Ripple/XRP-SECs Gary Gensler ETH & “Plausible Deniability”,XRP Decoupling From BTC,XRP PRICE $4.55+

welcome back to the show everybody we got a great one for you this morning xrp on fire out of the gate overnight and into this morning listen to these headlines argentina may be the next to adopt bitcoin we'll get into it shout out to charles hoskinson is smashing the number three spot on the crypto list and it's not the only one kicking it out of the gate this morning sec's gary gensler want we'll hear from him and we're going to hear from house of representatives responding to the recent bill that left the senate and is headed to the house you're going to want to know that information and money is pouring into crypto and no we're not just talking about into crypto assets right and xrp price analysis how about this dollar 20 plus dollar or 250 plus and 4.55 you better know what's on the table and we're going to hear from the analysts that say so and there's even one article out here today that's talking about what we've talked about here on the channel which is decoupling from bitcoin somebody wrote that beautiful intro this is digital perspectives with brad kymes subscribe for new content notifications now here's brad kinds come on in [Music] welcome back to the show everybody you can follow me on twitter at backup bradley above at the top of the screen and everything we're talking about here today let's go ahead and get into this 1.946 trillion dollars for the cryptocurrency market cap how about that one yeah we like it a lot and i like this new home page for uh coin market cap here giving you the trending the recently added biggest gainers like that that's pretty cool but for right now let's focus on this because we're almost back at 2 trillion for the cryptocurrency market cap 2.5 plus was the all-time high for the crypto cap and we're getting much we're getting much closer to that to that number right which means we're not far away from seeing new money very new money come rolling into this space and i tell you something it's exciting to me so bitcoin right now 46 000 plus it's up 13.1 percent on the seven day 3.32 in the 24 hour listen to these gains i think it's important ethereum here is at 3200 plus 3.94 on the 24 hour 16.03 on the seven day cardano smashing two dollars come on in yeah 14.98 gains on the 24 hour and 48.66 gains on the seven day who's the boss that is boss right there go charles hoskinson and this is xrp at the number six spot courtesy of the dereliction of duty and intimidation tactics by the sec we're at a dollar three right now this morning we're up five point five nine percent on the 24 hour and forty one point three three percent on the seven day let's look at the range of that price right now and looking at the bottom range of xrp price is 0.926 92 cents on the bottom range and a dollar five at the top of the xrp price range we'll keep an eye on it we will hear from technical analysts uh coins kit before we get out of here today about what to pay attention to some people were thinking we may see a big reversal and come down in price we're going to touch on it so don't leave just yet you're going to want to see this information looking right here this is a hall of famer xrp crypto wolf who says argentina's president says the country is open to adopting crypto and bitcoin and it really the conversation is about bitcoin to be honest with you um it does talk about the trouble argentina has with their own dollar their own economy and that it might not be a bad idea but he's cautiously optimistic and i think they're going to move forward in some way with it the question is is will they buy it and try to hold it as a government as a hedge against the inflation issues that they're having there in that country and more importantly if the citizens get deeply into the game you know hopefully we don't see i don't think it's good as a legal tender i'm just you know i think i made that abundantly clear i think bitcoin bitcoin's great if you want to invest and just hold it you enjoy the volatility of the product and then you can enjoy the gains and the losses like everybody does right and not financial advice that's just how i see that product uh you know and and for that maybe the citizens get an advantage like hey you know if i buy a few hundred bucks or a thousand bucks or whatever or some bitcoin it may help hold or it may help to support the cash that i have in the economy there in argentina which apparently has really bad inflation so we'll see how this shakes out and we'll keep covering it but one thing's for sure is crypto is getting deeper and intertwined with economies around the world whether we're talking about uh el salvador or whether we're talking about paraguay argentina or anywhere else it's just going to continue to intertwine itself and weave itself like fabric into the economy that's going to happen there's no doubt about it all right so with that being said look at this cardano's ada became the world's third largest cryptocurrency as its price source to a 12-week high now listen i like charles hoskinson i love what he's done with cardano and ada and this thing's just getting started but i have to say there's some important information to understand about this and any other crypto on the list they're not being sued by the sec but the ex but xrp and ripple are right and i think that's an important thing to understand this case will end at some point no later than probably the first part of next year and any day it could end up until then right there could be a settlement there could be a judgment anything we could see it all right so now with that being said let's get to this this is sec chair gary gensler live shanghai which ones do you think of as a secure as securities and he doesn't answer he just says it's clear they won't answer listen to this please which ones do you think of as securities it's pretty clear and the supreme court has actually spoken about this many times um if if somebody is raising money selling a token start the ether pre-sale in a couple of weeks so the ether pre-sale will be an opportunity for anyone to purchase ether for ether is the internal currency inside of the ethereum system sort of like the xrp and rebel and the buyers is anticipating profits what we're hoping is is that sort of similar to what happened with mastercoin if that slices something is something like twenty percent and then the value of ether goes up by five then we basically have the entire initial initial btc that we got all over again based on the efforts of that group about a hundred people that are working on ethereum right now myself leading the the protocol design we also have branding teams we have marketing team that fits into something that's a security there you have it so the question almost isn't which ones do you think of as securities i think the question might be further honed in on why is ethereum not a security you know uh jeremy hogan and shout out to uh the umbrella man for this video which is in huge digital asset investor style laid out here i love the approach with it uh whoever put this together is a genius it sure is pretty awesome and let's see if i can find it very quickly here i had a comment here that i chimed in on and if i can't find it very quickly i'll just uh tell you what it was and i probably can't find it so i'll just say what it was and i basically uh uh answer back in a caption here that you know this to me looks a lot like plausible deniability where gary gensler tries to do the oh i didn't know of and i wasn't aware of i did not have knowledge of right but he's out here on twitter tell me he's not aware of what we're doing and all the videos we've seen from digital asset investor and now this or umbrella man yeah there is no plausible deniability there is just an inconsistency from the sec and that really needs to be explained and even further investigated us rep tom emmer says the sec lawsuit against ripple would have significant ramifications for the entire crypto industry and he's dead on the mark here he is a huge advocate for crypto and he has great knowledge of how the crypto and blockchain work so this is not a guy who's on a learning curve here this is a guy who can hip up the rest of the representatives at the house uh when the bill gets there i think they return on september 20th so i don't expect any major moves before then but he certainly is well aware and shout out again to thinking crypto tony it was a great conversation you had with him on your channel and there if you guys haven't seen that i highly encourage you to go watch it now we know members of congress outside of tom emmer are now lobbying nancy pelosi during this break and others to amend the crypto tax definition which we all know is about the dealer broker situation and here's the letter that has gone to speaker pelosi to amend the cryptocurrency broker language in the senate's infrastructure bill the legislation imposes new reporting requirements on miners validators developers of wallets who would be unable to comply with these requirements and we all understand why so this is the letter i'm not going to read it to you we got more to go over here so but you can see it on on my uh twitter account there so it look they're well aware that they've received a bill that needs to fix the crypto language here's the upside for us it's it says in in the in the bill that they already project 28 billion dollar in revenue connect collection it's crypto in an infrastructure bill which really acknowledges that crypto is going to be infrastructure for the world that's why it's in the infrastructure bill furthermore they've cited that a part of the trillion dollar bill 28 billion is going to come from crypto so however this goes they're going to get this straightened out because they need the 28 billion that they're now counting on that's why it's in the bill so there's an upside here it's just the time and the melees right in the quagmire of bureaucracy and all of that that comes with it but it's going to happen it's going to happen and that's the reason they put it in the bill and the fact that they're actually going to collect tax revenue from this legitimizes crypto to the world as well as serving as infrastructure it's all around a good thing and with that we see 10 giant crypto and blockchain rounds single-handedly raised 3.9 billion this year so far so it's not just buying bitcoin and xrp and everything else right 3.9 billion raised by 10 different giant crypto and blockchain rounds and that means massive money sees the end result this will be a legitimate highly regulated market mm-hmm yeah this is no longer going to be a speculative market of course there's always an element of speculation but we're about to shift into a utility driven market don't believe it it's still true and they say it right here sentiment analytics data shows that xrp is decoupling from bitcoin and growing along with xrp ledger's network activity and emergence of new xrp addresses come on in yeah it says right here uh the xrp surges to a dollar nine well there's more in the way here we're going to hear from coins kid in just one second here sentiment data vendor uh has tweeted that xrp has shown an 18 rise earlier today it has been decoupling from bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market and this is what we've been reporting on moving to that moment where xrp defines itself through use case utility the analytics team tweeted that a further rise in daily interaction of unique addresses along with the emergence of new wallets on a daily basis is likely to push the price rally of the sixth largest cryptocurrency a lot higher and i guarantee it won't sit in that number six spot after this scc k sense either on august 11th xrp managed to surge as high as a dollar nine from 80 cents briefly showing an almost 24 spike and then it rolled back at press time the ripple affiliated cryptocurrency is changing hands at a dollar one and it's at a dollar three now as we know this is it right here uh 18 day of a nice decoupling from bitcoin and the rest of crypto currently what an idea and notion that is and that's what we're talking about when we see the corridors from gme to thailand right the japanese corridor the philippines right all of these different corridors are utility utility plus liquidity equal price gain over time that's what we're talking about here now this is coins kid and he's going to lay it down for you and show you the up and down side it gives you both let's take a look at it right here okay obviously we've got levels of resistance in front of us and we do need to see those levels broken okay for the continuation because if not there is a potential here and i'll always tell you what i see there is a potential of an a b c correction just there okay i have a deep wave four pull back personally i i don't see it other technical analysis do but i don't see it at the moment i think we've bottomed out i think we've got a beautiful double bottom and we're carrying out extensions to the upside and we've got upside targets okay technical targets to the upside as long as we keep a deer into this structural support of support and resistance basically you're looking at continuation the rsi on the daily is a little bit overbought though you so you potentially see a little bit of a pullback at some point your stock rsi's a little bit high as well so potentially you know you could see this little waveform come down to this level i mean equally you know if you're not involved in xrp and you're looking for a fantastic entry point just wait for the stock to be down here because it works in waveforms okay you know and this is what you do you buy the bottoms you buy blood you buy fear because this is where you see the pump and like i said to you you know on the weekly time frame as well if you look at the stock it doesn't hang around the floor for too long and i kept saying that to you on the on the whole way down there okay said to you it does nothing around there for too long and before you know it can be gone i mean look at this on the weekly you know you look at that potential wave to the upside that you've got here taking you up to that potential impulsive wave up there at 4.55 so it's all good you've got it all in front of you but you have got key levels of resistance in front of you as well you know on the weekly you know you're looking really really good here you you've got some beautiful bullish momentum on the go you're above for 20 and like i said to you when you're above a 20 you're in a beautiful uptrend so you could see some kind of formation like this where you broke out from the bottom okay after a rollover and a capitulation just there a lot and you start to pick up you had a whopping candle and then you hook the 20.

So you know your optimal entry point if you're not actually involved in this up here at any point could be the 20 and that would actually coincide with a roll back to the zero three a two at some point at 85 cents because you can see the 20 is creeping up so if there was a bit of a deeper roll because potentially you know you've just some done something like this candle here where you've absolutely broken out and next week you topped out say where the 786 let's have a look at this i think we went through this the other day didn't we but you know i'm not saying it's playing out exactly but you can see what's at play potentially you know people foaming and thinking they're missing out and things like that and they're buying big green candles get big red dildos so you know what what you do get here in these uptrends is a fallback for to the 20 to hold a support you can see you've melted through it potentially you start running to a level resistance and failed to break this eye at 109 and fail to get up to that impulsive wave you could see that retest of this yellow line which is a 20 okay where you could see a retest of the zero three to 85 cents that would actually look quite bad for people but as long as you dear twitter structural support and don't fall any lower then this larger abc correction which i see a lot of technical analysis are calling for this is off the table okay it's off the table because personally i think you've got your a b c correction done and dusted let me there you go so he gives you the upside the downside there no let's hear more upside here because i want to just move you now to this spot and let him give this part to you as well now that was understanding that we could roll back to 85 cents right if we break any of those levels then we could come back to the 70 cent range 60 some range you know in that area if we don't break these levels here in here right so whether we get up these levels or not is going to mean that we would roll back over and start testing these support areas right in these areas of support that's why some of the people were projecting we could go as low as back in the 20-some cent range right but he doesn't feel that that's going to happen so now let's listen to the upside of what we could be looking at if we hold everything from there to that local top just there let's have a look and say look we've just broken out of that just there and then literally you can see potentially you know xrp not financial advice but if we go through a very similar run here like we did for this local top you could be looking at xrp breaking above the 20 here and continuing coming up to almost actually that's a little bit lower there isn't it's around about there like that coming up to the high getting rejected coming back down to the five everyone shits himself but you're looking at continuation and looking at our next impulsive wave up there and you could potentially be there by sort of october which is almost a couple of months away isn't it september october yeah it's a couple of months away um so who knows crystal ball but this could be a play but along the way it's going to be bumpy don't be disillusioned with it not being bumpy it's going to be a bumpy ride that's a big thing to keep in mind with us it's going to be bumpy there's going to be some up and down it won't be just parabolic but not that ripple or i'm sorry not that xrp can't go parabolic because it's done it before listen here unless unless you know i don't know what i'm talking about and it just takes off into space and we'll get left behind down there but again you know if it does start to do that mel faces it's not relatively healthy to be honest with you for such a large market cap to move like that the only way i think it would move like that is if um the sec come out with some uh positivity you know the case that came out a bit of positivity and that really does sum it up and that's where i'm at too you factor in while we're looking at this while uh ripple is opening up new corridors that can take advantage of the native asset xrp to the xrp ledger there which is a decentralized exchange for the world and all the money of the world right so you take him in mind that not only that but if we see a resolution to the case in september the way uh bit boy has suggested that he's hearing right or even if it goes into the first part of next year which is not far away think of this and then legislation maybe possibly by the end of the year if they can get that done in the house and then back over to the senate to approve any changes right this could be a perfect storm for an amazing explosion for xrp price and i think that's where you start looking at the eight you know they're showing 4.55 here just on regular moves now if we get past any kind of this news and legislation that we're talking about here i don't see any reason why we could be staring between a 10 and 20 xrp that everybody talks about so often that's it for me before i get out of here i do want to tell you guys link to make sure you check them out you got to stay on point the stuff goes very very quickly lin check them out if you're not accredited see if you are they have to you can click and find out if you are accredited a lot of people are don't realize that they are so make sure you check it out there's great stuff in there uphold we're talking about link to stock we're talking about uh ripple we're talking about kraken and so many other companies that they carry there so make sure you check all those out and i'll catch all of you on the next one

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