iOS 15 Beta 1 is Out! – What’s New?

Hi, everyone. Aaron here for Zollotech
and iOS 15 beta one is now out. It's available to developers
and for public beta testers, apple said it would be coming in July.
So look for that in about a month or so, but if you're a developer, you
can install it now and try it out. And as you can see, it came in at
3.02 gigabytes. That's on my iPhone, 12 pro max. I also have
it on the iPhone 11. And as far as all the supported devices, while apple is including all iOS 14
supported devices from the success success, plus SE all the way
up to the iPhone 12 pro max. So it's available for all the same
devices as iOS 14. Along with that, apple also released iPadOS
15, as well as tvOS15, watchOS 8 and MacOS Monterey.

And so all of those are available. Now, if you're a beta tester
and this particular update
has quite a few changes in it, let's first take a look at the
build number. So we'll go to settings, then we'll go to general than about, and you can see the
build number is 19A5261w. And so we're quite a ways away from a
final release. As many of, you know, as far as the public release is concerned.
We'll talk more about that later, but as far as everything new,
there's quite a bit to go over. Now, the first thing is, if we go into
settings, you may have already noticed it. Settings is now segmented. So you have these little
boxes we had these years ago. And to compare with iOS 14.6 on the
left, you have iOS 15 on the right. You can see, it looks a little bit
different, the same sorts of things, but it's a little different as far as
the ways that way it looks overall. Now we do have a new wallpaper. You may
already see it in the background here. And if we go to settings and we
go down to wallpaper under stills, you'll see we have one new wallpaper.
So there's only one of them right now.

And we'll have a little bit
different ones later on, probably, but we have just one at this
current time. And of course, I'll link that in the description. Now, for those of you that are setting
this up for the first time, you'll actually have the ability to
install the update and move all of your data. And apple will
actually give you free data, as far as borrowing iCloud storage
that you may not have already. So you don't have to worry about running
out of storage and the loan that to you for three weeks to move all of your data, they've also made improvements
to move from Android as well, where it will include everything from
your photo albums, files, folders, and accessibility settings, all
the way over to your new iPhone. So that's new as well. Now
with the widgets, they've
made some changes as well. You can see there's a new
one right here for sleep, and there's quite a few new
ones as well.

So if we go over, you can see a few different
ones here, let's press and hold, and we'll add one. And if we scroll down
and we go to our widgets, you'll see there's some new ones. So
you have a find my widget. For example, you have game center, you have
app store for app store today. You also have sleep and mail. So you have mail there and
sleep that I showed you already, as well as people with family
sharing integration as well. So those are all new widgets
in iOS 15. Now on the widgets, maybe you have a widget stack on
the home screen like I do here. If I press and hold on
it and hit edit stack, you'll see the animation
is a little bit different. So you have widget suggestions on and
smart rotate on. You can turn that off. If you want, where it will rotate between the different
widgets and you can drag those out to wherever you'd like. So if you want
to move them around your screen, you can just drag them off of there
and move them wherever you'd like.

So that's new. As far as widgets are
concerned will also offer you new widgets. You may not know about as they become
available for the different apps. Now, with this update, we didn't get the major overhaul to
the control center that many had said, but we do have a change with do not
disturb. So if we tap on, do not disturb, you'll see it pops open. When it says
stay focused on what's important. Apple has made a big push for focus.
This is across all the different devices. And what it does is help you focus on
tasks that they, that you might have.

So if you're at work, for example, you can create focus where you would
only get contacted from people you work with, unless it's an emergency. For
example, the same is true for home. So maybe you're a personal, it will contact you with just people
that you're friends with or that you have pinned. For example, also it can reply to people such as do
not disturb does when maybe you're away or working and let people know.

So we can switch to work here and you'll
see it says, silence notifications. Don't miss out, share a status
and turn on automatically. So you can turn that on and then create
different focus groups to help you better focus on everything. And
so you have a new menu item, and then you also have focus instead
of do not disturb. It says focus now. So it's a little bit different change
there that helps you focus on things now to go along with focus, if we go into focus and then go to
do not disturb and then options, we now have the option to turn off
notification badges or hide them when you have focused turned on.

So there
are no longer show on the home screen, so you won't be distracted. So if we go
in again to options, turn them back off, you'll see my notification
badges are back. So it will hide them based on if
you have focus turned on or not, or do not disturb. So that's something
they've added in this update. Now there's some changes
with messages as well. So if we go into messages
the first time you open it, you'll get a pop-up that
says shared with you. It says content shared in messages
can automatically appear in apps, such as music, photos, safari, and more.
So you have the option to edit this.

And what it will do is allow you to see
all of those different things in these apps. So for example, if you go into podcasts and maybe someone
talked about or shared a podcast and messages, it can share that with you. The
same is true with news and safari, TV, music, and photos. Also, if we go back to messages and
then within messages itself, you can see it's combining
two images that are similar, that I sent to my brother, for example, to check out maybe which
thumbnail I wanted to use, and then you can press and hold on
them for example, and mark them up. Like you always could or save that. It just makes it a little bit different
as far as photos overall. Now, if there's a bunch of photos,
it will combine them even more.

Now there's been some
updates to emoji as well. So if you go into mammography
for example, and edit your emoji, there's some new options. They've added
new clothing and glasses and headwear, eye colors, stickers, and accessibility
options. And more so for example, if we go to nose and scroll down, we
now have a nasal cannula for oxygen, for example. So there's a few
different things like that. Cochlear implants and a soft helmet. So
they've added some additions to emoji. Now with the keyboard, they've
updated a few things as well. So if we go into a note, for example, and
we press and hold where the cursor is, press and hold. Now the
magnification comes back up. We had this a long time ago. Now it helps you better see
what you're actually selecting.

This is something that went away that
they've now brought back with iOS 15. So that is much, much better. And I think a lot of people will
really appreciate that. Also, if you use quick path, so maybe you
want to say, hi, how are you today? And you use quick path typing. They've added some additional languages
for Dutch Hindi or Latin, Russian, Swedish, Turkey, and Vietnamese. So all of those things have been added
as far as the keyboard is concerned.

Now FaceTime gets some
major updates as well. And I think that's because everyone
was remotely collaborating this year. So they really put a focus on
this. And the first thing is, if we go into FaceTime,
which I don't have here, we'll just go to FaceTime and let's
go into the app. And within FaceTime, you can see, it looks
a little bit different. Now I have my contacts blurred out,
of course, but you can see at the top, it says, create link or new FaceTime. You can now create a link and share it
with people to maybe have a FaceTime conference call at a specific

It not only works across iOS, but also works in a web browser
on windows and Android as well. So people can actually
FaceTime with you via that, or at least see what you're
doing now, as you can see, I'm actually using FaceTime
on two different iPhones. I have the microphone muted and there's
some new options here across the top. Now, the first thing I can do
is actually use portrait video. So if I tap this icon, you'll see that the background
is now sort of blurred out. So I'm using portrait video on FaceTime. The other thing I can do is
actually share my screen. Now the option is not available since
I'm not using it on iOS 15 on the other iPhone, but I'll have the option to actually
share my screen on my iPhone with whoever I'm actually using FaceTime with. You also have the option to
have different audio options.

So if I tap on the speaker
and the microphone, there's a couple of different
options, but you don't see them yet. Or at least I'm not seeing them yet where
it will give me wide spectrum audio, as well as maybe voice isolation to
better isolate my voice coming at it. So there's a couple of different options
with that. And then additionally, you'll have the option to do
grid view with this as well. So if you have a bunch of people
you're messaging and talking to you can actually do grid view and
then see all of them at once, sort of like apple showed in their event.

Now you'll also have the
option for share place. So you can share your FaceTime
call with someone else, but at the exact same time,
you can actually sync that. Maybe thing you're sharing such
as music, or maybe apple TV. You're watching a movie together on HBO, max Hulu and Disney plus will be
supported as well as many others. And you can share that to apple TV and
then FaceTime the person at the same time and have everything in sync
so you can watch it together. So that's something that's
coming out when iOS 15 launches.

So that's something that will be welcome. I know a lot of people
will really appreciate it. Now they've updated the lock screen as
well. So if we go to the lock screen, you'll see that it looks
a little bit different. So I have a do not disturb icon. That's
there. If I press and hold, you'll see. I go into focus that I
talked about earlier. Also, if I pull down from the middle,
I can access spotlight search. So you can search from the home screen. Of course you can turn this
off if you want to in settings, but if we go home and then
pull down from the top, you'll see notifications
look a little bit different.

A lot of people wanted new
notifications. They've redesigned this. And they've also given us a
notification summary here. So while in do not disturb, I had some
notifications from the developer app, Amazon and more so if we tap on it, you can see more about that
and then move maybe over here and tap on options. I can mute it for an hour for
today or view settings or turn off. So we have a lot more settings
with notifications and again, notification grouping as well. So you've
got all of the things you had before, but now they've redesigned it with more
specification of what you want to do with it. And then again, clear that, and you have all the other
notifications like you normally would.

So that's been updated as far as
notifications and the summary does not include people. So your notifications
even in do not disturb will still pop up. If you're not seeing them now, spotlight
not only works on the lock screen, but it has added features as well. So
you can search for different contexts. Now it will give you more information,
as well as actors, TV shows and more, and even text within photos,
you can search for it. So maybe we'll search for a
movie, the banker you'll see, there's the banker here, we'll tap on it. And it brings up the information right
in spotlight search like you would expect. So it has all of those
additional features, right? In spotlight. If you want to use them, now,
maps gets an update as well.

So if we go into apple maps,
you'll see there's a globe now. And they've added this to help us zoom
in to wherever we want around the world. So there's a new globe
view. And then also it says, looking for traffic tap to choose your
map. And now you can see different maps, explore driving, transit and satellite.
So there's updated maps for that. Now, also, if we zoom in to say, let's go to Los Angeles or San Francisco, rather the maps are going to be updated
with a tremendous amount, more detail. So for example, you'll see already,
it says San Francisco city hall, as I zoom in.

And it's a 3d map of that. So they've updated it
like you would expect. But if we tap on San Francisco hall,
it gives us more information about it. We have sort of a drive by with fly
over sort of look as you're going by it. And you've got look
around incorporated into that. So that has been updated and this
will be coming to more cities. But right now it's in specific cities,
such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London. And it will
give you elevation roads, trees, buildings, landmarks, and more.
So if we zoom out a little bit, we'll see if there's any trees. You
can see the trees in the park here, and it's showing you more
detail as far as that goes. So you've got a lot more detail.
It will even show you bike lanes. And if we go into this intersection
here, it shows you different crosswalks, for example.

So there's a
lot more information in it. It also gives you an immersive walking
experience with augmented reality. So maybe we'll get directions
here. And now it says, it will take me 15 hours to get there,
but I think it gives you the idea. It says, take a right. And then as
you get closer to different locations, it will show you what those look like. So there's more detail as
far as that goes. Now. Also, if we slide up from the bottom, we have more information as far as this
goes and redesigned editor's picks and guides.

So there's some
more guides there as well. So all of that has been updated and more, and navigation gives you more detail as
far as even if there's an underpass or overpass. So we'll try that quickly. So we'll hit go and it just gives
more detail. If we get on a highway, it should show you the differences
with overpasses and underpasses. Now, when this is going to be incorporated
fully into maps, we're not sure, but it may take until the fall to show
everything. But as you can see here, there's an underpass and overpass. It's showing you that
detail of what to expect, where the lane markers
are and everything else. So it's much more detailed
than it used to be. Hopefully it rolls out to all
the different cities fairly soon. You also have updates to a nighttime mode.
For example, see if I'm in dark mode, we'll switch to dark mode.
Now we're in a nighttime mode.

So it can actually change based
on the day. If we zoom out, you can change it based on the day as
well. So there's some updates to that. We'll end it for now. And here's the
nighttime mode. So as you can see, it's nighttime mode. And if I
switched back to light mode here, it switches back to daytime. So some changes that are pretty
major to maps this time around now, safari gets a big change as

If we go into safari, we now have the option to pull down
from the top to refresh the page. It seems simple enough, but
it's something they've added. And I find myself doing
that normally anyway, also we have tab groups at the bottom, so we can switch between the different
tabs that we already have open and then tap on these two little boxes
here and it will show us our tabs.

If we tap on the down arrow, we have
the option to create a tab group. So maybe new tab group from
three tabs, we'll just name it, new tabs hit. Okay. And now we
have a tab group we'll hit done, and we can switch between whatever
we have. So we have tab groups. We can go to a new start page, for
example, just like we can on macOS now. So we have the option
for a start page again, with your privacy report and
everything else like you would expect. So this is new within iOS 15. And then also you can use voice dictation
right here on the website to maybe go to and there we go. And it goes right
to it just by tapping the microphone. So it's a little bit different. They've made a fairly major
overhaul to the way it looks. And it has that voice built in.

can also use extensions now with it. So maybe you want to use
an extension. For example, you can add extensions to safari.
It's not something I normally use, but you'll have the option to add some
safari extensions that you can use on your Mac. You can use
them on iPhone as well. Now there's something new that
they've added called iCloud plus. So if I go into my photos,
I took a screenshot of it. And this is what iCloud plus looks
like. If you sign up for iCloud, plus it gives you what's called the
private relay 50 gigabytes of storage.

Hide my email, home kit, secure
video and family sharing. Now it doesn't cost anything extra if
you're already subscribing to a bunch of other things, but what it does is it masks your IP
address in safari browsing activity from network providers and websites,
similar to a VPN, for example. So it's going to be
something that's added. It starts with iOS 15 and carries
across to your different iOS devices. And that will make it much more secure.
And then on your mail app, for example, it will do the same thing.
So if you're using mail, it will hide your IP address location
and whether or not you opened your email. So that's part of iCloud plus something
that's brand new that you can subscribe to. If you'd like to. Now apple talked
about accessibility the other day, where you would have things like
assistive touch for apple, watch, explore images with voiceover, where it would give more detail about
maybe an image where the face is located in an image, for example, as well as updates to hearing
aids and background sounds.

And more those changes are
added in iOS 15, for example. So not only that, but if
we go back to our settings, we'll go back here and we'll go
into accessibility, go to voiceover. It has more options. So
if we turn it voiceover on and go to photo, or
we'll go back to safari and it will explain what I'm looking at. Feature in voiceover displayed
on iPhone 12 pro image. And so they've added additional
features for that. So not only that, but additional things to switch
control, such as sound actions, as well as the ability to do a
per app basis of changing the text. For example, you need bold
text in one app, but not the other. You can do that. Now.
You'll also have the, the ability to import audio grams
and also the magnifier app is now built in so that you
don't have to download it. So if you want to use the magnifier app, you can do that to read maybe
something that's a little bit small. The text is small.

You need to zoom in to read that it's
now built in you no longer have to download it. You also have
new voice control, Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, French and
German, and the languages. You spear Siri speech recognition
technology to give you accuracy. So all of those things
have been added in iOS 15. Now they've made an update
to notes and reminders, although I'm not seeing it yet and
notes, and that has to do with tags. So if we go into reminders, tap
on a reminder, we've created, we have the little hashtag or
pound sign here, tap on this. And then you can create a tag.
We'll say YouTube for the tag name. And now we have a tag there.
If we go back to our lists, you'll see at the
bottom, we now have tags. So we have the YouTube tag or all tags,
and then we can search for them as well. It will also create smart folders as
you create more and more tags to help organize things a little bit different.

Now they've updated news a little bit
as well. So it's not a major change, but if we go to news in news, they've updated the newsfeed to
be a little bit easier to read. So they've updated it slightly.
It's not a huge change from before, but it has been updated. Now
they've also updated the wallet app. They actually made a
pretty big deal of this.

So if we go into wallet
within the wallet app, you can now add a few new
things as they become available. So you'll be able to
add car keys very soon. So that's something we've heard
about for quite some time, but it will also support ultra wide band. So you can just keep your
phone in your pocket. It knows when you're next to the
car and you can open it. Also, you'll be able to add your home
hotel or company badge or ID cards, for example, to maybe different
states. So for example, you'll be able to take a photo of your
ID card, your license, or different ID, and then actually use that on your phone.

If your state allows that also with TSA,
for example, to show it at airports. So Apple's working with
them to allow this, to basically make it so you don't have
to carry around a normal wallet with you. Now in iOS, 15, apple has added
something they're calling live text. So if you go into the
camera app, for example, and I'll just bring in the
medic keyboard box here, we'll zoom into this text
here, take a photo of it, switch over to the photo. I'll
move the box out of the way. If we zoom in, you'll see there's some
text here.

If I press and hold on it, I can select that text
right out of any photo. It can be an existing photo or anything
you have. You can select that taxed, and then you can copy it, look
it up, translate it or share. This is something they're using it
with their machine learning for, to actually figure out
what's going on here. And you can also translate
it on the fly as well.

Translate is built into the entire OS. And I'll talk more about
that in just a moment, but you can paste this
text or look it up. Now, this is understood by seven languages.
Currently that's English, Chinese, French, Italian, German,
Portuguese, and Spanish. It should be coming a little bit later
on to more languages as well as apple continues to integrate this. Now within
the camera app specifically though, there's some improvements on the iPhone, 12 and 12 with things
such as Panorama mode. So maybe you're taking a panoramic
photo and you had some issues with it, with distortion. It fixes those problems and updates
those to be a little bit better. Also, if you use quick take video, for
example, you can zoom in and out. So let's go back to photo and
maybe we want to use quick take. We can now use
zoom with that as well.

So we can switch between
zoom with quick take video. It's a little bit tricky to do, but you have to use two fingers and you
can use it for quick take video now as well. So that's something they've added.
So zooming while using quick take. Now they've updated the translate app
as well. So we'll go over to translate and in the translate app, you'll see it can translate
on the fly as it always could, but they've made some improvements. So
that translate is throughout the OS now.

So not only can you translate
while you're in this app, you can translate in other apps as well. So maybe you want to go to notes again
in notes, tap on. Hi, how are you today? And tap on translate and you'll see
it translated to Spanish for me. So you can change the language.
It translates on the fly, any texts that it actually sees in
the S and it stays on the device. So that has been updated
as far as translate. So it's system-wide and then also it will
better understand different languages. So maybe you're using the translate app
and you want to talk back and forth in a conversation. It will better understand who's talking
and who's speaking what language to just help you translate on the fly.

So that's
something they've updated as well. Now in photos, they've updated memories
quite a bit. So if we go into photos, you'll see here's a memory and they've
actually added some music to it. So if we go into this memory,
for example, and go into it, we can add different music. So
if we tap on music, for example, we can change the actual song, add
a song that it thinks will best fit, or you can use a lot of different
songs from your library. So that's been updated. You can
sort of have a different mix to it. You can also add a different
look to it as well. So if you want it black and white,
for example, would that memory, it can do that on the fly.

you'll see between the two images, it's translating it in real time from
black and white to color and back. So it's been updated
quite a bit with that. And Tibet give you better suggestions as
far as the overall memories in general. So that's something that they've
updated quite a bit. Also, if we go into a photo, here's a photo
I took of the magic keyboard box. If we tap on the eye, it should give us more information
about the photo that was taken.

As far as what took it. It says
iPhone 12, Pro Max triple camera. And it's telling us the aperture and what
focus length we were at and everything else or focal length
and the actual location. So it's telling us all
of that information. It's giving us more details about where
it was taken and how it was taken. For example. Now, if I go into
another photo, tap on this button, it tries to understand what's in
the photo a little bit better. So if we tap on this here, we can tap on, look up and it recognized
that it was 79 degrees. It's trying to find suggestions for that.
For example, it says no content found. So we'll try something else.
We'll see what it recognized here. And it may not recognize anything,
but we'll see what it finds here. So says nothing found we'll
tap on phone, for example, and look up and it sees the words.

So it's trying to find everything in the
photo and better understanding that as well, this carries across
to accessibility as well. So that's something they've added where
you can better look up information about your photos that you have, and maybe even look up a flower that's
in the photo to figure out what it is. Now. Siri gets some major updates as well. Siri now has the ability to search more
on the device and use its intelligence here instead of going to
the web to find the answer. So it doesn't need an internet
connection for many of those things. So for example, you can open an app now without having
to go out to the internet first and then come back and open the
app. So for example, if we go here open notes, it opens up notes right away. So
you'll see it did that quickly. It didn't need an internet connection. I'll turn the internet connection
off to show open photos, which app would you like to use? And
he asked me which app I wanted to use, and it will open photos.

So you didn't need the internet connection
to do that where you would be for, for many different things. You also now have the option to
announce messages in CarPlay. So if you wanted that as well as
announced notifications from Siri as well with your AirPods. So you
have that option now as well. Now, whether it gets a major update as
well. If we go into the weather app, you'll see at the top, it's raining and it's sort of
bouncing off the top little box here, talking about rain for the next
hour and falling off the sides.

And I don't think it's motion
controlled, but if we scroll down, you'll see we have precipitation
and we have weather maps now. So we have weather maps built
in. We also have more details. So there's a lot more
detail in the weather app. And there's over a thousand
different animations, according to apple that
they've updated this with. So this is something nice to see. I
actually use the weather app often, and I really liked the changes here.

And to have the map here is
something I haven't had in this app. So that'll be really great
to have it right here. Now health gets some major
updates as well. In fact, they mentioned it in their keynote
separately from everything else, because it has so many updates as far as
what they're doing or the importance of it. And the first thing is it has
trends. So you'll see all the data here, you have trends, and it will give
me trends consistent for 28 days. And it's more information
as far as that goes. You can also now share your medical
records with family members or to someone that you maybe take care of,
or that takes care of you. You can share that information to
them so that they have access to it. Apple does not have access to this
though, so they can help you with that. And also share data from
here to doctors, for example. So you could share your heart rate
for example. So if we go into sharing, you can share it with a doctor, give them your heart information
that you're tracking on your watch, and they can just over
that if you want them to.

And they'll be able to actually see
it in their own app on their computer. So their health records app that
they're using or application, so something that they've added to health,
and there's also walking steadiness. It will use the sensors in the phone
as well as sensors in the watch to understand steadiness, maybe something
changes. And it will alert you of that.

If, if maybe you're seemingly need
to sit down or something like that, it'll also give you different descriptions
for lab data that you might have in here. So maybe you get some
lab data back from a doctor, it will help you understand
it a little bit better. So they're making big pushes with that.
And also blood glucose highlights. You can actually receive highlights
if you're recording your blood glucose levels levels in the app. And maybe that will come a little bit
later with an apple watch would that ability, but at this time, you'll have interactive charts to sort
of make it easier to review your blood glucose data. If you keep track
of that in the health app. So all of those are coming to health.
Now there's additional privacy, like I mentioned with safari and mail, but there's also more privacy
and information in settings. So if you go down to privacy
and then go down to the bottom, you have app activity and
app activity.

It says, save a seven day summary of
when apps access your data, like your location or a microphone, and see when apps or websites you
visit within apps, contact domains. So if you turn that on, it will start recording this app activity
and give you more information about it. So it will tell you more
about that specific tracking. And then of course you have your
app tracking requests as well. So if you want to deny
that you turn it off. So there's a lot of different things
there nearby nearby interactions, for example, and it says it uses wide
band and Bluetooth to
precisely measure the distance between your iPhone and
other devices or items. So there's some new changes here
and some updates to privacy. Now in find my there's
some updates as well. So if we go over to find by in find my, you can now see your family and friends
locations with continuous streaming. So maybe you're have a friend or family
member that you share your location with.

You can see it in real time now,
instead of having to check all the time, it will be updated in real time. Also you can locate AirPods pro and
AirPods max with proximity views now. So where you can do that with an
air tag, as you're getting closer, it will let you know, and
you can also play a sound. You also have the option now on many of
your devices to let you know if you left it behind or a separation alert, for
example. So if we go into a device, you'll see in my iPhone 12 pro max,
we have notify when left behind. You can turn that on for air pods and
different Macs and things like that. And it will let you know, also
if someone turns your device off, it can still find your, your
actual device with the phone off. So maybe someone takes
it from you turns it off, thinking that you won't be able to see it. It will still notify you where it is also. It will locate after erase now. So maybe someone wipes the
phone somehow they've erased it.

It will still allow you to see where it
is and then notify the person that might be buying it, that it's attached
to someone and being located. So it's to help with theft of your device. And I think that's a great feature update. Now there's added a couple
of different things, such as drag and drop support across the
OS with things like images, documents, and files, also apple ID, account
recovery. So for a contact, maybe you want to share this
with, if something happens to you, maybe you pass away. For example,
they'll have access to your apple ID. So it's a digital legacy
program that they're doing. I haven't been able to find this yet, but it is something they
mentioned also with passwords. If you're using two factor authentication,
which you should be for many things, there are also adding it to the
passwords in your settings app.

So that's something you
can use now as well. There's also new dictionaries
for India, Hong Kong, and a new idiom dictionary
for mainland China. There's also additional updates to 5g.
So if you have a 5g equipped phone, you also have the enhancements where it
can prefer 5g over wifi, for example. And so that is all of the major
changes in this particular update. Now, there are more changes to iPadOS as well. And I don't want to cover everything
here because there's so many changes just in general, but I'll go give you a couple of quick
ones that they've shown now with iPadOS, they've updated this quite a bit as well.

So the first thing you might notice is
widgets are wherever you want them on the home screen now. So you can move those
around as you'd like. And like I said, I'm not going to cover
everything in iPadOS is I've
covered most of it with iOS, but as you can see, we
have app library. Now, if we slide all the way to the
right, we have the app library, we can have a page just full of widgets. We also can have larger widgets as well. We also have some updates to multitasking.
So if I go into safari, for example, you'll see we have slide
over or split view.

And if you tap the three dots at the top,
you've got some options for that now, so we can tap this button,
tap three dots, again, bring it back over or bring it full
screen. So we have that option. If I go into this view here, maybe we'll go back to WWDC
and let's bring in music again. Then we'll go to the multitasking and
we can swipe off one from the split view right in the multitasking here.
So those are some updates as well, also using the pencil.

There's a quick
note. If you slide in from the bottom, right, you can do this in just about
any app. If you want to do that. And then also there's some
new gestures for that. A lot of different keyboard commands
that you can basically never take your hands off the keyboard. Now also there's a new app shelf and
more so I wanted to go over those things pretty quickly with iPadOS.

So you've get
all the same things I mentioned there. So I'll cover the iPad in
depth in a different video, but I wanted to go over
some of the major changes. They did not do a huge overhaul, but
they did add some of those changes. Like I mentioned, now,
this is an early beta, so I don't expect battery
life to be any different. They didn't change the battery
health graph at all. You'll see here, if we go to battery health, it's
100% for me in the last 10 days, it just shows you exactly the
white, what it did before. Now it will a few days to know what
battery life is like on iOS 15. It's an early beta, but so far it's
actually pretty stable. It's super fast, even on iPhone success plus strangely.

So it seems to be very quick as I scroll
through things just in initially using it on this device, it's
surprisingly fast for an early beta. So as I scroll through, you'll
see it's actually working, okay. Even on a success plus, which we didn't
expect it to actually be supported. So that's something I really welcome.
I'm glad to see that they supported that. And so we'll have to see what
it's like after a few days now, there's probably a lot of other
features I didn't mention, but this video is super long and that
is everything so far that we know about. I'm sure there's a bunch
of other things to cover, but that's everything so far now also
look for apple lossless and more coming to apple music very soon with
spatial audio and more now, as far as if you should
install iOS 15 beta one. Well, if you have a separate device, I would
say, definitely go ahead and try it out.

Otherwise I would hold off. It's generally something that you
want to wait at least a few betas for. If you're going to use it on
your main device is battery. Life is usually an issue, but so
far it's been stable. But again, if you know what you're getting
into, then you can try it. Otherwise you may want to wait a little
while until basically the public beta comes out. As far as when to
expect the public release, generally that's in September
with the iPhone 13, for example. So we'll see that van and maybe they'll
have some additional features as well, but so far that's everything in iOS,
15 beta one, if there's anything new, I'll do a follow-up video as well.
So be sure to check back for that. If you'd like to get your
hands on this wallpaper, of course I'll link it in the
description like I normally do. And if you haven't subscribed
already, please subscribe.

And if you enjoyed the video,
please give it a like as always. Thanks for watching. This is
Aaron. I'll see you next time..

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