StrideLinx: Industrial VPN cloud – Manage via IOS App

The StrideLinx, secure industrial VPN, allows
for reliable connectivity to your Automation devices, but another advantage of this VPN
cloud, is how it allows for managing your account and data, from virtually any internet
connection. In effort to make this more portable there
is also a free IOS app that allows for managing your StrideLinx account, your device configurations
and viewing your data. To download the App, go to the iTunes store
and search for StrideLinx. Select to install it and once installed, select
to open the app.

You will need to enter your credentials to
log into your account. Now, here I have the two-factor authentication
setup, which adds even another layer of security to my account. Please see the video on security for more
information on how to set this up. Now that I am logged on you can see that the
app mimics the StrideLinx web based layout. By selecting here, you can view and edit users
on the account, manage the Devices linked to the account. You can also view the complete event logs
associated with the account. If you go back to devices, then you can view
of the routers connected to your account. By selecting an individual router, you can
now see the basic info on each the router. Here are all the Datalogging reports and live
monitors. Here you can make changes to the basic configuration
of the router. View the services or here manage your subscriptions. You can also edit which users have access
to this device. I do want to go back and highlight my favorite
feature of the app, viewing my datalogging from anywhere I have cell phone service.

Here is my live monitor for a couple of water
tanks. All routers provide a free 30 day trial of
the data logging feature, and if you would like, to see more information on this feature
please see the video link in the description below. If you have any questions on this or any other
feature, please feel free to comment below or call into to our support team. This video shows many of the support options
that we offer. Click here, to see more videos on our many
products, or click here, to subscribe to our YouTube channel for upcoming videos and solutions..

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