Jailbreak iPhone 4S iPad 2 Untethered iOS 5.0.1 5.0 VPN Fix Absinthe JUST RELEASED Mac

hey guys I take every week and the Unha jailbreak for iOS 5 for the iphone 4s and the ipad 2 has finally come I'm it I got a post here in the iphone dev team blog with some information about it and there's also post on part 2 g's blog when I check out his post I love both of the links in the description so you want to read through that this one's this post has got some information on the jailbreak and so does dive in 10 teams bog this one was a little bit more in depth so I'd recommend reading this one but you can be either one of them or both them if you would like but here are the versions so I'm going to be explaining all the software's that'll work for and i'll be explaining the l mock and routine for the iphone 4s and everything is going on there so the jailbreak will work for 5.0 on the iphone 4s it also going for five point zero point one build number 98 405 or nine a 406 they released 06 a little bit after 05 I believe people were having some problems with their sim card or something like that they released 06 to fix those problems and for the ipad 2 it would be for the Wi-Fi only model the the CDMA and the GSM model so it'll work for all those for it so to be any version of the ipad 2 running at five point zero point one now the lock for the 4s will be for only 5.0 i will be coming out sometime in the future here so make sure to stay on 5.0 if you are running the iphone for us and you want to unlock it otherwise you go ahead and update the 5.0 point 1 and g Obregon into one of these build numbers now i want to cover that information and I also do want to make sure that you guys back up your stuff in itunes I'm current restoring my for us I'm I ran into some problems with the jailbreak and it wasn't working for me so I this is actually the second time I'm throwing it filming this video I'm right now I'm restoring it but basically just a clutter stuff to iTunes and then right-click an advisory here hit back up it'll it'll be an option to back it up so make sure you got a backup saved and make sure you synced are dead and everything and I'm sorry from going to just kind of fast but I just want to get through this video so I want to make sure you guys understand all that and because this jailbreak is new when it's a little bit different already figured out that like what it does is it actually puts a nap of the jailbreak on your phone and you click on that to open it up and then you have to end up clicking on that app to jailbreak it it's kind of like and what was it was it's kind of like green poison itself actually so it is so it's kind of like green poison and it actually is a version of green poison it's called abstinence right now I can't get the poison site to load up their midst of problems with the database but anyway I got it downloaded previously already so just called abstinent so that is what it looks like right here so it is a version of green poison and i love the link in the description so you guys can get that but again there's driving some problems with the database there's so many people probably try to get to the website and that is why so my phone has restored now so i'm gonna go ahead and get that all set up and then I'll come with the tutorial um and again I refer back to the iphone dev team post here they said because it is new jailbreak and it's something they never done before they said right here the a5 kanojo work has never been done before and they said it there may be some unforeseen problems when you're jailbreaking so you guys weren't any problems comment down below and try to fix those I can't guarantee to fix your problems but I can definitely try to help you guys but really it can't really like break your phone or anything like that it's not going to mess anything up really don't we think the worst thing that can happen is you have to restore so you want to go ahead and back up your phone everything in itunes like I already said and if any problems happen like have happened to me let's go ahead and restoring you should be okay also make sure you don't have a passcode set while jailbreaking because you have to tap on the icon after it's jailbroken and for some reason there may be a problem when you slide to unlock for the first time after the Jail where it goes through I need to tap on that icon having a password set made somehow I mess something up so just so make sure you have your passcode off but my phone has just finished restoring so let's go ahead and in this tutorial so go ahead and open up abstinence when you have a damaged your computer right now it is actually only available for Mac but the boot there will be a Windows link coming soon and actually I think there was a Linux link too so don't have it for linux mac and windows and right now it is only for mac but there will be a version coming up for windows soon and it actually so so abstinence detects what device i have and i do not have a passcode set if i had a past website it's a air down here and we'll explain um that you have to turn it off so make sure you have itunes close out of I because it may interfere with this jailbreak while it's going on I'll be here to go ahead and just click jailbreak and make sure you leave your device alone just set it down you don't touch it or anything last time I actually slide to unlock before it finished everything and like it it says don't touch your device yet but it said that right after I already touched it like some iphone started up and um I slide to unlock and everything and I went through my phone see if I can happen yet but it actually and then right after I did that it said not to touch it so just make sure you don't touch your device at any point of this jailbreak right now it says we're still in progress on my phone and I don't we think you have too deep I don't believe it to do dfu mode it's so far through products I've got into this jailbreak I haven't had to enter DFU mode yet so I don't believe you have to but I can't Amin check greenpoison site right now because the databases against the problems right now but right now it's just waiting for my boot so I'm just trying to figure out straight away by myself because I have I wasn't able to read through their post that they had because the site is down but now my device is booting up and it actually started booting up and it showed the apple logo and now it's actually got the little spinning dial and now it's got the restore progress going on it's got like the apple logo with the bonner needed and it's loading up kind of like how you just restored I'm since I was just waiting for device to finish rebooting when device has booted up make sure you guys do not touch it yet that's what I did I touch the right when it unlocked see like green poison does not say have to touch it yet so just make sure you don't touch it now that's one problem i ran into and I was ok so now it says I do not touch your device yet I'm actually recorded a video I'm explaining both of these policies i went really i like throw into him I think could be released as quick so what happened was I am recorded that video everything I was the middle edit in it and then I happened to look on Twitter and that's when the that's what I noticed said the jailbreak was released so I ended up trash in that video because I figured I'd go through most of it out here anyway but you guys want to read through the post I'll have those in the description the the program I'm absolute is it says it's sending the payload now it's almost done now go ahead and slide to market it looks like it's okay to do so now so it asks for my FaceTime password to get rid of that but there is the icon right there so I'm going to click on that and I got an air I'm should air steadily establishing database connection so that's private the problem was previously so actually I probably have to restore my phone and everything like I did so that's going to suck sinking everything match but it apparently it's actually because their website so I'll come back later when they got everything situated with this database connection stuff and I'll be right back so I just went on Twitter and I read some hosts by pod2g and he said there's a VPN tunnel or something and you can see my device okay actually it's rebooting right now but it actually there's something called VPN and if you went through settings Abbott's you can turn it on and it may fix that database connection I think that's what it's meant for my is that question what VPN even is I think I something to do with like private browsing on a network person like that I'm not positive I can't remember I've looked into it a while ago and I don't member exactly what it was but if you guys Joker device in your games at problems go ahead and turn that VPN optioned on in your settings app and see if you can then connect to the green poison website but my device right now is rebooting and doing which our stuff dead I don't know it's it's acting weird but but it has just booted up something to slide to unlock it and ok there's cydia so it actually just worked so i went into the settings app and the VPN his option is now gone so what I did first was it had right where city as right now it had the they had the abstinent icon right there I clicked on that and then I got an error establishing database the same gene it says on my computer for check right now I'm you can see it says that so I got that same air and what I did was I just checked Twitter and pod2g I'll go to Twitter right now he said right there you can go to VPN tunnel he says the one that is created by absent on your iOS device and I turned that too on it said it gave me an error when i turn it on and then actually rebooting my device and now city is there so whatever that did it worked so when it says VPN in settings it says it like right underneath Wi-Fi turn it to on and it should work your device will reboot and city is on there so it's going to open it up and see what happens here is preparing the file system and I'm extremely excited about this this is my first jailbroken iphone so I want to see how the job runs on it of course it's got more Ramdin ipod touch which was my previous device so i am curious to see how much better runs on this i'm gonna apologize now guys for this video it's not going them on too well it may be a lot better once i edit it but um if it's a little bit sloppy I'm pologize for that because this is not this is my first time Jill work with this program so it's going to be a little bit different but it's to print the file system so i'll be back when this ok nevermind just finished but there is this spinner wheel and it just reads it just free screen slide to unlock there is city oh that's going to open it up you get the normal option i'm going to choose developer it's loading taking a little bit but let's get in there and i just want to go ahead and show you guys that abstinence does realize that my device is jailbroken because it has restarted and go back to the main page so I'm going actually exit out of that again the the windows and linux version will be out soon I'm not sure who runs linux but if you do they got it so I city is loading up to taking a little bit but it's loading I'm just going to try to go through some of this the About section networks sections changes manage search right now the homepage is the only thing not loading up another thing I want to apologize guys why this is load while this is loading up I send it out a release videos seen it's been released and then having to Twitter file path for that which is like I was in the middle of editing a previous video about both of these post here and you can see both his post here I uh I was in the middle editing that and I was go ahead and upload that video I would didn't expect the Jill were to come out that fast but it did so they I just trust that video like I previously said already and then I just went ahead and went with a tutorial but so I apologize for that because I I did say I would do that but I have not done that so I apologize for that but I'm go ahead and cydia has not finished up so I'm gonna be look I'm gonna go and reload that so i might as i'm sure what's going on it my network i'm gonna go ahead and switch over to 3g see if it happens there yep it was my network so city loaded up perfectly fine now this is a forest though um your sir writing on it how's the weather so there you can see series working fine here's the forecast maybe not so nice to danger this wednesday alright so you can see this three works perfectly fine city is working it's got my sh sh files loaded up there that you can say with tinyumbrella i would recommend doing that guy's you you would want to save all your sh sh files in case apple releases new software and somebody manages to updated that there is no way to getting back unless you um unless you go ahead and save her sh sh files but everything's working you can see it i'm gonna go ahead and install some stuff on this and see how it works that is a jailbreak guys i am definitely excited to get using my for us but as you can see everything works i'm going to switch over to the computer and finish up this video alright guys that is it for this video um if you if everything worked perfectly fine and went through smoothly that's definitely great mine the first time I did it didn't work out too well I don't go ahead and restore my phone and try it again and I actually didn't know that there was it what probably would have fixed that problem was like I explained there's the VPN option and your sightings app after you restore and I turned that two on and that's when it jailbroke so if I did that the first time it may have worked but um either way we got it solved now and i got my jailbroken for us so i'm extremely happy right now but um greenpoison the website uh it's still getting me some errors so they'll probably get that fixed up soon but I just be patient guys until they get that sorted out i'll have the link into description for abstinence itself because this is taking salon I made just upload opposite of website and you guys can get it there and I'll put my own personal link up for it for Mac so so it is only for mac right now I haven't seen a Windows or Linux link out yet because scream poison site is down and still down but i'll put links in description for this post this post and the green poise and websites you can get the link and if you're getting this air i'll just be patient until they get it sorted out and and that way you can get your program but check in the description is keep checking the description for all the links and get the update the updated links and everything for the different operating systems again i apologize for this video get a little bit sloppy because this was my first time jailbreak in that program so I i I've rented some problems and I wasn't sure now everything worked if you guys weren't taking problems going to comment down below and I'll respond to that and try to help you out with your problem I know sometimes the first time you ever jailbreak your device like a bit center before it tries to install like the device driver to the stuff to your computer when you enter DFU mode well this jailbreak you don't have to enter DFU mode so that's not a problem and everything should work ok but if you do want any problems i'm going to count down below nonresponder that trying to help out your problem that is basically it I'd appreciate a light guys down below that helps me out I'm and also make sure to subscribe top to begin all my upcoming videos and everything and also follow me on twitter guild updates going on like I'll between now when this win three poisons up and running i'll be tweeting out when I update my links for my video so you can get the downloads and everything so go ahead and follow me on twitter my twitter username it's the same as my youtube username I check every week and that is pretty much it for this video I'm going to get using my forest now yeah pitch you guys the next one enjoy your day and I'll see you later

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