TOP 3 FREE VPN in 2021 (They’re really free & private)

if you're looking for a great free vpn you've come to the right spot today we'll go over our top free vpns this year what these vpns are best for and any limitations that you might run into it's totally justified to feel a little uneasy when it comes to free vpns after all many do sell your data and target you with intrusive ads that's why it's really important to choose the right vpn so let's make that decision a little easier welcome youtube here at we offer easy to understand reliable insights into the cyber security world so be sure to subscribe for weekly content and head to our website for not only more information but also great deals when you visit providers via our articles click here or find the link down in the description we have tried many vpns on our search to give you quality advice and i will say that our number three pick does not disappoint windscribe vpn is a no logs company that uses strong encryption to protect its users so it's super secure but two things i especially like from this free plan is its ability to unblock netflix and works on tons of devices to be able to unblock netflix with a free vpn is pretty rare and we found that windscribe vpn unblocks the usually difficult american and turkish netflix library i will say that it won't unblock all of the netflix libraries but those alone are really impressive you should also know whilst a free vpn can do well with unblocking content a premium vpn plan can really give you a lot more reliability so if that's what you're after remember you've got the link below for more vpn advice and comparisons now windscribe vpn would be higher on our list if it wasn't for its 10 gigabyte monthly data cap which you can only get if you provide an email address otherwise you're left with a mere two gigabyte that's a pretty steep jump and tempting for sure but for the security conscious not completely anonymous having said this it's not really a deal breaker for me personally and it's still rock solid offering with a bevy of security measures like a kill switch you've got your ad blocker firewall and multi-hop which is more than enough to help you navigate your online life safely and all for free now if you generally want an intuitive vpn for both your mobile and computer then atlas vpn is high in the ranking unlimited data unlimited bandwidth and no speed limitations or reasons enough to throw this vpn as our numero do and are undoubtedly hard to come by free vpn editions sadly there's no wire guard protocol offered but this vpn has a good combination of security measures like encryption a kill switch and thankfully it is no logs too every one of its servers allows torrenting or p2p file sharing so there's definitely an added bonus and something i appreciate from a free vpn our number one free vpn really covers all bases and here is why this vpn's free plan is super generous i found the most useful functionalities of proton vpn is that it does not cap your data or bandwidth again that's something you won't find with many free vpns so that's pretty unbelievable but what really sets this free plan apart is its rigid security of course you've got your military grade encryption but a kill switch and even dns leak protection are some of its main strengths likewise to the other two it's also open source which i love to see but it takes it even further with its privacy friendly location being switzerland one small gripe is the speed results with the free plan i found the speeds tend to kind of fluctuate and this is because the servers can understandably get pretty crowded having said that you can clearly see the server's load and this gives you a great indication of what to expect at any given time i should also mention the free plan won't really unblock netflix and it doesn't necessarily support torrenting it's more for the security and privacy conscious but the premium plan is great for unblocking if you were wondering i like proton vpn's ease of use it's simple and they actually offer a really wide selection of apps but you can only use one device at any time then again from a free service that's not unusual either way it's a great place to start and i highly recommend likewise to privacy concerns you might be thinking is a free vpn the best long-term solution first if you find this video helpful please drop us a like and be sure to subscribe for content just like this it's free after all remember guys these freemium vpns are way different to vpns that just offer their services for free it really goes without saying that many free vpns on the market are making money by taking advantage of their users privacy and not only is that unacceptable it also goes against the whole premise of a vpn whilst a freemium vpn can get the job done if you're looking for more advanced features security practices and generally long-term security solutions then a premium plan can really get you the full package not only in terms of privacy but also security speed and unblocking geo restrictions however if you really can't afford to invest i totally get it so if you are after unlimited bandwidth and data and an all-round smooth experience from a trustworthy provider proton vpn is your guide then if you wanted an intuitive experience on both your mobile and desktop with generous features then atlas vpn is a great choice even for novice users not forgetting windscribe vpn noteworthy netflix unblocking great privacy and 11 countries to choose from make up a great free choice whilst proton vpn might be our favorite option in terms of offerings any of these vpns would make your online life considerably safer and more accessible what free vpn would you consider the most reliable let's have a chat down in the comments and thanks for watching this video and we'll see you in the next one bye

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