Sufshark VPN โ€“ Installation Walk-through & Review | @SolutionsReview Demonstration

hello and welcome to the solutions review demonstration as we continue our ongoing series of videos related to VPN providers to learn more about this category and see a full list of the software we've already covered please visit solutions slash VPN for now let's take a look at surf shark a VPN service based out of the British Virgin Islands that was founded in mid 2019 today this relatively new company has more than a thousand servers in 60 plus countries this network is secured with typical VPN protocols like Open VPN EPs sec i ke v2 and 256 bit AES encryption but perhaps more importantly Surf sharks $1.99 a month two year plan is one of the cheapest options in this entire category and it's not only available on all major devices and operating systems it's also available on unlimited number of them now let's walk through an installation of surf shark on a Windows desktop start by clicking the solutions review affiliate link in the description below on the signup page select your plan create an account and fill out the payment information once your subscription is activated visit the downloads page and click on the Windows app to begin once the Exe file is downloaded double-click and follow the instructions until setup is finished run the program once its installed and log into your account all that's left is to press the connect button to activate your VPN protection the surf shark platform provides access to 15 Netflix libraries a strict no logs policy a safety net kill switch a camouflage mode multi-hop options and more get started today by downloading the software via the link below for solutions review I'm Jonathan Paula thanks for watching you [Music]

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