah see if that opens up any change now there it is trying to see if their work and it says I am in Norway so as you can see it worked that's my IP address not afraid to share it obviously because it's not where now that's how you do it guys let me know if it worked I don't know what kind of VPN service you guys used but this is what I do and it's working for me so far I don't know when they're gonna discontinue it or when the developers are gonna update their apps and this might no longer work but I don't know I don't know it does work so I'll keep you updated on that hope this works for you guys alright thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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