The Best VPN for 2021: Top 5 Fast & Reliable VPNs Compared!

Hey guys, the year 2020 is finally here
and in this video I'm going to show you 5 best VPNs for 2020. All these top
VPNs that I'm going to show you have the best security, unblock streaming services,
and most importantly they are worth your money.
I'll show you their website, app interface, their main features, and will
tell you why that particular VPN makes to the top of our list of best VPN
in 2020. So without wasting any of your time, let's begin with the top 5 best
VPN services for 2020.

The first of my best VPN to use going into 2020
is PureVPN. On its website, currently they're offering 88% discount with 31
days money-back guarantee. You can access all types of websites and content such
as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and more. It is extraordinary secure because it
offers 256-bit encryption and has a good speed too. Some of its unbeatable features
include kill switch that disconnects your internet
whenever your VPN connection drops, split tunneling, you can connect to five
devices at a time, 24/7 support, 2,000+ servers and more. It is available on
these devices. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, firestick, Kodi, Android TV, routers
and more. Now let's have a look at the app interface. On a change mode option
this app lets you decide for what purpose you need to use a VPN either
you want to stream, want to have an Internet freedom,
keeping your online privacy secure and private, p2p file sharing or torrenting,
or using a dedicated IP. In the Advanced tab, you have three important features
first you have security make sure all the top three options are checked. Inside the kill switch feature tab make
sure to activate this feature. In the multiport section, you can change VPN
protocols depending on your need.

You can also check for updates if there are any
and lastly, for help and feedback or any kind of assistance you can click on this
tab now. For example, I connect to a US server and it is easily connected. On
number second we have surf shop the best thing I like about this weekend is its
unlimited device connections with a single surf shark account and it offers
a 30 days money-back guarantee in the features menu we have its three main
features the theme of their feature allows you to surf the web without any
ass crackers or Melchor it has unlimited devices connections which I just
mentioned and a whitelist a feature that is the same feature like slick tunneling
it has apps available for these devices this is how its windows app looks like
in the locations menu you can either select an optimal location or you can
choose from its 1 0 4 0 servers in 60 countries in the cleanup section I
mentioned earlier you can use this feature to enjoy browsing without ads or
malware similarly you can turn on the whitelist of feature if you want to
define rich Internet traffic you want to show it to your ISP multi-hop is the WEP
and feature it allows you to connect to two different servers before you reach
your actual destination it works as an additional layer of security in the
settings menu you can click on connectivity to turn on internet kill
switch feature connect to any server and you'll be safe
on the Internet Iowa's a is on third pick as the best
weapon for 2020 obviously brings you uninterrupted streaming and endless
downloading with complete anonymity you can avail its service without a problem
for at least 30 days you can protect your digital presence from hackers
malicious websites and data harvesters more so you can access foreign websites
and streaming services like Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime and iPlayer with a single
IBC account you can connect up to five different devices at the same time some
of its best features include the industry's best 256 bit encryption
online protection while using public Wi-Fi security and a clear no login
policy you can download IAC media nap on these devices let's have a look at IBC
windows app interface obviousiy has thousands service among
these countries for secure downloading you can turn on this feature in the
streaming section you can connect to any streaming service and start using it
without any trouble in the in blocking session you can unblock any country's
content by connecting to these country servers if you want your own IP address that
isn't shared by other IVC users then you must get a dedicated IP in the settings
menu you have a lot of options like selecting a desired protocol turning on
the kill search feature activate multipotent and turn on spectrum a new
feature you can either choose a country yourself or hit smart connect option and
press this button and it will connect with the fastest US server at number
four spot we have expressvpn it wouldn't be wrong to say it's the number one
trusted leader in the VPN industry because it doesn't keep any kind of
gloves you can trust on that it offers 30 days money-back guarantee it gives
you access to websites that are restricted in your country or have
censorship issues since it hides your IP address encrypts your internet traffic
you can stay secure and anonymous over the Internet it is available on a plenty
of platforms and have apps for all devices this is the app interface of
expressvpn at the top left corner you will see a settings option in the
Weeping location tab you can select all of extra speed games 3000 service
locations these servers are also divided with
respect to their countenance it also has a built-in speed test you can perform in
the options menu will have to turn on its network lock feature which is the
kill switch feature choose any protocol you want to connect to it clearly
describes which protocol has the best and weak security you can also select it
some browser extension which is equally good at in the Advanced Settings you
will find the DNS server option and IPA protection you can connect to any server
and start browsing the internet anonymously finally we have cyber ghosts
in a top-five list of best medians Szabo ghost has been around for 15 years and
with it you can stream and browse without limitations you can access
blocked websites enjoy a p2p tour anything and unblock streaming services
such as Netflix HBO Hulu and many more it hides your IP address and uses a
military-grade encryption and doesn't keep track of your browsing history
sábados is available on all of these devices this is how cyber ghost app
looks like Cerritos has over five thousand several servers in 90 countries
in the torrenting menu you can find servers that are free to be optimized so
use only these servers for downloading torrents in the streaming section you
can connect to servers that unblock streaming services in the connection
features you can turn on the blockage feature block malicious websites lock
online tracking and more to enable kill switch feature you will need to go to
settings and turn on this feature and to change the internet protocol
click on the connection tab and select which protocol you want to use connect
to any server and it worked perfectly so these were the best VPNs to use in 2020
let me know which VPN brand new light want to buy or are currently using I
hope you find this video helpful if you do please like our video and subscribe
to our YouTube channel I'll see you in the next video until then it's goodbye

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