Riseup VPN – Best Free VPN Service for Torrenting or Anything Else.

yo what up guys my name is Dell and
today I'm bringing you something you guys have been asking for for quite a
while and sorry it took me so long but here it is this is a free VPN service
that's right it's a legitimate free VPN service that you don't have to pay for
and it actually works now we're gonna get straight into it and then we're
gonna answer a bunch of questions at the end of the video so stay tuned alright
so number one you're gonna want to open up your web browser you're gonna head on
over to rise up net once you're that rise up done that guys you're gonna want
to head on over to the VPN tab section once you're in the tab section for the
VPN you can read all the documentation that they have for you guys
for instance they explain what a VPN is the limitations all this other stuff and
how they're able to bring you this service for free on top of that we're
gonna go straight down to the bottom and we're gonna look for the download rise
of VPN this VPN service is for Linux Mac OS Windows and your Android operating
system so you're able to use it for all these different platforms what we're
gonna do is we're gonna download it for our operating system which is windows
and that's the one I use personally once we're here we're gonna navigate a little
bit down and we're gonna hit the installation button so we're gonna
download it and we're going to click this button and start installing now
since I already have it installed I don't need to reinstall it again but
don't worry about it guys this does not come with any edit bloatware no extra
loops no extra things so it's straight clean installation alright so once you
have that guys installed you're going to want to look for your rise of VPN
desktop icon if one does not get produced then just go and find for your
newly installed software on your operating system and then just drag it
and drop it onto your desktop aside from that guys though the VPN should be
originally turned off once you finally start it up so we're just going to
double click it you guys are gonna be like well what happened nothing happened
well that's because rise of VPN actually runs down here
your little task permit section where you have your hidden icons so we're
going to navigate to the bottom of our task bar we're gonna go to the right
hand side and we're going to click up on the show hidden icons arrow now right
here you're going to see a little stop sign with a hand this is going to be our
rise up icon and we're gonna click it with a left-click you're going to see
this little menu pop up it's really plain and simple we're gonna want to
reconnect it so once we click reconnect you guys can see that it turns into a
little shield it's yellow and when it's fully activated you're going to see a
green icon with a checkmark on it there it is guys our VPN is now active and
usable now on side from that just in case you guys do not want to use your
VPN or you want to go back to normal internet speeds just turn off the bpn
you're gonna want to head back to the little icon
you're gonna left click it and just turn it off feel free to donate to these guys
for doing a great awesome service to they're freakin awesome for providing
this for everyone that wants to use it okay but so pretty much aside from that
guys we're going to do one last thing and we're gonna show you that this
service actually does work and the way we're gonna do that is we're gonna go
and find our external IP address and let me just this okay so we're gonna hop
onto one of these websites that show us our external public IP address and if
you guys can see it's popping out one-one-one 109.5 blah blah blah so this
is not my actual original IP address that is provided by my service provider
but this is the one that's being used by Raisa
so that's pretty much it we are now for sure making sure that it works for you
guys to be able to test this make sure to turn off your your rise of VPN go to
my external IP address anywhere on Google see your original external IP
address and then turn on rise of VPN and then see how it changes if it does
change then you know for a fact that it is working
okay cool so that's pretty much it guys that's all it is to installing it and
using Raisa VPN right now we're gonna go into a little bit of QA or some
questions that I know you guys are going to ask so make sure to stay tuned for
this part because you might not need to ask these again now if there is any
questions that I do not answer in this part make sure to write them in the
comment section below or hop on to the discord server and connect with the
community where we can help each other and if anyone else knows what people are
asking feel free to answer them thank you guys so much alright so number one
guys is pretty much what is the difference between a paid VPN service
and an ion papian service like rise up VPN well there is no difference in the
actual service that it provides which is encryption over the Internet
that's what all the pn service providers do provide that is the basic fundamental
the essentials and in that sense there is no difference between a paid service
and a non paid service now where there is a difference is that the paid
services tend to come with extra features that non paid services do not
come with that normally would be for instance customer server support or
extra added features for instance like kill switches easy navigations GE wise
other things that you really really don't need in a VPN but that are cool to
have or ease of use kind of theme for people that don't know what they're
doing okay so aside from that one of the
beneficial things for a PvP and services some do come with a kill switch a kill
switch is kind of important sometimes because if your VPN does fail then your
your internet if it doesn't provide with a kill switch it will expose your IP
address that's one kind of thing that is kind of cool about the paid ones what
does not really needed if you know what you're doing okay so aside from all that
guys the next question is going to be um will
it slow down my internet well the thing is yes all VPNs will slow down your
internet and they are not as fast as a direct connection to your internet
service provider so whenever you use a VPN no matter which one it is no matter
if it's a high paid one or a free one it will slow down you and it's somewhat
because it is bouncing the connection from one server to another server and
directing you back and forth instead of a straight shot to your ISP to where you
need to go so yes they do tend to slow you down almost all the time now
the next thing is going to be do I need to keep on my BP and do it does it
always need to be running well no if you're using this retorting and I'm
assuming that you're using this for torrenting or for other stuff no you
don't always need to use your pen you can turn it off as soon as you're done
downloading your things for your torrents or whatever you're using for as
soon as you're done doing those things that you're using it for you can turn
off your reap en and just use the normal internet service provider connection
without no issue and I highly recommend you don't always keep it on because it
could actually slow down your internet and you don't want that okay so the next
question is can I trust my VPN service provider and the real answer to this is
technically no you really can't trust any VPN service provider depending on
what they say because they will all pretty much tell you that they will
encrypt your data keep your data safe but as we have seen there has been many
interest I mean I'm sorry there has been many bpn service providers that have
given up their customers information now we should believe those that have a good
track record and we should trust those that have never really given up any
information make sure to study though the VPN diligently before you end up
going with one and using it so that we you guys don't get pretty much surprised
when the feds come knocking and what I mean at the Fed FBI comes
knocking at the door and then they hand over all your information so yes you
could trust some and you can trust none but it's probably wisest to say to
really never fully put your trust in all of them because at the end of the day
they can always just hand over their information but there is good people out
there so keep that in mind and aside from all that guys this is pretty much
the quick Q&A for this section hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if I didn't
really answer any of the extra information that you guys probably have
questions etc make sure you leave those in the comments and then I'll get to
them as soon as possible if there's a ton of questions and I'll probably
remake this video with all those questions applied to the video but aside
from that I'm pretty sure these are the most basic ones that you're gonna ask so
stay tuned guys make sure to always use this VPN oh by the way guys if you're
watching my tutorials on torrenting make sure to use Raizel VPN instead of any of
the other ones that I suggested and we'll be making a new video on
torrenting pretty soon what I do use rise up as the standard VPN that we're
gonna be using now I recommend all you guys to switch over to rise up just to
show them support and on top of that to pretty much make sure people understand
that there is a community out here that does care about their privacy so aside
from all that guys peace out hopefully you guys enjoyed this video remember
rise up net VPN service for you always stay curious guys peace

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