PrivateVPN REVIEW 2020/ In-Depth & Detailed VPN Review

– PrivateVPN, one of the
more popular VPNs available on the market. But why is that the case? (upbeat music) Well, I'm going to tell you
everything you need to know in this review of private VPN. Before we start, if you're not subscribed to
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So before jumping into this review, it's worth noting that is not best VPN, but the features that
service providers build into their services do give some services an edge over others. And that is what differentiates
one premium VPN provider from another. So, let's jump in. (upbeat music) PrivateVPN is a VPN
that offers fast speeds. It doesn't offer the fastest
speeds on the market, but it is still pretty fast
and will be good enough for streaming and gaming.

It's worth noting your speeds
are going to vary depending on where in the world you are and where you're going to connect. So everyone is going to
have a different experience with speeds. (upbeat music) One of the main benefits you get from using a VPN is security. You protect yourself from cyber criminals and you protect your online privacy. PrivateVPN offers many of
the same features you'd find with other providers, including military grade,
256 bit encryption. From a security and privacy point of view, PrivateVPN has you covered. It has leak protection, which protects your IP address
as well as a kill switch to prevent your device from reconnecting through your regular internet connection if you are suddenly
disconnected from your VPN.

Some cheaper or free VPNs will
record your browsing data. They may either sell this information or can be asked by governments
to reveal this information. PrivateVPN offers a no logs policy, and as a result, it doesn't record any of your browsing data, meaning you keep your privacy. Now in terms of price,
PrivateVPN is pretty affordable. If you want to pay monthly,
it is more expensive, but not the most expensive on the market. But if you sign up for a longer
period, such as 24 months, you get some really, really good prices. It's worth noting that
if you click the link in the description below, you'll be able to gain access to the best deals available on PrivateVPN. So if you're looking
for the cheapest option, make sure you follow that link. (upbeat music) Now, streaming is one of the core reasons why most people use a VPN. By using a VPN you can access
additional streaming libraries in different countries, and it's worth noting that
streaming services tried to block this practice. So some VPNs don't offer
this as a service reliably. However, PrivateVPN works with
Netflix in multiple regions.

It can also be used to
unlock other services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Hulu, CBS, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. Most VPNs have a device limit. So with one subscription, you can only use your VPN with
a certain number of devices. PrivateVPN offers six
devices for one subscription. This is fairly standard. It's not the least available, and it's not an unlimited amount. However, for most people,
this will be plenty.

If you're based in China,
a VPN is almost required. It allows you to access
restricted apps, web services, and means the government
can't spy on your activity, and not all VPNs work in China. However, PrivateVPN does. It's also worth noting
that private VPN works with PGP torrenting. Again, not all VPNs
have this as a feature. Now, everything so far has been positive, but there are some cons
compared to other VPNs. One of the most noticeable things for PrivateVPN is the lower
number of servers available to their users. PrivateVPN does allow
you to access servers in an impressive number of countries, however, the server count is low. This can lead to inconsistency and server speeds
dependent on location, time and a host of other factors. Additionally, PrivateVPN doesn't have 24/7 live chat available. Some other VPNe providers
do offer this service and live chat tends to
be the most efficient way of resolving a problem. Just be aware that if
you encounter a problem, you may need to wait a little bit longer for it to be resolved.

So in conclusion, PrivateVPN offers a
large range of features. It unlocks many streaming
services, works in China, can be used for torrenting, and is a great choice
for privacy and security. And in terms of drawbacks, it's customer support options
aren't the best available and it's smaller number
of servers can result in inconsistent speeds depending on where, and when you are connecting. Remember to subscribe to our channel if you haven't already, and you can find a list of
the best VPNs available sorted by rank, simply by following
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of the others available. (upbeat music).

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