Netduma R1 Gaming Router Review (Geofilter, VPN, QoS, and More!)

hey guys drifter here today I've got something really cool to show you I'm going to be reviewing the net Douma r1 gaming router this is the box you can see that I've had this one since it was in beta and this bad girl a while that I'm finally able to show it off and review it and we're going to be jumping straight into the router and the complicated school stuff it can do in just a second but I thought in all fairness I should tell you that I am sponsored by net Douma I have a discount link down there in the description but the reason I'm working with them is because I think this router is amazing and I think most of you are going to like it too that being said we do have criticisms there are some things about it that I genuinely don't like and you'll find a table of contents down there in the description so you can click and go to the exact time with whatever feature or criticism you want to hear me talk about so let's jump straight into what it can do the coolest thing about this router is this software that it comes with and one of the coolest things about that is the call of duty geofilter which allows you to reject hosts outside of whatever country you're in so no more playing in foreign law on foreign host when you boot up the net duma r1 it looks like this kind of a standard welcome page for the router the see I just typed in 192.168.1 ever my IP is you can see the news and content we have a little social feed here on the welcome page and a change log that's not such a big deal let's move over to the host filtering mode I'll explain this briefly all you have to do to set it up is you click select a service and you pick which device you would like to geofilter in this case I have the PC already selected because that's name and make sure that it's enabled I have my PlayStation for geofilter disabled for now but I can enable it later you can see you have some settings Auto paying the host which will show you your exact paying and call of duty games you can do it in kilometres or in miles near strict mode which I find a little bit strict for myself the legend down here on the map which I'll explain in just a minute and show dormant hosts I usually leave off because it just shows me all the people that I've connected to in the past basically I you set your location so I'm in Dallas so I set my location in Dallas and I can adjust this and it will reject all servers outside of this region if I wanted to I could set this super small and I could play in Dallas only me see if I can zoom in a little bit more like I can be pretty silly about this and just be like alright you know what we are going to make this one close this super tiny and I am only going to play in the Dallas region and it'll do that it'll take like 20-30 minutes to get a connection like that but it'll work I'm gonna go ahead and reset the zoom loaded me to put my ping Assist up that high I'm going to get to that feature so I typically have mine set to us most of Canada a little bit of Mexico and it works really really well the legend down here shows you the host that'll show you if people are outside your range trying to connect and it'll also show you hosts that you've blocked the Pegasus feature is very similar to this one except it'll automatically reject connections greater than 50 milliseconds so whatever host or server that it tries to connect to if it's greater than 50 milliseconds it'll just straight up reject that down here at the bottom we have this deny and allow feature yep you can see it shows all the hosts you have rated and I can drag the red and green lines left and right to indicate whether or not I should allow these hosts or not like you rate them and put them on the line and then you kind of select what range you want to play it I basically use this as whitelists and blacklists like people that I've blocked in people in a whitelisted of note you can see some interesting things right off the bat here this white one this is a white listed server this is daemon where's matchmaking server for call of duty the white servers are always the white servers are always matchmaking service I'm not connected to it all the time it just pings me occasionally and this one up here is another us matchmaking server this big data center up there in Seattle yellow is going to mean dedicated I'm going to go ahead and zoom back out and I'll show you how this works live right now the feature is enabled and I will show this as live as I possibly can okay so now you can see I've got advanced warfare booted up I normally close that legend but I'm going to leave it up for right now and I'm going to go ahead and find a match I'll do a standard one I'll play a lot of momentum and let's see what the net Douma will tell me about my matchmaking all right it's already telling me that I'm matching with people in the United States finding matches I have rejected somebody over here in Puerto Rico we're rejecting people in the United Kingdom rejecting some UK fellows around here and I can go ahead and zoom in on the United States so we can see a little bit more of what's going on there zoom in on my Texas region here now that you can see what's going on in the US you can see that I'm connected to players in Maryland Kentucky Indiana Illinois Kansas I got a guy in Arizona that's probably Phoenix and we this big yellow dot all the way up here in Seattle yellow means dedicated servers this means I know that I'm playing on a dedicated server right now and I have these options once you click on one of these dots you can ping it you can do some options so I'm going to click on this yellow dedicated server I accidently highlighted a few things and I'm going to hit ping you're going to scroll down here and take a look at the ping graph and I'm going to try to play this game just a little bit to stay alive I might come back down here in the back of camp sometimes it takes a second or two to get the ping graph working correctly let's see if anybody comes out to play all right this is an approximately 40 milliseconds over in Seattle that I know that I'm playing on go ahead and go back here in Crouch I can also do some things I can hit trace now if I do trace it'll do this interesting thing but it'll show me the tracer out to the server and the exact route that I take if you know much about networking then you'll know what trace routes are if not don't worry about it but you really don't want to see is your trace route taking you overseas for some kind of reason but it does give you a general idea of the path the enemy I'll take the path that you would have to take for that to work and I'm sniffing some people there we go there is my complete trace route kind of interesting kind of fun to see and I think that's amazing for Call of Duty it's really nice to know exactly who's hosting your games it's really nice to know what the ping is what the trace route is I'm getting slightly madam playing derp here and all those sort of things so yeah this works the exact same way in competitive except I'll go ahead and zoom back in on the u.s.

Let's say our playing competitive I would see all seven dots for my teammates whichever one was the biggest would indicate they were the hosts I could ping them I could see their location that would mean there'd be no account sharing because some people recover accounts and play on that way of cheating and you can also see if they're hosting on like a mobile hotspot or something like that so it's really nice a couple of things to note before we move on the Geo filter does not show IPs so you can't use this to pull IPs and DDoS people people not going to be that easy unfortunately it also won't show you an address or anything like that it just shows you what city that person or server is located in and it's also designed towards on a five minute delay so I can't sit here and take this and go wah wah wah wah and kind of kick people in and out of lobbies it doesn't do that every single time you change one of these settings it changes five minutes later so you can't just sit here and mess with people so this kind of anti cheat it doesn't restrict bandwidth it doesn't do anything weird and it doesn't allow you to cheat it just allows you to make sure that you get your hosts inside the proper country we go ahead and zoom back out and let's move on to the next feature the next feature which is more of a standard one for good routers these days is a QoS service anti flood control this is the same quality of service quality of life that you see in a lot of other routers except it's got a pretty simple interface right here you can do pre-emptive or reactive I like pre-emptive you have to type in your own bandwidth not a complicated thing you just go to and get that and you can set your download and upload caps I both said at 96% so all the devices in my house can use up to 96% of the internet but it always reserves 4% it never goes 100% blows it up different people put these on different settings however much they want to reserve however much they want to control lag this works great for me this just simple pre-emptive algorithm will also prioritize your gaming devices and games over things like Netflix Hulu Facebook so when your sister gets on Facebook and uploads like a buttload of videos or if you're in college and you're sharing internet with like four or five guys it'll always prioritize the gaming and not the Netflix not you know piratebay or whatever else you guys are on you have a device prioritization in here which is pretty cool these are all the devices in my house you can see my Xbox one my Sony Netflix box my 360 PC iPod my TV my brother stuff and if I just decide you know I want more bandwidth on my wife's laptop I just kind of click this and drag and I've got a lot of devices so the numbers look kind of crazy but you just kind of do this and set your device prioritization however you want it personally I don't have a big bandwidth problem in my house so I just keep it all uneven but if this were my device and let's say you got this and you wanted a lot of bandwidth on your Playstation and not so much on anything else you can do that it's pretty easy I'm go ahead and reset it back to normal just an easy way to visualize it QoS a lot of routers do this it's nice next up we're going to move into host analysis this is for PC games only ouch yeah but they have a slightly different encryption on Xbox so this doesn't work as well for consoles we basically get the Geo filter which is host analysis light but I'm about to boot up csgo and show you exactly what host analysis can do in that game alright there we are finally booted up I can view all the different things going on on csgo right now live as I play it so if I get this game up and oh man I've not played this I really like the mp7 I don't know why I like the mp7 but heaven knows I do I can see my packet loss sinned right all this sort of stuff you get some really nice data here and what's cool about this is if you're playing a competitive matter that was almost my booty right there if you're playing a competitive match you can use this to tell who's cheating it or not that wasn't stupid of me I know they're just really aggressive but it's really nice it's good data and it saves and logs this for a little while too doesn't save it forever it's only got so much memory but you can view the log at the end of the match and it tends to record nearly the whole thing so that's very very nice and I think a lot of PC players would find that useful me alt tab out of csgo I think I might have a few more options I can scroll down to yep we also have receive rate tick rate just all sorts of stuff going on here man isn't really busy be honest with you busier than I would ever use but some people are really serious about their gaming and it's really nice to have we go ahead and exit this game before I embarrass myself anymore so now that the game is done I can rate the quality of the host I can show the time I can look at these graphs so if anybody cheated or did anything weird or ddosed me or just something crazy you'll have all that data right here which i think would be amazing for competitive gaming okay moving on let's take a look at the VPN section this I think is the bit second biggest selling point for the entire device it's got super easy mode VPN I'm logged out of my VPN right now and I've got it to where it's not going to show you my IP or anything like that because I don't want you guys ddossing me or the whichever VPN server arm on at the moment but you have your VPN it loads up it shows you every single device in your house and if you wanted to do that like let's say I wanted to VPN my xbox well that will kick me offline let's say I wanted to bpn my PlayStation 4 I just click it and when it lights up its VPN and I'll do my laptop and I'll do my wife's computer and then what I want to unbe be in them and turn the VPN off boom boom bah and that's at the router level so it covers the entire device it's also easy to set up you do fast setup right now they support hidemyass only it's still in beta but you would just type in your server username and password like your regular old hidemyass comm username and password and hit apply and it logs you in and then you can choose to stay disconnected or connected or whatever you can also do a more complicated setup if you got the config file and all that if you guys are into this sort of thing but it does it at the router level a lot of professional streamers and stuff that don't like getting DDoS set this up at that particular level ah one of the things I almost forgot about is that if you're gaming on PC you can add service level exceptions to your VPN so not only can you do it by device but you can do certain services on that particular device for instance I can turn my VPN on the PC and I can go to exceptions and I can add an exception for a service right now they have Source engine games as routine Fortress 2 and for counter-strike go so that your entire computer will be VPN so that anybody that connects to you won't be able to see your IP with the exception of valve servers valve servers can see your IP but no host a host no messaging systems no nothing so you won't lag in the game if you have a shoddy VPN but everything else will keep you protected you can also go to advanced right here and add your own exception or whatever service you want to bypass the VPN and you would hit done and apply it I haven't done that but it is kind of a fun thing and it's definitely a lifesaver if you're a streamer and you get ddosed often one of the smaller but more fun features is the network monitor when I click on this it shows all the devices in my house again but it just kind of actively monitors my network and what kind of bandwidth I'm using like right now I can see that whatever this color here is my PC is using just a little bit of download bandwidth and a little bit of upload bandwidth but if I do something crazy like let's go to slash drift or you guys are probably familiar with this guy and the video here should autoplay man and mute it but now that that video is Auto playing in just a second you should see more bandwidth being used by my PC yep see this huge spike here just dwarfed everything else see how it's kind of the video in segments it's nice to know if you have a virus on your computer it's nice to know what the Internet's doing if somebody else is using the Internet or if you're wondering who the bandwidth hog in your house is this will definitely show you and also shows you what percentage of your total usage is going on pretty nice one of the few criticisms I do have for this is if you go whole hog and you blame your internet with something crazy like a torrent or like 80 people you can overwork this graph this computation here you can make it get really slow and chuggy but if it's pretty normal usage it shouldn't be a problem you can change refresh rate in units and all that sort of stuff to one feature it has that I can't show is the device manager it's just a little tree that shows all the devices that are connected to your router and how they're connected it has a lot of IP information and stuff like that so I can't show it because I don't want to get ddosed we've got an internet diagnosis it'll run a ping test the speed test it'll check the status of different networks not really such a big deal help is not a big deal there are some bonuses down here in the settings and the Wi-Fi which again I'm not going to click because I don't want you guys knowing my Wi-Fi username driving around and pick it up it's got some pretty basic settings put in username password very easy what kind of security port forwarding is phone I think I can show this one yeah you can more or less set in port forwarding rules right here you can see the one that I have for the Xbox one this helps me get an easy-open that type again really easy to do you just punch it in add rule done there is UPnP pretty much easy not really hard to do LAN we have DHCP lease settings which is again very easy to do but I'm not going to show that because I don't want you guys to see my IP and we have miscellaneous random settings deep packet processing automatic feedback remote access I have that disabled because I'm a paranoid crazy person cookies enabled control from when cloud settings all sorts of different stuff oh yeah do we have themes I have a theme oh you can change your themes here let me see yeah when I do this it changes the themes to the net Douma version two they're supposed to be commentator themes and stuff like that coming out so I'll have the drifter theme eventually and for support we've got a wiki and a forum kind of right here good to go easy stuff I'm going to go ahead and put that support away let's go back I think host filtering is probably by far the coolest mode I have don't have my ex bone doing its thing right now but you can kind of see how it looks so that's what it can do those are all the good things about it and I think it's a really amazing router I think that if you play Call of Duty csgo League dota any of those games that it'll be a huge benefit to you and if you're a streamer it'll be a big benefit to you for quality of service and anti DDoS protection but this is the part of the episode where I levied the criticisms and show the actual product and one of my criticisms is the actual product because it's kind of small and bland looking and generic and simple it's not like an amazing radical awesome looking piece of technology it's a little white box it doesn't really like BAM or come at you and one of the reasons is net duma considers themselves a software company they don't manufacture this this is a regular router that they bought from mikrotik which is a different company and they put their firmware on it net duma says we are not a hardware company we are a software company we're going to make our router software and firmware as good as humanly possible we're going to have the best stuff the best VPN the best geofilter all that sort of stuff but we're not going to manufacture routers because that's too complicated so this router right here is I would say the brand is good it's a micro take out a dog hair on it pretty standard ports on the back nothing really amazing so what's your pet you can look up this particular product and model number online I have it down in the description if you want to learn more about it but this does not cost as much as the net Douma not by a longshot when you pay for the net Douma are one you're not paying for the router you're paying for the software with all those kind of nice features so there's a pretty big price gap there a lot of people don't really enjoy that they feel the software should cost less you're gotta I definitely understand you I feel you and this router while I think it's it's at the lower end of good it's more like a medium normal end kind of consumer grade router this isn't hyper advanced technology like the Nighthawk or like some of the other $300 routers this isn't the latest greatest most amazing mind-blowing thing it's just the router that they felt best matched the optimal price and had easy to work with components so they could flash the firmware onto I am aware that in the future there are different net duma products coming one of them may be a bigger beefier router so if you're into the hardware side of things that's better this one does have some limitations i don't they it supports AC wireless if I'm not mistaken so if AC wireless is a big thing for you I pretty sure this one doesn't support that and it's currently limited to only 500 megabits so if your internet connection is faster than 500 megabit like if you've got 8 900 or a gigabit this won't support it so for those of you that have Google Fiber you're only going to be able to use half of your internet for now they said they're updating the firmware to support more but I'm assuming if you have Google Fiber then you really don't need something like this to control your internet connection maybe that's just me maybe I'm wrong I don't know and it's not a 100% perfect support for all games the guys decided to focus on counter-strike go mostly then dota then the call of duty and then League of Legends so we've got really awesome support for those big 4 multiplayer games and that's my review of the good old net Douma r1 it's an interesting product again if you get this you're pretty much paying for the software that that's where the bread-and-butter is on this one the software I think it's really amazing I've had mine for about six months now a little bit more than that gone all the way through the beta program done a lot of stuff with it it's been fantastic I haven't had foreign host and Call of Duty I haven't had lag I haven't had bad servers and in the few cases that I did I just blacklisted those servers and I never played on them again I think it's great and I fully endorsed the product I just do hope that in the future they get better hardware and we get an expanded feature set for better for other games that's all for the review I hope you found it interesting enjoyable so if you're interested in it you want to learn more if you just want to buy one of these things that's fine it's linked down there in the description you can go click that link and I have a coupon code for 5% off it's d rft I hope you enjoyed the review drifter out

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