Surfshark VPN vs ProtonVPN 2021 | Major differences revealed

– Surfshark versus ProtonVPN. These services are
reliable, budget friendly, they have great security extras and watertight no-logs policies. So are they any different? Well, actually there are some
truly crucial differences that totally change how these
services should be used. And you're about to
find out what they are. But first sub to this channel
for online privacy tutorials and everything VPN. And if you use either of these services, please share your experiences
down in the comments. I'd love to hear about it. Both Surfshark VPN and ProtonVPN
are incredibly popular, respected VPN providers. So how do they compare? Which one offers more value? In this full on Surfshark
versus ProtonVPN comparison, I'm gonna answer that question. I'm gonna compare all
the most crucial features of these two services and
seeing which one is better at the things you'd like to use a VPN for.

You like fast internet speeds, I do too. Which provider delivers
in this crucial arena, ProtonVPN and Surfshark both
offer an above average level of performance but one stands out. Both have large servers fleets. But Surfshark is three times
as large as ProtonVPNs. This is one reason why Surfshark is faster but that's not the only one. I ran some speed tests using US servers. First, I determined my baseline speed. Then using the open
VPN tunneling protocol, I connected with one VPN at one.

I also ran a Surfshark
speed test using WireGuard,, ProtonVPN hasn't added this
advanced new protocol yet and that's another reason
why Surfshark is faster. ProtonVPN speeds were decent. But for Surfshark WireGuard, is what makes its performance much faster,
leaving ProtonVPN and a dust. Surfshark has more
servers and better speeds. So it's the winner of the first round of Surfshark VPN versus ProtoVPN. Security and privacy are
crucial to VPN services. ProtonVPN and SurfsharkVPN
have strong security basics. Military grade encryption, leak protection and kill switches. Both also allowed to connect
via two servers at once which leaves you virtually untraceable.

In fact, ProtonVPN secure core is one of its popular features. It routes your traffic through the highly safe private
secure core server network then through a second ProtonVPN server. In comparison, Surfshark has only a standard multi-stop feature that routes your connection through two of the Surfsharks regular servers. Both services have advertisement
and malware blocker. Surfshark clean web is
a proprietary browser that blocks most nasties. While ProtonVPN Netshield
prevents your browser from loading websites that post malware and blocks ads and trackers. ProtonVPN also has a Tor over VPN feature that automatically routes your traffic through the Tor Network. You can use Tor with Surfshark VPN too but it requires using the Tor browser.

So there's a few extra steps involved, secure core and Tor over VPN are reserved for the plus and visionary plants though. Only the ad blocker is
available on the basic plan. Surfshark packs a punch
in the security department because it has just so many extras. There's Camouflage mode
and no borders mode which disguises your VPN traffic, a powerful data breach notification tool and the handy whitelister. which has Surfsharks
take on split tunneling. There's even a GPS spoofing feature.

It offers the WireGuard, protocol too which isn't just faster
but it's also more secure. We've looked at security,
now let's zero in on privacy. This ProtonVPN keep logs and what does Surfshark
privacy policy look like? Luckily for us, both
providers are going for gold. SurfsharkVPN is based in
the British Virgin Islands and ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland.

These are both countries
that take privacy seriously. They aren't part of any
major intelligence alliances and have user friendly laws. These providers have
watertight no-logs policies. In addition, ProtonVPN announced
at the beginning of 2020 that their apps are now
open sourced and audited and Surfshark browser extensions
were independently audited by cybersecurity firm Cure 53 in 2018. The results were good
but even if they weren't, submitting apps for an independent audit shows a VPN's commitment to
quality and transparency.

The longstanding reliable
proton mail product has also built in trust
in ProtonVPN as a service, both VPNs have exceptional
privacy and security but Surfshark has WireGuard
and more security features. So it went this round. VPNs for streaming needs to buy best geo restrictions
reliably and offer good speeds. ProtonVPN can unblock
some streaming platforms but only on the plus and visionary plants. These plants let you access specialized streaming servers mark with a P, however, the plus
servers are not available on mobile devices. ProtonVPN is fast enough
to stream in high quality and it does unblock Netflix but there's only one ProtonVPN
Netflix library, the US one. ProtonVPN works with Hulu and a lot other streaming platforms. Overall, ProtonVPN is
a decent streaming VPN.

However, the streaming plans are expensive and you won't be able to use
a variety of Netflix servers. However other streaming
platforms can compensate that. Surfshark on the other hand is a perfect streaming VPN for 2021. It unblocks most streaming
platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Disney Plus,
BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime. Surfshark's Netflix libraries
include the US, Canada UK, Japan, Australia,
Germany and the Netherlands. It has Android TV and Amazon Fire TV apps and a handy SmartDNS feature that allows you to unblock content on many devices that doesn't
have a dedicated app. You can enjoy your Surfshark's
Netflix bench on Apple TVs, Samsung TVs, LG TV it's even
works with gaming consoles.

Plus Surfshark is fast so streaming in ultra high
quality is no problem. Surfshark has better geo
unblocking capabilities and can stream on more devices. So it wins this round of
Surfshark versus ProtonVPN. The VPNs are critical tools
for protecting your privacy and keeping you secure
when you're Torrenting. Both our contenders have great privacy and security and allows Torrenting. However, ProtonVPN only
allows it on optimize servers in Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Singapore. Users outside of Europe or Asia can expect poor speeds when trying to torrent with ProtonVPN. On the other hand, the
Surfshark allows Torrenting on all servers and speeds
are fast and consistent.

The whitelist feature
comes in handy here too. Surfshark has faster Torrent speeds and is more supportive
of Torrenting in general. So it wins this round. ProtonVPN and Surfshark has apps for all the most popular devices. ProtonVPN also has a rare Chromebook app while Surfshark has an
extra Amazon Fire TV app as well as two browser extensions. ProtonVPN allows between
one and 10 connections depending on the plan. But Surfshark offers
unlimited connections. Ease of use can be quite subjective. So this is tough to review but personally I find both sets of app truly streamlined and simple to operate. Surfshark VPN setup is quick and painless and the app interfaces are clean and intuitive with clear explanations. The Surfshark app for
mobile are more lightweight than the desktop versions but the feature list, this
doesn't suffer too much. There are clear extensive
Surfshark tutorials for using SmartDNS and
configuring the router.

ProtonVPN setup is also quick and easy. The ProtonVPN Mac, Windows
and Chromebook apps both are convenient map feature. The settings and other
features are generally easy to find and easy to use. The mobile apps have fewer settings and using the ProtonVPN kill switch for mobile requires some extra steps. The ProtonVPN site has great tutorials for setting up the service on router. Both services, support most
devices and have good apps but Surfshark has browser extensions and app for Firestick and
unlimited connections. So it's the winner of this round of ProtonVPN versus Surfshark. When you're using a VPN access to quick knowledgeable assistants can make a big difference. ProtonVPN doesn't have a
lot of self-help material on their side but their content is clear, helpful and covers all the essentials.

You also have the option of
filling out a support ticket but it might take a while to get an answer if you're using the free version. There's a great proton VPN sub Reddit where employees answer questions
mostly within 24 hours. I like this because it's efficient and encourages an honest discussion. Sadly, there's no live
chat on their website so you'll have to wait
for apply either way. Surfshark however, offers an excellent knowledgeable 24/7 live chat. You can also submit a
ticket or consult the FAQ's and extensive tutorials. Thanks to a 24/7 live chat support, Surfshark wins this round.

Can our contenders get around
tough government firewalls in countries where the net is restricted especially in China? For that purpose, Surfshark has the no borders mode which helps to access
censored content of any kind. On top of that, it has camouflage mode which disguises VPN traffic by making it look like regular traffic. So Surfshark is a viable option for China. It works reliably there. Sadly, I can't say the same for ProtonVPN. It has great security,
but no stealth mode. So it can get detected and blocked. It also has a fewer servers in Asia. So what it does work,
the speeds may be poor. Thanks to its great speeds
and camouglage mode, Surfshark wins another round
of ProtonVPN versus Surfshark. Guys for some of you, this may
be the most crucial category.

Both our contenders have
pricey and cheap plans. Of course, ProtonVPN has
their famous free plan. You can find out about that
in my best free VPN reviews. Keep in mind that this plan is limited but privacy and security are still great. It's one of the best free
VPN options out there. Surfshark doesn't have a free version instead it has a seven-day
free trial for Android and iOS and a 30-day money back guarantee where you can try out the service and apply for a full refund if you decide to cancel within that time. ProtonVPN is cheaper,
if you're considering a one-month subscription
even on the plus plan. ProtonVPN basic plan is also cheaper than Surfshark six-month plan but you get much less out of the deal. Surfshark is cheaper if you're looking at a long-term subscription.

ProtonVPN most expensive plan includes five extra connections plus you get their
legendary email service. This could be a great option for those who need that extra security. Both services have excellent budget friendly pricing options
so this round is a draw. These services have so much to offer but they have some drawbacks too. Surfshark has no free
version or Chromebook app, ProtonVPN is slower, has fewer features and has troubles bypassing
Chinese censorship. Torrents slowly outside of Asia and Europe has limited SmartTV options
and no live chat support. But which of these
drawbacks really mattered? It's definitely a pity that
Surfshark has no free version. Surfshark is a great service and who doesn't like free stuff? I'd say that it doesn't matter too much that ProtonVPN has no live chat support. As you can generally get good responses to tickets within a reasonable time, the limited SmartTV options
aren't too serious either. As you can still set up
your devices to use the VPN via the router. Speeds are good enough
for general purposes especially if you don't mean
to use the service for gaming.

And it still has some great extra features especially on the plus plan. The rest of ProtonVPN's drawbacks
do require some thinking about though, so you can decide whether they will affect you. Chinese nationals or visitors to China shouldn't rely on ProtonVPN to
help them bypass censorship. In the same way, if you wanna use a VPN to stream extensively
or you want a Torrent and be Americas, Africa, Australia, you get the picture ProtonVPN
isn't your best choice.

It's clear that we have a winner in this Surfshark versus
ProtonVPN comparison. Out of eight categories,
Surfshark won seven, the last was a draw. The trophy goes to Surfshark VPN today but don't throw a ProtonVPN out just yet. Surfshark is a fast VPN with lots of versatility
apps and features, it's great for Torrenting
streaming and traveling but ProtonVPN is a really solid surface with one of the best
free versions available.

If you want a VPN to protect your privacy at literally zero cost
or just a basic service with some good security
extras, it's ideal. And let's not forget the
nifty proton mail add on for secure communications. Guys, now that you know our best pick for the Surfshark VPN
versus ProtonVPN comparison, go ahead and check out the
link in the description. There's a juicy Surfshark
coupon code waiting for you as well as stunning
ProtonVPN discount offer. If you enjoy this video,
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