Set up a Free VPN in minutes with Google Cloud and OpenVPN

use the shortened url to 
setup your google cloud server   your also going to want to 
download the OpenVPN App   your VPN will be set up and 
running on whatever device you use   in just a few minutes like you see right here   log in or activate your google 
cloud account if you need to  alright your now ready to configure your google 
cloud server rename this instance if you like  to use the free tier on google cloud select 
the f1-micro size with a location of east,   west, or central – number 1 
to qualify for that free tier  this is not the only instance I have on this 
account so I don't qualify for the free tier,   you can select other locations if you want 
your internet traffic to appear as if it is   coming from one of those locations  everything else is pretty much configured 
so you can go ahead and deploy this instance after only a few seconds, the server is ready and   OpenVPN is installed. Notice your default 
username is : openvpn and your default password   was generated.

Copy that default password 
and select "log in to the admin panel"  get past the redirect notice 
… and past the ssl notice.  log in using "openvpn" and the 
default password that you copied.  alright , You are in. Don't worry about the activation keys, 
just go to the VPN settings, scroll down to   where it says "should client internet 
traffic be routed through the VPN?"  select "Yes"
Now go to the bottom and save.  Now lets add some users.
Under user management, select user permissions.  To add a new user, type in a username and select 
the "allow autologin" and under "more settings"   add a new password. Don't forget to save   and update the running server.  To get to the user dashboard, remove 
everything after the numbers on the URL.   You can sign in with the user 
account that you just created.

Download the OpenVPN App to whatever 
device you are going to be using it on.   At the bottom of the page, 
you'll download your "autologin   profile" have that downloaded to any 
device you want to use this VPN on. On the OpenVPN App, select "file" and 
select the file you just downloaded.   This will automatically log you in 
and it will work as your credentials.   That's it. Your VPN is active and all your internet 
traffic is being routed through it.   You can also sign in using the credentials you 
created and the IP address from the server.

From the admin panel, you can 
see which devices are connected,   block devices, change passwords, and add users. The last thing you might want 
to do is set a static IP.   Go to your settings, and under VPC Networking,   under Networking you'll see VPC Networking 
and under that set your external IP address..

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