IP VANISH REVIEW πŸ’» Should You Trust This “No Logs” VPN?

so what we're going to be doing in this video today is doing a quick yet comprehensive review of the VPN known as IP vanish now personally this was one of my goals for 2019 was to basically improve my online security and the main reason for me using a VPN is the fact that I'm self-employed I have my YouTube channel and my blog that I run full-time and I am constantly going to coffee shops and using public Wi-Fi and so that was my main reason for exploring using a VPN was to be more secure with my data especially when I'm accessing public Wi-Fi now I spent a very long time deciding which VPN to actually go with and I ended up going with expressvpn just because it was slightly faster however it is a little bit more expensive but ipvanish does have a very solid VPN and I'm gonna go ahead and share with you guys some of the research that went into my decision and some background here on ipvanish to help you decide whether or not this is a good VPN for you now just to be as transparent as possible with you guys I am affiliated with ipvanish but that in no way is going to influence my opinion or this review here of ipvanish if you do decide that you want to support me through the use of that affiliate link that is the top link in the description below but you absolutely don't have to use that link if you don't want to so when it came down to my decision-making process here for deciding on a VPN I essentially looked at six different criteria number one the first thing I looked at was the price as well as the term for how much you had to pay for upfront sometimes you're paying it monthly sometimes you're paying for two three years in advance just to get that best possible price so that was the very first thing that I looked at the second thing which is the most important to me was the actual speed and we're going to be doing a live speed test here of ipvanish just to show you guys what kind of speeds you might expect if you do decide to use this VPN the third thing which isn't really important to me but it's important to other people is the logs policy whether or not IP vanish is logging your data or logging any information about you which could eventually be released to authorities number for I looked at the number of simultaneous connections how many devices can be connected to this VPN at the same time number five I looked at the customer service should I ever need them what kind of customer service do they offer and then finally I looked at whether or not they offer any kind of free trial not really important for me but it is important for other people who maybe want to test a VPN out before they fully commit to a longer subscription tier so right off the bat let's talk about the pricing for ipvanish one of my only annoy ensues with this particular VPN is the fact that their pricing strategy is honestly kind of confusing if you go and use an affiliate link for example you in most cases will get a better price than what they're offering if you just go right from Google and then later on if you have visited the ipvanish website and maybe you didn't purchase it you might be getting ads run on Google or in other places for a better price than either one of those so in terms of the pricing that is one thing that's kind of annoying here is you don't really know whether or not you're getting the best price but even at the standard price they are charging they're still in line with their competitors a little bit more on the expensive side but I have found that you will get the best price if you do use an affiliate link you don't have to use mine you can use somebody else's if you want to but we'll go ahead and visit my affiliate link just so I can prove it to you guys I'm not just saying this for the sake of you using my link but right here on the website you can see they're offering a Mother's Day Sale and we'll go ahead and hit start now and I'll show you guys what that pricing is now on the other hand if you just go to ipvanish and you type it into Google and you click on the link here you will see that you are not getting that same pricing if you click on start now they are offering you a one-year plan at 487 per month meanwhile from that link I placed in the description you are getting a better price here of four dollars and fifty cents per month for just a three month package versus 487 paying for an entire year upfront so in most cases you will get a better price by using the link in the description but I would also recommend clicking on that link and then leaving and then going on Facebook or going on Google and seeing if you're getting ads for a better advertised price so now most importantly let's go ahead and do a speed test here I pee vanish so you can see what you should expect here if you do decide to use this VPN so right now I'm connected to my building Wi-Fi and we are quoted at 200 megabytes per second up and a hundred megabytes per second down it's usually a lot faster especially at this point during the day because not a lot of people are connected but let's go ahead and see what our base speed is here for our base line number so just being connected to my building Wi-Fi these are the results here of ping of 16 milliseconds about 220 up and 220 down now we're gonna go ahead and connect to ipvanish and do a speed test and compare the results so the ipvanish dashboard itself is pretty easy to understand you can automatically connect here to the best available server and best available city but if you were for example trying to get into Netflix you would have to connect to a certain server and if you want to do that you can click this button here to get a list of the different servers and connect to one server specifically but if you're just looking for secure browsing you know if you're using public Wi-Fi and the best possible speeds I would leave this at best available city and best available server which is exactly what I'm going to do and now I'm going to go ahead and connect through ipvanish so I just got a confirmation here from ipvanish that we are in fact connected to a different server that is operating in New York now we're going to go ahead and do a speed test and see what kind of results we are getting ok so here are the results here from ipvanish the ping was just a little bit slower going from 16 milliseconds to 17 but again this is me being in New York connecting to another New York server so that ping is naturally going to be pretty low it would obviously be greater if I was connecting to a server overseas so that is what we saw there for the ping it was a download of around 58 megabytes per second and an upload of 38.5 and remember the baseline numbers were about 220 for each of those so it's still definitely very good speeds and these speeds should allow you to do basically anything you're looking to do whether you're browsing or streaming or whatever it is but if you are looking for the best possible speeds which I am personally that is why I decided on expressvpn but in most cases if you have Wi-Fi that's the speed of my building here and you're getting this kind of speed through your VP you're not gonna have any kind of issues with your speeds so moving on now let's talk about the logs policy for ipvanish unfortunately they are involved in a bit of a controversy from back in 2016 they claim to be a strictly no logs VPN meaning they do not log any user data but back in 2016 they did release data to the Department of Homeland Security on a user meaning they were in fact collecting that data now the important thing to mention here is that this company has since changed hands in 2017 I'll show you over here on Wikipedia so in 2017 the company that owned ipvanish high winds Network group was sold to a different company and the new CEO of that other company came out and addressed this issue and said that they have a strict no logs policy despite what happened in the past and this is what that CEO said specifically they said at the time of the acquisition no logs existed no logging systems existed and no previous current or future intent to save logs existed so whether or not you believe that is honestly entirely up to you I know that personally if I was using this VPN for the purpose of anonymous browsing for example doing any kind of downloading or torrenting that may or may not be legal personally I would not be using this one based on that past controversy but if you're just looking to avoid annoying advertisements and being tracked on the internet and possibly you know improving your security using public Wi-Fi I think ipvanish is honestly a perfectly sound option as far as customer service goes ipvanish actually has some of the best customer service of any VPN that I have looked at they offer 24/7 chat as well as 24/7 email and they do also offer phone service and of hotline you can call during certain hours of the day I haven't seen very many VPNs out there offering that telephone service and so that is one thing that sets this VPN apart from the others so if you're looking for you know really good customer service and support I definitely recommend ipvanish in that case next up number of simultaneous connections ipvanish allows you to have 10 simultaneously connected devices to this VPN which is honestly really good because the average that I have seen is anywhere from three to seven so if you have a lot of different devices or if you're trying to get like your entire household protected through a VPN ipvanish is definitely a very solid option for that and this is one of the areas that they are very strong in is the number of simultaneous connections and then finally let's talk about whether or not IP vanish offers any kind of free trial if you sign up through iOS on the App Store they do offer a 7-day free trial but unfortunately that is not being offered if you sign up on their website but what they do offer is a seven day money-back guarantee so if at any point in those first seven days you decide that it's not for you they will offer you a 100% money back refund so to go ahead and summarize this here this is what I see are the main strengths of ipvanish first of all they have great customer support you have both the email support the chat support and the telephone support during certain hours of the day and both the chat and email support are 24/7 the second area where they are strong is the fact that they offer ten simultaneously connected devices so if you're looking to hook up a bunch of devices at the same time this is a great option and then number three the other strength is the fact that they have pretty decent speeds and the pricing is a little bit higher than others out there but the speeds definitely make up for that again if you're looking for the fastest one out there that is expressvpn that's the one I ended up deciding on and I'll link up to that one in the description as well if you're looking to learn more about expressvpn moving on the weaknesses of ipvanish first of all the big one is the confusing pricing model as I showed you based on where you end up clicking you're going to be advertised different prices so that's kind of annoying to consumers because you don't really know if you're getting the best possible price the second thing is that past controversy has really hurt people's trust with ipvanish they are owned by a completely different company now and we heard from the CEO about their strict no log policy but whether or not you decide to trust them in that nature is honestly up to you the third thing is that they don't offer that free trial signup for their website it's only offered through iOS which is kind of annoying and then last of all the other thing is they do not accept crypto payments if you're trying to be as anonymous as possible you're going to want to sign up for a VPN using a cryptocurrency that way they don't store any payment information but anyways guys that being said that was my review of IP vanish if you do decide that you want to sign up there is a link in the top of the description below I hope this review helped you out and that you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next video

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