what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first sidemen sunday of 2021 however unfortunately due to the restrictions in the uk at the moment revolving around coronavirus we have been placed in a tier 4 system and we couldn't film the video that we wanted to film for the first video of the year however what we have put together is something absolutely incredible we are going to be spending 100 000 on each other online each of the sidemen will be assigned one person to buy for every sideman will have five minutes just five minutes to buy for the other person if they go over the total amount which is 10 448 pounds and 12 pence then that means that that person gets nothing they go bust so here it is guys i hope you guys are excited for this video everybody has their five minutes it's go time 10 448 pounds 12 pence each let's go however today's sidemen sunday would not be possible without our sponsor expressvpn expressvpn allows you to re-route your connection to another country so it looks as if you're accessing the internet from that country now why would you want to do that well streaming services such as netflix and amazon prime restrict content based on your location so by changing your location you can access thousands of new shows perfect for lockdown 3.0 over christmas myself and the boys used expressvpn to watch fred claus only available on the us version of netflix it couldn't be easier to use just fire up the app on your computer or tv select a location hit connect refresh the page and there it is and it's not just for entertainment expressvpn also encrypts your data to keep it safe let's say you're surfing the internet and you're looking up something that you don't want anyone else to see now you probably think if i just go and then kill needle mode i'm all good but you're wrong even if you're using incognito mode or clearing your browser history your internet service provider can still see exactly what websites you're visiting as they're required by uk law to keep your data for at least a year that's why myself and all the boys use expressvpn when we go online and we'd recommend that you guys do the same so if you want to get three months of expressvpn protection for free and watch all the shows you want go to forward slash sidemen do you want to find out you've got me i'm nervous as anything man nervous nelly right here this is tough five minutes and it's a lot to spend okay let me find out who you have got toby you my friend yes i do you have josh you're only gonna got the man the myth the legend the knowledge the strength the integrity yes oh right okay so that means i can get my friends some really cool gifts right yeah let's go bro i've got anxiety my eyes through the roof right because the main thing is i just don't want to like this person like there's a lot a lot of money here i don't want to put to waste oh no oh this is stress i'm not i'm going to dog okay guess what josh guess what josh ethan start the timer your person is ethan and your time starts now go go go oh [ __ ] okay okay oh um uh oh but okay why are you panicking your pal is fixture one two three oh that means i can't be mean and your time starts now go go go go go come you are buying four three two one simon minter time starts in three two one you should know everything that he needs this isn't you and simon i'm not his girlfriend bro shut up remember what's he buying bugs [Laughter] [Music] okay oh my okay i'm fighting for toby this is tough all right straight on to harrens um because if we've got a budget to blow this is where we go are you looking looking for i'm looking for an outboard what oh my an outpouring wait uh i'll porn you oh my god a porn owl porn i can't spell talia talia what does uh what does minnie minto like what is simon like please tell me anything all right i'm sending a voice note okay uh uh oh god uh he likes uh he likes pokemon i iphone i've heard i've been 12.

I don't know i don't have one of those please do bye hey whoever's got me if you're listening no way that's not what that's not is that it is it that's it yeah yeah [Music] [Applause] well you've got the money bro the money's in your hands uh just like music music i'm gonna go give me sonos get my whole sonar set up oh i don't want kicks what what's this 700 pounds bro how do okay how do i search on this website bro it's booty you don't search for search bro accessories men accessories bro wait a minute wait buy anything well i'm trying but it's got to be big enough just put it in the body how is that our point what the [ __ ] is that oh you know what [ __ ] it it's in the basket 20 of your time is gone you have three minutes 50 left just get it all by sort my price stop my price you just gotta get it in the basket bro that's what we gotta do oh that one oh yes that's a good fight okay buy one buy another one and a basket oh i'm shaking it's nerve-racking how much you want already i don't know you tell me he likes to wear a suit um looks good in his suit i might add do you know his sizes do you know sizes no but you know what you can get with a suit always you can get cufflinks and we could get some swagging cufflinks expensive things what expensive gifts uh this dude is floppin bro what the [ __ ] is he going to do with a ring a drone bro heavy drone supreme no wait you need to do shoes getting those yeezys that he's got the the thing he runs what ones oh yes this is this this large please it have that late this website takes forever to load hey yo i found the spanish spanish spanish five seconds relax relax well why don't you just go on amazon and type sonos i should do that you're right thank you so nice disney x donald duck what's that one say i don't know but wait one second how many of these do you reckon even with one let's go back to the cup at least at least at least he would wonder at least ten of these i think wait so ten he was ten in less than a minute damn what the [ __ ] is that only two left in stock jeez that's a basket thank you wait why is everything in dollars oh except why is it here [Laughter] okay harris knows me and my swag all right paying for you know look at him okay okay that's easy there come on okay buy four vic what you want all right buy a four [ __ ] um an ipad an ipad sure sold by a price okay what do we like here i feel like he's not a gold guy he's a silver guy the cartier what do you think harry i reckon yes mate those are sick they are sick they're like are they are they tobe jizzles it last one it's the last one bro i'd take it yeah all right bang bang what get him a polaroid as well why not justice photographer oh my gosh josh is a photographer a7s come on three good ideas please be here it's the mark 3 here oh my god sony sony sony sony sony sony uh oh my god no bro i'm getting a magikarp i'm getting my i'm getting reverse hollow magic cop yes engraving should i get engraving on it yeah yeah like yeah quick you need the inches and then from minter [Music] from real pals sidemen oh nice nice save so i just want you to know that you've used a minute 20.

What oh my god speed um where is it where is it it was it's not that yes this schematics print hoodie i feel like this is the probe gizzle vibe we'll get that in a medium i think is toby diesel bolt cutters mate why not bro you're just getting a supreme [ __ ] 500 pounds 500 pounds on oh saying trainers what trains were they they're the yeezy just go type in yeezys bro go yeezys and then scroll down bro why is there not squashing how much time do i have how much time do i have one pedicab you have three minutes a second i don't want the cookies oh here we go giant squares sort of the right one bro quite a little [Music] ebay what what does he need what i don't know what uh um electronics electronics okay let's go on electronics what the [ __ ] is this [Music] [Laughter] you did i'm asking randy i'm asking around okay how long have we got how long have we got you've got you're chilling actually you're not too bad you've got another three minutes twenty so okay uh amazon uh gift ideas um oh there is treadmill okay how do i buy it shop right bye bye expire this one shop please tread bait yeah jeez oh simon is it right she's surprised he's right okay okay okay okay okay uh damn she [ __ ] you want a bag oh how much is that three thousand eight hundred oh my god put it in the pasta bar online come on dress ups yes yes yes yes yes yes yes pre-order okay all right cool continue shopping all right what else what else oh josh uh oh my god all right h samuel let's get him some jewellery that star what's i see though oh [ __ ] nose oh [ __ ] him off a nine ten oh this is easy money easy money surely what apple apple what are you just going to get my phone bro you've got enough of two you're already buying them you've got two phones in the last two weeks macbook bro [Music] i've got peas right this yeah i think that's that's pretty tobas i don't think he has a designer suitcase i could be wrong but hey you can never have too many okay the bag's flying up right now what are you on what are you on um we are on three 3k earlier oh you're nearly halfway what you're choking you're literally choking my no oh my god bro i can't do this this is mad bro buy him a west ham kit or something why this would be gas you know if someone just bought us cards i'm gonna go psa 10 bro and then is there like highest wow there's a beerus at the top 75.

So get rid of the get rid of the scene dragon ball dragon ball yes they done tyler's replied she said he wants a bin she said he wants a bin all right get a nice bin the most i've been bin search most expensive to least expensive do you stop by getting getting my premium bin 5k what's that 5k i'm getting my i can get my composter should i get a composting bin no i don't get one of these stops this pendant is sick yeah josh will like that just like that get two grand onto the total at the back man united lego trust trump let's go bro bro bro trust me okay i might be tripping but is that not kind of sick that is sick that you know that do we find that that is why that's actually sick and it's the content he can build it himself for a video he can like have it up like that's kind of that's yeah you know what you know when you stop gassing up just bite just [ __ ] out okay um we'll back order that one this bag right here is this a bag why is there not a bag there's a bag yeah all right that's nice what else what else what am i out what am i uh cameo what happened to eye nubbers yes yes yes yes all right listen i think i smashed this i'm not allowed to go over how much of i spent oh my god i don't even know oh my god keep keep keep spending though bro wait no give me the iphone 12 max three bags oh yeah two point nine eight bags oh my god add it to the basket that's what i need you i need you to add it to the basket oh bro there's just so much would you want this score he's having it uh what else i love this add yeah that's two that's that's one thousand four hundred pounds go up go up it's like the council been got that one the youtube one two amazon amazon one one minute 45 seconds is the iphone on amazon yes of course it is everything's done one minute forty five i want the balenciaga thing i want the i want the shoes uh sandals one minute forty to go okay i'm gonna load up this too it's argos i thought okay guys my internet is not allowed me to be quick i want mac and i want the [ __ ] big thing i want the imac pro oh man oh i [ __ ] this you know what i'll get my zone what's that belt amazon belt you know what tobe jizzle is a charitable guy um i don't think he'd be mad uh charitable donations for the rest of this we've got oh i'd be pissed yeah i know you would be but i don't know so um we're gonna go we're gonna choose four help me help you get him i don't know get him like a chain or something get him an ipad an ipad yeah apple products are always good and overpriced okay okay wait um growth you said small things yeah get small bits and bobs on amazon's type anything okay small bits and tight small bits and bobs can have okay yeah this just can you search expensive things on amazon it's like they're such a expensive things yeah it didn't come up yeah that one this one magnetic book cover bro you've got a minute 25 one minutes for two points what else can we buy one that's nice two for one if you recycle there we go bang okay that's 100 oh no right here you have two two and a half minutes yeah get on there you can you can do gifts for men you can there's a thing on the top how much time i've gone you have two minutes left two minutes amazon it's always good uh it's backwards how much money i spend 1.4 in here four in there go through nine your heart you've only spent half of it come on get busy two gopros why not oh my god what else do you need memory cards iphone 12 pro max look graphite 512 gig look at that oh damn okay paying for applecare on top yeah add that okay oh god okay uh gifts for him a table lamp would you want a table lamp probably not oh god a fountain pen no a bowl mange oh no a stat about a bell but a bella beast globe look at that that's a banger that is that is pretty sick to be fair and it's a grand all right last one last one it goes all gadgets are there just go with mankind you got what have you what have you got there oh my god oh my god oh my god i got sex toys how many um donate now um so um i'm gonna double this so i'm gonna pick six thousand four charities and i'm gonna do um one thousand each one i'm gonna double it so it's not just like him that's done it so it could be 3 000 to crisis so we'll donate that we'll fill that out yeah okay get all the accessories as well get like um get like an apple pen and [ __ ] all of that stuff yeah um apple products uh what else can you get him wait let me do high to low high to low ah screw it he's got a new iphone get him some sunglasses remaining one minute one sec randy randy randy right okay okay all right all right randy said he wants this it's a psa 9 hollow swirl light arcanine okay bang buy it now buy it now buy now continue got a magikarp an arcade in the bin so 3 600 oh no ah um harry 40 seconds 6k to go i'm getting him a vespa i'm getting in my best back milker i want to get milka what's happening you've got i think you've still got something else in there you've still got gadgets in this one oh [Music] something old something for an old man a walking stick oh my god an airborne it's on amazon no no it's not just getting more walking out now and walking about 46 seconds 46 seconds this and this and this and i'll smash this out of the park here and i want to go with i want to go with that and i want to go with i want to go with that and add to bag well wait uh what can i take off of it then or we'll have it how much of the bandanas maybe wait so should i get rid of this spender though i'll give it yeah for that one okay maybe maybe like a couple of concerts maybe eight or seven great ormond street okay no no no that's a nice one that's all right one off donations and these these i'll pop up these on screen just to show they have been done do you need three thousand you've got you've got a minute left pick your choice pca thank you jerry you pick your channel's pca that's gonna be another three come on load we don't have time for this oh wait toilet paper all right simon simon is severely under budget simon andre andre 45 rolls 54 rolls that was the only one skin kind one no no no this one yeah okay uh why does it keep making me stop salvation oh yeah that'd be sick i don't know how much i've done 38 pounds that's it what do i buy what do i but i don't bring my internets will let me do it i have seven i have two and a half right and then these these are heat bro so this is a shopping bag oh you've got 37 seconds yeah yeah that's con there's gone oh do you know what actually he does want 10 right i don't think he does i think he wants 10 brandon arpagio i'll get him a little red one where are you you have you have 20 seconds left oh no there's a white one there there's a white one down there where was the white where's the white one this one uh down further down further down the paper boys get loads of people xbox it's xbox there's next box bro you've got 30 seconds you're approaching 30 seconds so i can get is two no you can do another two 30 seconds now bro 30 seconds down oh my god they're all just sold out [Music] okay you have less than 30 seconds 25 seconds um i play station five it's all right they're sold out everywhere oh my god they're just oh my i'll get a controller what's going on if it doesn't go through they're getting the money they ain't getting their money oh no wait are you mad are you actually mad wait there's sides down there no um okay okay you've got 20 seconds left to find your last charity you're trying to say hey christian aide yes good shot for toby bang yes there we go right in there um there we go what you get as well bro where do [Laughter] know what it's actually kind of sick i'm getting that one getting that one you've got in the basket all right and then last but not least mm7 education oh she's running out of time i'm running out of time come bucket dive become three [Music] one time stop stop stop stop stop stop stop right check out there's everything to think about this i don't think you're sure he wants them and then check out what's you're telling me that he doesn't want this dragon ball card uh 10 no no i'm not sure okay but don't worry i've already got the bag sorted on this one and then oh there you go yes we're in we're in no time you have no time [Music] look at those poor puppies faces mate they're going to miss out on 3k donate now give once give one just try it done done 400 pounds yeah i love it how many how many was there was that one it was 12 that was 12 balls this one looks nice wait that one's small this one this one this one this one i'm getting some healing education education what's that one so i got timer where is it where is it going it's m7e bro it's m7e you pulled a jj you [ __ ] jj no no no no i'm trying to give you money to the kids ah am i out of time you ran out of time bro but you don't want to allow it you will allow it support us today 15 seconds apple watch amazon apple watch amazon apple watch eight seven six five five four three that's about two is we've got 565.

Yeah yeah 2.5 that's safe all right who's the tip for i'm not tipping what am i tipping well you're up a tippu josh you had ten point four no that's just me no you have spent well over oh nine oh nice nice and 950 pounds harry has been nice well and truly by you very nice that is a big big you got something like that that's a 500 pounds oh god you have six you succeeded you got madrasco oh what the [ __ ] oh it's not looking sick it's actually enough i thought it was a walking stick oh my gosh it actually looks like a walking cane oh no it is it is look at the bottom it is boys he's got a treadmill yeah that's sick though i don't know if there's room i don't know if there's room in his flat for treadmills going outside for a run right now it's cold that's not he's great he's got space he's got space for a treadmill bro he's rich i hope he likes it okay that was a roller coaster that you know what that i would have felt really bad as well if i got all the shopping stuff done and just couldn't get the cherry stuff done in time but i think toad will appreciate that i'm doubling it up so there we go there's there's 12k to some great causes right there i'm exhausted yep and then uh for the for the good for the gucci uh bandanas 3350.

And do you know what i've suddenly realized ladies and gentlemen that i think i may have gone over the budget thank you oh old dratz oh yeah i mean i mean maybe not maybe not well do you know how much you spent okay simon please let me know what i've got for my friend you have spent a grand total of 14 000. oh no oh wait so so simon does that mean that poor ksi gets nothing so he doesn't get these gucci donald duck headbands oh oh [ __ ] please please how spent eleven thousand i'm kidding oh my god my heart dropped you jesus oh oh my god oh my god well done bro you like that picture oh jesus i don't know i panicked and i thought i thought it'd be funny it's funny it's [ __ ] hilarious but how do i even get it here what do i do where do i put it i've got nowhere to put it i don't know why oh hell 3 300.

Oh okay okay okay you actually got okay i did all right what the the macbook saved you on the iphone yeah yeah yeah yeah iphone macbook i got some new 2020 official west ham united merchandise mr minter you're spending a grand total of eight wow point seven what are you you know what what that was surprising like 5k 6k wow wow yeah now you smashed that you actually back like you fully banged that damn [ __ ] all right well you didn't enjoy your presents for me sorry sorry card there you go oh i'm sorry first one i'm sorry for being a knob no no this one's look i have four ksi oh my god ksi i have four things to say sorry sorry sorry and wait i went over but i went over the budget wait wait wait wait for creature was [ __ ] [Laughter] wait you're not putting anything in it no i can't bother uh he's got a card he has got a card to be fair that's he was going to get 10 crowds of stuff he got he got an insult he got told his song was [ __ ] bro i don't want to be in that call when he finds out for his car but lads were stuck inside he can't do anything i live with him i'm not gonna lie i've got a bit red because i think you might beat me up howdy ladies and gentlemen it's been a few days some gifts have arrived and unfortunately because it's corona season some are delayed so what we're doing is we are simply showcasing each other partially amounts of the gifts that we've received good morning good morning however if you want to see the gifts that do arrive at a later date follow the sidemen instagram because we'll show you them on there however who wants to go first random wheel yeah i like that okay wait wait one second click to spin that's good 10 years that's good i might have gone over budget and you might not have anything yeah he wouldn't do that toby wouldn't go bust he's a money man i was very close i was very close jj was pushing me as well i was so close i tried only three of your presents have turned up okay i'm gonna start with the cheapest one i'm gonna tell you where it is yeah three out of one two three four five six seven eight eight he's still going you got died yeah oh you're still going all right okay so your first present is um a walking stick it was 89 pounds and it doubles up as a what jj what was it uh an a porn an alporn what's an alport a what an outpouring an outpost an hour yeah it doesn't matter we all know what i meant is do you want me to show you do you want me to show you oh so we've technically kissed let's move away from this let's move away from this why are you telling people about last week let's keep trying let's keep it moving your second game is okay star wars all right i'm losing i'm actually gonna live josh i got you a sonos arc which is like a little sub speaker that goes underneath your tv yeah that was quite expensive but that hasn't turned up i can see he's very sweaty he's unhappy he's unhappy i'm not happy he's jealous it's jess i don't know i just wish i just wish he spent over the amount it was so close because the sub hasn't turned up i got you a sonos amp okay cool oh it just has been nice this is what oh so you didn't even need it just keep it video just keep it all right you hold on to it rich friendship uh next up you got uh a new iphone iphone 12 but that's not here then i spent two grand at tiffany's what are you what oh he's about to stew your girl it wasn't a present for you it's a pendant for you it's for you it should be for him and finally josh the president i was gutted i didn't get it it actually turned up this morning by mr delivery sony a7s mark iii oh let me just get the person josh brought forth done get that nice one out of the way do you not want me to spin the wheel [Music] oh oh no okay i'll be honest um hobie you're a man of very good taste okay when put under the pressure in the spotlight um i really had to curatedly choose things for you that i thought you would actually like and if i've messed this up that's even worse but um let me just begin let me just be like you're talking a lot you have to actually give a warning i'm nervous now you're you're you know a stylish guy you like to wear black and you like to travel so i thought why not get you a beautiful off-white suitcase very very nice little little off-white suitcase that's cold as well i love that yes it's very you i look for things that i thought were very you and i'm glad you came wearing a black hoodie today because i have copped you another one i saw this in in uh harrods and when i saw it i was like that's a bit of toby and then the video came up and i was like perfect i then thought okay so hobie likes wearing a suit looks very good in his suit he's turned up to many a side note shoot in a suit so i thought well if you're wearing a suit what do you also need every man needs a good set of oh okay so we went with the cartier and where do you see these bad boys they are the panther and they've got if it focuses they've got green eyes that light up when it's green they've got green gemstones in the eyes i i'm gonna try and get this to focus hold up if i get out put your hand behind it like a makeup tutorial there [Applause] wait you sure that's real cartier [Applause] um they were i think they were sixteen hundred um so at this point at this point i've gone sixteen hundred okay yeah magically it's just me and toby um during the heat of the uh excitement i forgot to show him one of his gifts so we're getting the reveal right here right now it's a bit of a weird one but i hope you like it toby you're a man united fan so i got you this oh oh that's sick right a little set i thought so because you get to you have something to do you get to build it and then it actually is it's pretty pretty serious there's the perfect lockdown that's a 3d lego thing yeah yeah you build it you'll build that there you go i'm going to i'm going to stream myself down there don't want to that that is [ __ ] sick and i'll be honest this is this takes us to four minutes because i was looking around i was like trying to pick curated things that were your style um i was getting harry's expert opinions so my opinion at this point was i would be fuming if anyone did this for me um so then i was i had like roughly 6 000 left and what i wanted to do i actually needed more money than that so i decided to double the 6000 with six thousand of my own so the last thing i wanted to do was gonna cost twelve thousand pounds um and if you open up if you guys will open up uh general chat right now i'll i'll show you what it was um everyone got it open yeah he's gonna buy me something worth 12 here we go bang i hope you don't mind i had a minute left oh and this is what i went for oh [ __ ] okay there we go oh yeah i matched the rest of the part yeah so it's not just i'm spinning the wheel again guys i'm spinning the wheel but i am worried now all right next person is harry wait so this is harry buying foursome no no president receiving yeah you could open them on camera for us so you can talk us through it well you deliver them to me oh i think when you hand deliver them man you got covered alison did that i didn't do that all right um starting off here we've got this little number yeah which cal freezie has opened a few of these because i was like what is it so you open them check that they're what they are this is what is this i've just remembered what he's got wait you need lube for a ana he's got me a box of yugioh i'll have you know from josh they have expensive boxes bulk they are in it they how much the box like three hundred four hundred quid i think yeah oh there's actually a this is a banger yeah he only just realized ancient millennium foreign thank you very much mate he's got me a book called a diary of a [ __ ] [ __ ] oh my god which which has got like commie stains on it that's the one he hand delivered because it looks like it's really good but i'm going to keep this thank you very much diary for you bro no no i'm no i'm can i ask why josh just just because you felt like you felt like it you've been browsing that one yeah he's a com [ __ ] so is this a [ __ ] butt plug bro did you get in my backpack what is this [Laughter] lie unless you've got quite a lot of stuff in there i think about this oh there's loads of stuff there what is it what is it oh no his face does it what is it what is it that's pain what is it how people look how many [ __ ] condoms he got me oh how much how much it's like 300 quid jesus that's already done supply is it not is it not 100k and also for the worst thing is the name of them is london rot and red bro it says rot on them no it's london red i think it's wrong jesus deserves stud yo if you go through all those condoms you've completed sex i think that might block him a girl's like you're ready you pulled out the bag they're like no no oh this i do like this i do like what's this massager oh it's a dildo can we come back to this i do like it oh oh no i'm not though he's got me two gopro nines he redeemed himself and he has pulled it back yeah that's probably like a mix and match there's two there's two big ones yeah there's some they're right this is something else oh don't wait why are you laughing at that um i'm worried about harry look how red in the face is good how much you know what thank you very much 800 pounds it's how much 800 pounds that would go clean your whole room for you thank you very much josh i appreciate that my room is not that big oh dear this is great though oh no i'm worried oh no wait no i don't think it's what it is no it's not what it is i thought it was a ps5 it's not it's not a ps5 it's not a ps5 oh oh my god this is the beauty whole thing it's not even that it's called the supermilker i put my dick in it oh two smooth penis cylinders one textured penis cylinder a penis head nippling clitoris oh god bro oh gosh well there should be another one that's arrived though you know is that i'm going to amazon though not amazon there's nothing else josh that's all we've got is it downstairs all right all right so after my little wilderness on amazon i thought you know what i need to try and like spend some money for you okay to start looking for some more expensive websites oh right so i thought i'd uh splash some cash on some nice branded stuff for you oh you got in the box 800 pounds very good scales [Laughter] a god there is a god it is a new one are they there is a god because he doesn't just buy one how much is that my boy bro he's like four in a bit nice but do you know why he's got me one because mine's crack down the middle yeah oh i wonder why that is you wouldn't have happened to have stood on it would you or would you put your foot on it would you yeah you don't you don't you do do that a lot oh no no no usually out of the foot rest i thought you know foot rest basically on a plane thank you ever so much wow and obviously guys do you know what we've had some really really nice ones haven't so far yeah yeah that will great so gonna spin it like that again the other three nice people gone yeah oh vic is next bada bing bada boom oh oh oh receiving yeah yeah steven me okay all right i'm okay with this uh a couple of amazon packages should have arrived for you there's there's a there's a there's a few there's a good few oh well open the market so i start with the amazon yeah do one from each bottle whoa whoa whoa now whoa now that's a good deal come on one from each other oh no come on one for me as well they're a little shocked look at that that's regulation [Laughter] one more for the road you have to do a shot from every bottle bruh nah he's done wait [Applause] this is my vibe [Music] oh there's anal beads craft hobby set you know locked inside and that yeah we'll do a little thing come on after a couple more shots of tequila here we go how many tequilas do i have to drink nick i'm not gonna lie to you this was very i have 16 seconds left yeah i'm just going to take it it's a hail mary it's a hail mary book just yes yeah sorry sorry sorry wait is surely you didn't just buy him tequila no no no no no no [Laughter] oh my god oh my god what the box is funny watching him fiddle around [Laughter] 15 18 19.

I'll be honest the 12 pack i thought was one bottle until ethan and josh pointed out but i still left it though oh yeah oh yeah locked down bro bam my building concierge is going to think i'm a hoarder you have really bad times on the toilet okay there's one more box oh where's it from the burberry oh okay oh so um as you know i'm not i'm i'll be honest with you as you know it was your girlfriend's birthday it was very reasonable [Laughter] upgrade words let's go i'll leave it wrapped though so it's all wrapped nicely what is it though it's it's a bag it's a burberry bag from harrods i know exactly which one it is you didn't buy it did you no no like imagine if i did the next question i have for you vic is who's your favorite celebrity oh i don't think i really have one um that's right will smith caitlyn jenner so on the way is the cameo from your favorite oh caitlyn jenner it's still on the way she couldn't get it done in time um no it also costs two grand no no no no [ __ ] off no no i'm hoping it doesn't get refunded what you've already got to say what have you got to say i don't remember exactly what the message is there's something about an engagement [Laughter] it's along the lines is that her like basic level price so she's like you want any camera for me two grand yeah yeah yeah eighteen hundred yeah your favorite so it's your favorite celebrity your favorite celebrity okay okay so in the sidemen chat yeah yeah i got vic you're using you're not using that right that one's ping no no no no i don't have the 12.

Nice okay and not only that [Laughter] and then the final present i got you one more present in february yeah you will be delivered a treadmill yes i hope you want that no that is a dub that is a dub that's okay [Laughter] so vic is off the wheel um it's time to spin that wheel even simon and jj left i already know i'm fisted i know who's left oh okay it is ethan it is me um so does whoever got for me want to reveal i was with simon so i've got a funny feeling i've got a funny feeling that my mate ksi um [Music] i've got one controller because i live alone i don't play games with anyone [Laughter] okay nice thanks bro i don't know if this is yours yeah i think i reckon i reckon you you do the other one first ethan oh oh wait what what do you mean but let me let me text you okay all right hey ksi uno reverse card uh uh you should have some things in your room uh one being a moon pig box could you please open the moon pig box oh yes oh no i just wanted you to know that uh like given the opportunity ten thousand four hundred pounds uh i'd do my best to buy some sick gifts from my mate i do i i i do remember seeing the other and hearing the movie right uh yeah oh yeah well that said that that is for you yeah and then there should be a card i think the card can't have before the card if you can just just get the card up and then sorry sorry sorry creature was [ __ ] yeah and then uh nothing in yeah so i'm unfortunately ksi unfortunately uh i actually went blasphemous uh so the gift that you're holding in your hand were out of my own money oh my god no at least i got you a card for your losses i suppose uh and a nice cuddly toy trying to warn him um we did tell him he should have when he added on no ethan when you added on the tenth bandana for four grand oh damn it you know what you're right it must have been the tenth bandana it was i added i don't know i think yeah yeah i think it was the tenth bandana i added for four grand the pc was nine grand maybe that was the wish oh yeah but just so you know you could have had 10 gucci headbands um you do actually though still have one that i paid for out of my own money um so that should be somewhere in your apartment it said it was delivered oh i'd be fine that's it that's it he was wishing us on josh by the way this is karma have you have you not got the headband yet it said it was delivered oh [ __ ] the headphone what is there a package from google jj i will have you know that it is a limited edition gucci x donald duck headband that's cool yeah out of my own money why are you trying to guess out like that's something sick that's gucci it's gucci bro and i know i know what is i know but i know i've [ __ ] it up but i've got your card and a nice cuddly toy because i'm sorry bro you told me creature was [ __ ] but can i have my gifts now please okay yeah [Music] i did say at the end of my recording he might beat me up i think he's going to beat up your presence by the sounds of things he's going to turn on him yeah ksi um if you didn't notice i went bust on purpose i [Laughter] what have i got i got you a playstation 5 controller so what wait i do have two i can put them both in give it away give it away destroy it give it to someone on the street favorite for the box man oh my god this kid has too much money he has too much money he's gonna stab himself oh my god you know you know this probably isn't even gonna damage yeah yeah i know i i realize that as well so i say stress test it's actually it's actually just fine wow jj just keep it a spare controller for yourself spare controller [Laughter] playstation 5 controller perfect from custom i bet it's still fine thank you for that all right what's next oh well i thought this is all just yours he's been piling them up all week like i don't know which ones are mine i'm guessing they're all mine yeah i i got you an action man oh that's cool oh man just got shanked he's gonna stab himself in the leg nice got shanked in the end okay yeah he's just gonna stab every single one i i've got a theme yeah i can see a theme oh oh oh [ __ ] oh no no no okay i need a new iphone let me have that is that an iphone well you keep that jj have that for yourself i do you keep it bro new i thought i will it's not mine well no it is ethan it's okay [Music] he's giving it to you because he's a nice guy thank you because i went bust what's that uh so i got you some uh west anchor chiefs oh it's sad it's sad because he really tried to even it's like he's really tried so he's he's got your iphone bro he's just right why are you not being the bigger man why are you not being the biggest i just want to take them out and show them how they work all right please don't play in your box you're gonna use them for your kids it's nice you know oh yeah you can you know blow your nose yeah you know yeah yeah yeah you could also wipe your arms [Laughter] oh my god and last but not least actually this box is quite big oh yeah yeah i got you a fitbit oh nice is that a my zone back i love it i'll actually have it's on my zone band yeah mine's awesome somewhere that band cost me six grand i got you this uh sunglasses that's cool um nah there was 35 pound amazon [ __ ] right yeah so there's 35 pounds the whole gay aside's coming back guys here he goes put the song on put the song well i mean it's not for me really is it when you see it boys when you see as long as it survives as long as it survives oh wow oh that that that yeah actually nice dude ethan even though from you know yeah actually nice is that too nice too okay the first time oh my god i've actually noticed someone no but the issue is here jj you haven't niced them because you've broken everything now except well i mean i haven't broken the good things how about if is he getting there if you want to win these items then we'll give them away or something what what is [Laughter] what would have had those you could have had them all right yeah that's it what else did you do stuff yeah what didn't arrive oh well what else didn't arrive i don't know he was that was the originator of the outpouring why was you nice this time wow why the first time [Laughter] he's like he's never going to be nice anyone ever again no i don't feel like this guy this guy is well there's there's one person left um i've already accepted it's gonna be shite minter my friend yes i got you and so the first thing i did because you're quite a hard man to buy for is i turn to the people you love so i asked your girlfriend talia said talia what have all the things in the world what does simon want what do you think she is what do you think she said i'm waiting for the punchline no no no this is no just genuinely this is i asked darling this is what she told me to get you that's what you got right so she first of all said a handbag and i said you're silly [ __ ] [Laughter] i want something for simon not for you sorry she told me to understand human oh my god she said the thing you wanted most of them in the world was that's how i think it is a bin for your bedroom oh i actually don't know this is your podcast co-host oh randolph and i said randy mate i need some help with pokemon cards what does simon want and he told me that you have had your eye on one sec where is i swear this is he told me you have had your eye on a psa9 mint hollow swirl light arcanine wait this isn't like but i couldn't get it no no it's on its way but it's coming from america so you're going to get it how much is that oh sick i was about a great i was about a bag oh guys this is [ __ ] horrible so basically at the end i i i went to make a donation with the rest of the money to um m7 education and in doing so i went over the money so we can either cancel the donation to m7 education and you get your presents or we we leave the donation to your charity they haven't been made yet but the rest of one is going underneath bro he bought me a bin and a card that i've been like it's not no it's not done yet i'm just letting you know that's the conundrum okay all right next one i said it was fine so so this is what he doesn't have he can choose if he wants to donate to his charity cat and if not then i get to people so what he can keep the first two and donate the rest or he doesn't get anything he goes over the limit wait so i can i can look right now and you've donated no nothing's gone through you i haven't made the decision have myself and you haven't made the donation i'm just saying okay anyway next up uh i was looking for pokemon cards and i was like what does simon like most in this world yeah fish so legendary collection legendary isabella i asked cause we turned off grand prix oh my god what the heck can you see this yeah that's heavy duty bro what the [ __ ] that looks like one of them touring boxes yeah oh yeah what's in this bell brewing car really confusing but it's a very expensive globe i'm talking four figure oh [ __ ] anyway it's like it rolls in here and it's like really it's like oh is it like oh it's like balanced so there you go have that mate that's such a rich people's like you'd see that in a rich person yeah there's one last present simon and i did panic on this one i will admit um you're gonna have to vlog it it's uh it's in your car parking spot what you auto traded a thing i mean i i can't show our car park oh can you not you're not so close what what's there you might have to choose and pick you might have to send pick harry you might have you got it again put it in the chat diaphragm finds out what is in the car parking spot get a picture can get pictures it's okay well it's in your car parking spot as we speak this is what you wanted to buy vic it's it's registered to your name uh but the concious have the papers oh my god oh my god no no oh that would have been sick uh it is where is this thing here it is what's the beauty i can't even link it because it's often it's off the market i don't know we're moving we don't have a car parking sport in like a week oh yeah hey a re-mapped vespa 2017 300cc standard bike is 50.

It's 300 cc you can you can go on motorways bro you'll be getting it i'm leaving i'm leaving this outside until it gets right it's rapid bro it's so quick no no no no it's in your name and everything look like yes i yeah but you can get one i don't want one i thought was a great present wait wait do you need a license to do it right that's it make the donation harry make the donation do you want the donation to just make a donation and you can have his stuff okay i yeah dale that is literally less than a magikarp that's less than two pieces of cardboard all right i rubbers come take me find it at home i'll find at home i find at home it's a beauty well it appears that we have all given the cyclists well some of us did even uh yeah yeah yeah yeah the one year that ksi decided to be nice one he's not yeah he's scarred now as well never again the one year but it was for you as well the one you decided to be nice to me to me of all people um well she's feeling right jj well i just but 2021 lives only yeah love that i suppose you've got a new phone and laptop now that's cool uh no no i'll give it to you no i don't want it [Laughter] thanks i'm a villain [Music] [Applause] [Music] bye

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