Surface Book 2 Review: That Special Something

there's just something about the surface almost every convertible PC wants to be the surface pro every notebook should be as comfortable as the surface laptop and there's nothing quite like the surface book except of course it's sequel I'm mr. mobile and this is the surface book to review brought to you by Nord VPN the surface book to launched back in November and while I'd love to have gotten it earlier the bright side is that other reviewers have already done the hard work forming so if you want all the granular details the benchmarks and such I'll refer you to Windows central if you just want the TLDR on performance it's this there's enough power on the surface book to to run demanding titles like doom destiny 2 and Gears of War 4 very well and given the specs on the top shelf trim that I reviewed that's probably no surprise as for my own gaming testing well I mainly stuck to the classics sure make fun of me for testing a 20-18 laptop using a game made in 1995 but tie-fighter shines a light on some of my favorite things about the surface book 2 I can plug a toy stick right in without an adapter since Microsoft was kind enough to retain a couple USBA ports and even if you don't have a joystick they also come in handy for things like cameras and audio accessories you know pro things a TIE fighter is also still playable even in a brighter room than my studio thanks to the bump in contrast and max brightness this screen has gotten over the previous surface book and the speaker's flanking that display hits you with a lot of sound for their small size certainly enough to drown out the machine's occasional fan noise [Music] now even a game that's 20 years old will run down a battery so it's fortunate the surface book too has such a massive one we're talking 80 watt hours spread across the clipboard in the base which was enough on one particular day to see me through over nine hours of work with the brightness that suggested the usual mix of spotify slack and evernote and about 12 tabs open in chrome when you do have to charge it back up the system will top up the clipboard battery first followed by the face and yes the surface connect port is still magnetic in case you trip over it it's also possible to charge on the go thanks to the addition of a USB C port that supports power delivery just don't expect any miracles my 30 watt anchor power core was only able to give me a 7% boost over an hour of charging that's understandable given how much power of this machine draws but less forgivable is the lack of Thunderbolt 3 which most other devices in this class do include that omission makes for slower data throughput and it means you won't be able to use the laptop with some newer accessories regrettable on a notebook this expensive I keep saying notebook and laptop but if you spill a lot of digital link you'll appreciate the fact that the clipboard is totally independent just like last year this is the computer assuming you want to spend an extra hundred bucks you can use the surface pen to check out some artwork or sign PDFs but if the 13 inch surface book seems awkwardly huge in clipboard mode which it does then the 15 inch one feels positively preposterous for me it's much more useful to flip it around and plug it in backward which lets the base serve as a stand and also gives you access to its graphics processor the big battery and all the ports including a full size SD slot don't think I didn't appreciate that Microsoft said it had to redesign the hinge to bear the added weight of the 15-inch clipboard but I still found myself wishing for less wobble when I used it as a touchscreen on the other hand the current design lets the Machine past the one-handed opening test just barely so as usual it's a compromise my final few impressions paint the familiar picture of an iterative upgrade the keyboard is just as comfy as the last one and the lack of media controls on it are just as annoying Lapp ability is OK for a bigger machine though it is still top-heavy Windows hello is super fast on this machine maybe thanks in part to a better front-facing camera and while Microsoft sent over two very comfortable mice the surface precision and my favorite Arc Mouse for travel the book twos trackpad was smooth and precise enough that I seldom had used for either of them so should you buy it well for once it's not that hard a question to answer if you need a typical laptop for conventional work and you don't want to spend a ton then no there's no shortage of affordable alternatives most of which will be more portable than even the 13-inch surface book – these are big machines you can also find similar features in the Lenovo yoga 9 20 and the spectre x360 from HP but if you need this exact cocktail of a powerful PC with discreet graphics and a detachable pen enabled tablet I mean the surface book – really is a one-of-a-kind thing and yeah I think it's worth it even for someone like me who doesn't care about the pen and never takes off the clipboard the combination of ports with the big battery and great display and very nice attention to detail makes for an alluring alternative to the new MacBook Pro when you top it off with the bloat free build of Windows 10 and this crisp industrial design that looks like nothing else out there well I said it at the top did not there's just something about the surface and no matter what machine you use today's sponsor can help you use it to surf securely Nord VPN lets you browse privately with double data encryption and unlimited bandwidth the company doesn't log your data but it does stay available round-the-clock with 24/7 customer care you can use Nord VPN on iOS Android Windows Mac there's even a Chrome extension to secure your browsing in seconds I've been using it for about two weeks to keep my coffee shop scripting sessions safe and it's been great if you want to check it out there's a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can get 77% off a three-year plan but only if you click the link in the description Nord VPN comm slash mr.

Mobile that's mr mo bi le and a big thanks to Nord VPN for sponsoring this video folks please subscribe and share this video if you enjoyed it and let me know if you're buying a surface or something else or sticking with what you've got until next time thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends.

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