Making the iPhone Perfect in 2 Minutes – Unc0ver IOS 13.5 Jailbreak

– I've said this before,
even as an Android user, there's no denying that iOS
has got a lot going for it. The issue for me is that
no matter how many times I try to switch to it though, I always find a couple of tiny things that Apple refuses to allow
for whatever convoluted reason, and it kind of ruins
the experience for me. Like in the control center, a menu meant to give you quick
access to common settings. You see the WiFi and Bluetooth toggles. They don't even turn off their
respective radios anymore. The toggle just closes
any active connections until Apple deems that they
should be turned back on. And then how about the
unremovable notification shade on the lockscreen that
requires you to swipe up every time you unlock
the phone with face ID instead of just dropping
you on the homescreen which is probably where you wanna be. It's little things like this
that drives me up the wall. So when I saw the epic
new jailbreak released for iOS 13.5 with support
for every iPhone model that supports that version of iOS. I figured it was finally
time after all these years to take jailbreaking out for a spin.

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below to find out more. (upbeat music) Going from now all the way back to the early
days of iOS jailbreaking. The main reason people did it was to add or modify functionality that either wasn't present in iOS, or that Apple didn't allow or want. For example, features
like the control center, touch gestures and dark
mode already existed as jailbreak tweaks long before Apple ever
implemented them officially. Then there's the people
who jailbroke their devices to remove carrier restrictions. Remember when you had to pay
for mobile data tethering or to unlock a device so it can be used with
a different carrier. Another huge reason people
jailbreak are aesthetics. And these kinds of mods
are all over the place ranging from themes like Viola which reskins your menus and icons to a beautified control
center with tweaks like Prism, or even Apple Watch style
status icons on the lockscreen with a tweak called Complications.

If you're like me and you
prefer less rather than more, there's SimpleLS which
can remove all the clutter from your lockscreen. And then there's the taboo
side of jailbreaking, piracy. Many people jailbreak their devices to get paid apps or services for free, or to cheat in mobile games. Now, all this is super cool, but jailbreaking has been on
the decline for many years due to slow jailbreak
releases for new OSes instability and Apple simply implementing many of the features
that people originally jailbroke their devices to get. However, maybe because Apple has been
kinda sitting on their thumbs when it comes to iOS features
in the last couple of years, things have been picking
up again with speedy, stable and easy jailbreaks from the team behind the
latest exploit, uncover.

So how do you do it? First, you'll need a compatible device, you can see the full
list of tested devices over on uncover site, but
essentially every modern iPhone is supported all the
way from iOS 11 to 13.5. Please note by the way guys, as of the day we filmed this video, Apple released iOS 13.5.1 which patches this jailbreak. If you're not already on
13.5 and you want to be you can still update by
downloading the update file from the link in the description and then shift clicking the
Update button in iTunes. note though, that Apple may
stop signing this version at any time making it impossible
to update to it later.

If you're already on iOS 13.5 do not update to 13.5.1 or you will lose your
ability to jailbreak. Alright, with that out of the way. We're gonna assume that
you're jailbreaking from a Windows computer
but if you're on Mac, the process is the essentially the same. So with the guidance
from the uncover website and the links below, you should be able to
jailbreak without issue. Start by downloading iTunes and
iCloud from Apple's website. If you have the Microsoft
Store versions of them, you're gonna have to uninstall those grab the wind 32 versions, and then give yourself one of these, for ever touching the Microsoft
Store in the first place.

Next, head over to the uncover site and download an install AltServer. We're gonna use this software
to self sign and then sideload both the AltStore and the
uncover jailbreak apps. Once it's installed, plug in your iPhone. Trust the PC that you're plugged into and select your device
under install AltStore in the AltServer menu in your taskbar. Enter your Apple ID to
authorize the install and within a few seconds you should see it on your iOS homescreen. Now because this is what
Apple deems a self signed app, you'll need to navigate
into the device settings and authorize the app
before you can run it. Once it's running, head over to the uncover
jailbreak site on your phone and click the open in old store button. If you're prompted re-enter your Apple ID then AltStore will install
the uncover jailbreak app. Now you might notice there's
an expiry date on the apps. This is because you self signed the apps with your own Apple ID. And without an apple
developer subscription, the longest you can sign
an app is for seven days.

Don't worry, though, because the AltStore guys thought of this. So if you keep all server
running on your PC or Mac, the Store app will actually
phone home to your system when you're on the same network to renew those certifications. If you do end up away from
home for a while though, it's possible you might not
get the automatic renewal meaning that if your phone
dies or is hard rebooted after that seven day period, you might have to re-flash the apps or go without a jailbreak for a few days. Alright, disclaimer over. Now it's time to open up the
uncover app and hit jailbreak. It'll do some stuff and then
prompt you for a reboot. Click OK and then once the
device is booted again, open uncover, hit jailbreak
again and it will reboot in a jailbroken state with a
brand new app called Cydia.

That's it, your jailbroken! Cydia is what's known
as a package manager. Kinda like the underwear and It handles installing and
updating any tweaks and themes that you want to install. And it's kind of like the App Store, but for jailbreak stuff. Let's start with modding
our device and fixing some of those issues that
I've been having with iOS. It's worth noting that while Cydia ships with lots of default repositories, many of the popular tweaks and themes are hosted on third party
repos, like Packix or SparkDev. So we're gonna add those first
as those hold the downloads for the tweaks that I wanted to add. First, I installed Snowboard,
which is a theming engine, which allows you to actually
apply the viola theme that I mentioned earlier, I then proceeded to install
a bunch of other tweaks, namely SwipeSelection, which really adds that keyboard swiping to navigate text thing that
was removed from 3d Touch died. AutoUnlockX, which allows us to skip the
notification shade on unlock. DigitalBattery13 to show the battery
percentage in the status bar, and Prism to beautify
and add haptic feedback to the iOS control center.

Oh, and since Apple
Maps sucks the big one, we changed the default to Google Maps with a tweet called maps opener. And the crazy part is that that is just
the tip of the iceberg. If you have a grievance with iOS, there is probably one of the
hundreds of other super useful quality of life improving
tweaks that are out there that is going to help you. So we've included a link to a Reddit post that lists a ton of them
for your tinkering pleasure.

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