NordVPN vs Surfshark VPN – Ultimate Fight. Only ONE winner???

– So, you're at home, all comfy on your laptop. You search for the best VPNs of 2021, a sea of options pops up. Surfshark and NordVPN seem
to be appearing everywhere. But with quite a few similarities, how do you know which
one is right for you? – Yeah, there truly are countless
providers on the market. Whilst many are great options, no doubt, not all of them offer
the same functionalities and some, well, are just no good at all. – That's why I, Michael, and Amy here have thoroughly tested
two of the best VPNs money can buy, NordVPN and Surfshark. All so we can understand
what each provider does best and what really is the difference
between these two VPNs. – That is right. We'll
look at performance, any irresistible features and more to help you guys at home make a decision between these absolute
beasts in the VPN world. Okay. Let's break down the features first.

Honestly, both have immense
subscription benefits, but I am curious to see which features you find most valuable. – Well, first and foremost, I do wanna emphasize the web filters. I really appreciate these because they stop intrusive trackers and ads flawlessly. Surfsharks
version is called CleanWeb, Nords' CyberSec. – True. And that means
that you don't necessarily have to install another app,
so you got to love that. What about the most momentous
VPN feature that you can find? – Momentous? Split tunneling? I use that pretty much every day to route my internet traffic
in a more precise fashion. With both Nord and Surfshark,
split tunneling is similar. Say I'm wanting to watch
geo blocked content while browsing, I don't know, local news, split tunneling would let
me route particular apps via VPN and exclude other ones.

– Sure, but it does bum me out massively that neither of these
providers offer split tunneling to Mac or iPhone users. Having said that it is super cool that both Nord and
Surfshark offer SmartDNS. I noticed that this feature
works automatically with NordVPN and their version is called SmartPlay, which lets me stream content, but also protects me with
next generation encryption. – Yeah, Surfshark works exactly the same with the similar success rate. Though Surfshark does have that one of a kind GPS spoofing feature. I found that really cool as it let me change the
coordinates of my Android device. This came in handy when
I was swiping on Tinder to match with people
in different locations. No shame here. – [Amy] Another similarity is NordVPN has Dark Web Monitoring, but Surfshark also has
Alerts, both of these check and let you know if your
data has been breached. – What about specialty servers? They provide additional
benefits to your connection and have unique use cases.

I mean, I would argue that
NordVPN is just more versatile in their offering with a higher
number of different types. – Yeah. So in terms of features,
it is a tough one to call. I guess the biggest difference
would be the GPS spoofing that you loved, though if you
have no need for that feature or you aren't an Android user, then the difference is negligible. – And by the way, guys, if you're interested in trying
out either of these two VPNs, we have a Cyber News
exclusive discount code down in the description.

– That link. – So be sure to check those out, they're here for a
limited time. So enjoy it. – So we both have tried Surfshark
and NordVPN for some time on Windows, Mac OS,
iOS and Android, right? – That's a lot of testing. – So I think that we
should address any caveats in this department. Truth be told, I really didn't try any
browser extensions, did you? – Shame on you. Of course I did. – Okay. So there is a lot of
compatibility with both VPNs, but I've got to hand it
to Surfshark on this one with their super generous offering. With NordVPN, you're looking
at six connections per account, but Surfshark pulls a fast one and offers unlimited
simultaneous connections. – Right. Surfshark takes
the edge in that regard. Just going back to the browser
extension, I tried out. The Surfshark extension
functions are pretty basic, though I'm glad that you
can still use the extension to encrypt your connection
and hide your real IP.

I did try out the NordVPN
extension recently too, and I don't have any
complaints to be honest. – So I will say that I am
partial to Mac OS and iOS, just generally, so on may
be a bit more critical in that regard. If I did have to choose one for my iPhone, it has got to be the NordVPN app. Their features just seem
way more valuable to me with the Dark Web Monitoring
and even the favorites tab. – Well, this is where I
have to disagree with you. I find the Android version's far superior. I especially like the spoofing
feature on the Surfshark app that I did mention. Then there's split tunneling
across both providers, Android versions. Not to
forget 'White Lister', this is really useful
because I can select apps that won't work whilst
my VPN is connected.

So I use this mainly for my banking app as sometimes it just doesn't
work alongside a VPN. – So desktop apps, NordVPN for
Mac, Surfshark for windows, which would you choose in the battle of NordVPN
versus Surfshark VPN? – Hmm, I noticed that an
all too common VPN theme is reemerging, Windows
users get the VIP treatment. I really like the aesthetics
on Windows for both providers, but generally I have to
say, I just prefer Surfshark for their super kind offering
of unlimited connections, I mean, friends, family,
anyone can use it. – Okay. But I will say that
I am sticking with NordVPN for Mac OS even after
everything you've just said, because I especially
love their user interface and their layout. I just
love that big old map that's slap bang in the center. – Well, to each their own. There are two different
versions of the Nord app and Surfshark app for Mac OS, you guys. So be sure to download the client straight from the app store if you're after a variety
of tunneling protocols.

NordVPN's Sideload has
more recent updates, but only open VPN. Meanwhile, Surfshark's
Sideload has IKEV2 Protocol with a beta update
option. I should mention that both NordVPN and Surfshark download really smoothly
too, for any newbies. – Really quick guys, I just wanna say, we appreciate you visiting
our channel so much, but so many of you are not subscribed. Shame. It'd mean a lot if
you'd consider slamming that subscribe button to support us and even checking out our other reviews and tutorials and more. – And more. NordVPN versus Surfshark performance. Now we're really getting into it. Both providers have
WireGuard implementations, which increases the speed
results significantly when compared to OpenVPN or IKEV2.

I ran a few NordVPN versus
Surfshark speed tests to get an average speed across
each tunneling protocol. NordLynx versus WireGuard concluded that NordVPN
download speed drops on average were a little above 14% while uploads drop around
54%. That's not terrible. However, Surfshark was
just more impressive. The average download
speed being around 12% and upload a little above 43%. – Yeah, I didn't notice any speed drops when I was streaming or
generally just browsing. – I mean, looking at their server fleets, both providers have different strengths. NordVPN has more than 5,500
servers across 59 countries while Surfshark has 3,200
servers in 65 countries. So in this case, it's important to consider
why you're using a VPN in the first place. – Generally though, as
much as I hate to be on the same page as you, I would say is a draw in this category.

I didn't notice the
difference in speed as a user, to be completely honest with you. In terms of security, I would
say Surfshark versus Nord is a tough call. – No doubt. Both services, as of recently, use RAM only servers. So that means that there is no hard drive in which the usage logs could be written, in short, this limits the
possibility of a server being breached. – Yeah and NordVPN's
claim to fame on this one is their bug bounty program,
which is really cool because it ensures the
security of their service. – Yeah. I should mention
that NordVPN and the shark are thankfully located in privacy-friendly jurisdictions too. This basically means that
your data isn't threatened by intrusive legislation. Now I would've previously argued that NordVPN just offers a
more transparent approach. I mean, they've undergone public audits and penetration tests,
though as of recently, Surfshark has also
undergone public audits. So not much to argue on that one. Okay. I'm just gonna lay
this out on the table. Something that always bugs me, so many VPNs claim to unblock
geo restricted content, but they often can't deliver.

– For sure. So is
NordVPN good for Netflix? How was your experience, Michael? – I'm glad you asked, Amy. So I found both of these services keep their side of the bargain, I was able to easily unlock US
exclusive Netflix libraries and even Japan libraries
with both services. In fact, I did this countless times. You know how I feel about 'The Office'? – Oh yeah. Even BBC iPlayer worked
like a treat for me. I could watch 'Line of Duty'
without any proxy errors. And then there's the
unblocking of YouTube too, which isn't all that rare but
I guess it's worth noting.

– A small difference. NordVPN was able to unblock
the sports streaming app, DAZN. That is a big feat in the VPN world and Surfshark, I'm afraid to say, couldn't rise to that challenge. – So, we'd say Nord just
takes the win ever so slightly in this round, right Michael? – Yeah, I have to say so. In the case of torrenting,
both are optimized well.

Each offers P2P servers, which essentially means faster downloads, which I didn't really
have any problem with. – Yeah, it's really cool that NordVPN will automatically
connect to a P2P server when P2P traffic is detected. I do really favor that NordVPN
has a free SOCKs5 proxy also, which is really important
to improve your speeds and general flexibility. – So to sum up, Surfshark
slightly better speeds. NordVPN free SOCKs5 proxy. I'd say it's a draw in torrenting. – For sure. – So Amy, what's your
opinion on value for money? I mean, for me personally, I think that the plans are
just better from Surfshark.

They even offer a six
month plan which I like. Though their 24 month plan is
currently as cheap as chips compared to the NordVPN price. – Agreed, though, both providers offer a seven day free trial. NordVPNs
free trial isn't advertised on their website conveniently, but it is available for Android users. Then after signup, you
can switch over to iOS. Surfsharks free trial is also available, though they offer this
to Android and iOS users from the word 'go'. – Accessibility. I like it. In terms of pricing Surfshark
did previously take the win with their short-term plans. I'd say they still take the edge though, especially with their cheap 24 month plan.

And the fact that their
plans pricing isn't exclusive to the first or second year. – So Michael, we have
gone over a lot today and I just wanna recap, ease of use, features,
torrenting, and security, there isn't really much of a difference. – Then when you look a little closer with the Cyber News lens, there's various dedicated
features for sure. For me, I favor Surfsharks
Android and Windows capabilities. I love that GPS spoofing feature and generally their Windows aesthetic. – Yeah. I'm still gonna
stick with NordVPN. I prefer the user interface, the favorites tab and
the built-in kill switch. As you said, it is each
to their own, Michael. – Yeah. Fair enough. – Remember, guys, we've got discount links for
you to check out down below.

Either provider is a rock
solid offering. No doubt. Be sure to pay close
attention to the capabilities that you are after. – What's your thoughts on
NordVPN versus Surfshark 2021? What VPN comparison would
you like to see next? Drop us a comment down below. Also as always, we work really hard testing all types of
software out for you guys, in order to deliver
really reliable content.

So if you like objective reviews on the latest cyber security
tools and tutorials, smash that subscribe button, and we'll see you in the next one. See you. Take care. Take care..

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