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– My name is John and today
we're gonna take another look at Surfshark VPN. (upbeat music) This VPN player has been the web's top 10. And with a host of brilliant features at better prices than most competitors, it's no wonder that
more and more consumers are choosing Surfshark. So, let's get started. On a high level, we can definitely say that Surfshark is armed to the teeth. It's got strong encryption, allows unlimited simultaneous connections, logs almost nothing, offers 24/7 live chat
for customer support, unlocks Netflix libraries, has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and has apps for major platforms, and even FireTV. We'll break this down for you in a bit, but the only downside we see so far, is that they have a weak
self-help support section.

There's a lot of good things to say about Surfshark's security
and privacy features, and we think that this is
probably one of the main reasons why this VPN is raking
in the positive reviews. These include military grade encryption, safe tunneling protocols, a kill switch, and a proven IP and DNS leak protection. Those are pretty basic
features for any VPN, but any Surfshark takes
it to the next level, with more awesome features. The first would be their
ID protection feature, Hacklock. This brilliant feature is very relevant, most especially now that
data breaches are rampant. It alerts users when their personal data like passwords are leaked. Upon receiving a notification, users be able to change their credentials, thus minimizing the damage.

Next, is their GPS Spoofing feature. And they also have multihop. Now, if you're going to ask
if this VPN works in China and other restrictive countries, the answer is yes. Surfshark has the camouflage
and NoBorders mode, which helps scramble their traffic, and makes it more difficult to detect through deep packet inspection. But, it doesn't stop there, Surfshark's privacy
credentials, are backed up by the fact that it's based
in the British Virgin Islands.

This privacy friendly
location can assure users that Surfshark's robust No Logs Policy can truly be trusted. These extra security and
privacy features are great, especially, if you're a
small company transmitting to a work from home set
up because of the current coronavirus pandemic. Next question, does Surfshark
support your device? The answer is a very likely yes. Surfshark has both
desktop and mobile apps. They also have browser
extensions available for both Chrome and Firefox, and they also support other
platforms like Smart TV and game consoles. A great thing to note about Surfshark is that it's a top choice for
streaming geoblocked content, aside from Netflix, Surfshark's
VPN can unblock Hulu, Disney+. BBC Iplayer, and
other streaming platforms. It also works great for Kodi
and that is a big plus for us. Now, if you're more into torrenting, Surfshark also does a great job. They don't discriminate
against P2P traffic, which means downloading through
torrent is pretty speedy.

This brings us to the next issue, speed. Is Surfshark fast enough? Well, based on our current speed tests, Surfshark's speeds are very fast. And they seem to be increasing over time. Obviously, there's a lot
of investment going on in this big bad fish. And it's no wonder is among
the fastest VPNs out there this year. Surfshark offers three
different pricing plans, all of which offer the
full set of functions. As I've mentioned, Surfshark is by far one of the top tier VPNs that
offers the cheapest deals.

What's also great about
Surfshark is that they offer anonymous payment options. They also have a PayPal and Alipay. So, should you give Surfshark a try? Most definitely, and we
suggest getting it now before they raise their prices. Aside from covering the basics, Surfshark offers a lot of great features that take them one step
ahead of their competition. I hope this video helped you decide if Surfshark is the VPN for you.

And again, if you want
more in depth detail about Surfshark, make sure to check out our full review with link
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