SSL VPN Automation

Hello, in this video we will be performing a demo of SSL VPN automation. We will be using Terraform to deploy the demo infrastructure in AWS Vault will be used to perform mutual TLS authentication between the VPN client and server AS3 will be used to automate the deployment of SSL VPN The entire demo environment will be deployed in AWS During the demo we will first use vault to store the SSL certificates that will be used in the demo Next we will use terraform to deploy the AWS environment, BIG-IP devices, and SSL VPN configuration Once we have deployed the demo environment we will verify the solution by using the F5 SSL VPN CLI client to connect to the demo environment In this demo environment we are using an Amazon Linux host to deploy the solution We first start by installing the necessary tools that we will use in this demo Once the tools have been installed we will clone the demo repository from GitHub First we will install Vault using a Docker container We will then configure vault as a PKI service for our SSL certificates Next we specify the terraform variables that are for our demo environment we run terraform init to install any additional terraform modules that are required after we run terraform plan to verify the tasks we run the apply command once the command completes we will have our infrastructure deployed we next deploy our VPN configuration using F5 AS3, AS3 provides a method to automate our VPN service configuration after deploying the VPN configuration we can download the F5 command line VPN client, there are also clients for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices but we are using the CLI client for our demo here you can see we are unable to connect to the backend application next we connect to the VPN service using our certificates that were created using vault.

now we are able to connect to the service Thank you very much for watching..

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