Surfshark VS PrivateVPN ⚡Ultimate VPN Comparison ⚡

– I hate buyer's remorse, spending your hard
earned money on something and realizing it was a waste. Well we here at
wanna make sure you don't have that problem when
shopping for different VPNs. (lively music) Today, we'll be comparing
Surfshark and PrivateVPN. Both Surfshark and
PrivateVPN are very popular in the VPN industry. And when the differences are slight, it can be very hard to make a decision. Purchasing the wrong VPN can make your internet browsing sluggish, which will be the least of your worries if your VPN has security issues.

Then the nightmare comes
in when you have to choose between many competitive providers. (beep) You're not sure if you're
making the right decision. So let's take a look at these
two VPNs in more detail. Starting right off the bat with speed. I don't know where I'm trying to run. I threw my phone on the floor. (beep) Now, neither of these
VPNs were terribly slow and there were no sudden disconnects drops and on top of that, I had enough upload and download speed stream in Ultra-HD. That being said, Surfshark
definitely came out on top.

Also PrivateVPN servers
sometimes took 10 to 20 seconds to establish a connection. Next, let's look at pricing. With Surfshark month to month, PrivateVPN is cheaper,
however with Surfshark, you can save over 80% on a two year plan at just 2.49 a month, which is like a really
freaking great deal. Like that's, that's so
cheap that that's cheaper than a cup of coffee. I mean, it depends on where
you buy your coffee from, my coffee is not 2.49. I spend a lot of money on coffee. Next, moving on to privacy and security. (door opens) (beep) Hello again, I needed to
know how to pronounce a word. Honestly, they both do fine.

They both encrypt your data
using an AES 256 cipher, which is quite literally unbreakable and even what the military uses. Both offer kill switch and leak protection and a stealth mode for using
countries with strict controls on the internet. Plus, if you need to handle
much more sensitive information, Surfshark has a multihop feature. This allows you to route your VPN traffic to multiple servers in
multiple countries at once taking your footprint
masking and ID protection to a whole new level. However, this is only recommended for people who handle
highly sensitive information like journalists or politicians, 'cause it's significantly slows
down your internet speeds. In short, both have the
security essentials, but Surfshark offers quite
a bit more than that. Each VPN has important
key features as well. PrivateVPN offers port forwarding, which is great for torrentors, yeah. You get to maintain,
download-upload ratio. The most interesting key
feature for Surfshark is the ability to connect an
unlimited number of devices compared to PrivateVPN's six. Now, in terms of
accessing geoblock content and server locations and performance, both are well above the competitions. PrivateVPN is able to access many different Netflix libraries with its admittedly unimpressive
a hundred plus servers.

Meanwhile, Surfshark blows them to pieces with its over 1700 different servers. However streamers will be happy with pretty much either service. Lastly, let's look at customer service. Surfshark takes this
one with a country mile. Their 24, seven LiveChat
support is super reliable. Now, PrivateVPN does
have a LiveChat service, but it's not always available. Overall while PrivateVPN is
a pretty solid VPN service, we have to recommend Surfshark. Having many more servers,
the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices and just being overall faster, Surfshark is definitely one of our topics. Well, that is the end of the video. We hope you found this helpful and that you enjoyed your
time with us comparing VPNs. Click the link below,
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I will see you guys later, peace. That is the end.
(lively music).

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