Need a Free VPN Trial to a UK Server? ūü§Ē

hey how's it going everybody welcome back and if 
you're looking for vpn trials with the uk servers   uh then you're looking in the right place here 
at expressvpn or vpn and surf shark so before   we begin if at any point you'd like to check for 
links to pricing and discounts you'll find links   to two special deals and discounts the description 
down below as well as full in-depth reviews if   you'd like to check for more details regarding 
the advantages and disadvantages and uses for   each one of these vpns now if you're looking for 
a full trial a full seven day trial then you will   be getting that with expressvpn and surf shark 
only and you will only be able to get that on   ios and android or just a mobile device where you 
can access either the play store or the app store   this is where you'll be able to get yourself 
a seven day full trial with nordvpn you won't   be able to get that but they do offer a 30-day 
money-back guarantee on all of their uh plans   and that includes expressvpn and surfshark so 
whether you get the 30-day plan or the six-month   plan or the one-month plan or the two-year 
plan they all have 30-day money-back guarantees   and it's usually a hassle-free process so you can 
just ask through their live chat support you go   to their website you look at the bottom right and 
you'll notice that they have a live chat support   let me just show you guys real quick actually so 
if you go to expressvpn for example and it's the   same with nord and surf shark all you need to do 
is click here at the bottom right and you'll be   able to ask for your refund right here they'll 
just ask you for your credentials or whatever   you use to sign up with and you'll be able to 
get yourself a hassle free no questions asked   money back guarantee for the first 30 days 
so that would be considered the trial but   if you're looking for a completely free trial 
as i said as i stated earlier with expressvpn   and surf shark you'll be able to get yourself a 
full free trial for seven days you'll get access   to all the features and all the servers and 
now that we're talking about these servers um   if you go to locations here all locations europe 
uk you'll notice that we have four servers here   with the uk uh if we go to nord vpn you'll notice 
okay so we're just gonna zoom in here at the uk   no where's there it is united kingdom actually in 
order to view how many servers we have just uk and   click ok oh i think i just have to united 
kingdom there we go um oh still i'll have   to actually scroll down to it in order to view 
these servers um so united kingdom there we go   uh fastest and there we go so we have plenty of 
servers with nordvpn of course nordvpn has over   5 and 300 servers and unlike expressvpn expressvpn 
will give you the option to uh expressvpn does   the job uh on its own when it comes to finding a 
server it you just have to pick a location these   are not the number of servers by the way this 
is just the location and every time you connect   to one of these server one of these locations 
you'll be picking up a different ip address   more likely than not whereas with nordvpn you'll 
actually be able to view all the servers and see   how loaded they are as you can tell there are 
plenty of servers and if you like a particular   server or ip address or something like that 
also more likely than not you'll still be   assigned a new ip address every time you connect 
to one of these servers um so yeah what you can   do if you like one of these servers is that you 
could just kind of memorize the number or type   it down somewhere and you'll be able to return to 
it by just looking at the number so let's say 2089   here all i need to do is type 20 89 and oops no 
no 20 89 and there we go it's as simple as that   uh so yeah of course it depends on 
what you're looking for with these vpns   and if you're looking for dedicated ips 
for example you'll be able to get that   with nordvpn just dedicated ip country uk and 
you'll be able to get yourself your dedicated   ips that you're looking for uh it'll be the 
same with surf shark i believe they do have   uk yep they do have uk dedicated ips so if you're 
looking to go back to the same ip every time   you'll be able to do that and with regards to surf 
shark you've got up to 65 countries um and over   300 servers north vpn with 60 countries and over 5 
300 servers in 94 countries and over 3 000 servers   with expressvpn which makes it the best vpn for 
unblocking streaming services in multiple netflix   libraries and using netflix as a reference and or 
expressvpn excuse me will be able to unblock up to   18 netflix libraries and that'll be 10 with north 
and 15 with surf shark and uh so that just gives   you a bit of a uh point of reference as to how 
good expressvpn is uh with streaming services um   and with regards to surf shark you'll actually be 
able to uh um secure excuse me an unlimited amount   of devices you think using just one subscription 
uh nord will give you access or give you the   ability to secure up to six devices and that'll 
be five with expressvpn uh so of course all these   vpns have uk servers as you may have noticed and 
uh it's really just very simple when it comes to   this is by the way the same as expressvpn they 
just give you these locations and they'll do uh   surf shark will pick the best uh server depending 
on your location um so yeah that'll be it for this   video again if you guys are interested in learning 
more about these vpns you'll find links to reviews   down below as well as links to pricing and 
discounts so feel free to take advantage of those   while they last and again as far as free trials 
you do get that on your mobile devices so the   google play store and the apple app store uh 
with expressvpn and surf shark a full seven day   free trial you won't be getting that with nord but 
across all vpns you will be getting a 30 day money   back guarantee so you can actually try the full 
service for 30 days for free if you would like uh   granted you would ask for your refund before the 
30th day so that'll be it for this video thank   you guys very much for watching and i'll see 
you guys in the next one have a wonderful day

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