its jem droid45 here and today am going to
show you my list of the best VPN for your android device so just a brief description of what is a VPN
well a Vpn is a virtual private network which is one of the best tools for your android
security when you connect through any public WiFi or any type of net connection you are
not secure because anyone can track your activity so a VPN is very useful because they encrypt
your incoming and outgoing traffic that's why no one can track so a VPN is also use
for many reasons which am going to discuss with you so the first VPN is hotspot shield
VPN this is one of the most popular and most downloaded VPN from the google play hotspot
shield support 3g and 4g connections and also give you an amazing protection on browsing
websites and famous social networking websites with these VPN you can secure your internet
from hackers set firewall rules and hide your IP address basically this free virtual private
network but for elite you can pay a fee so am just going to move on with the VPN which
is unlimited free VPN well unlimited free VPN is amazing service that offer by betternet
and bertternet VPN is free you don't need to register yourself for using this VPN and
it's very easy with simple user interface when you use this VPN you can't see any ads
logs and limits they protect your privacy and identity with unlimited free VPN you can
unblock websites on ISP and WiFi connections so the next vpn is hideman vpn so am just
going to go back and now we have hideman vpn which is yet another android app that offers
free vpn service hideman is best for its simplicity just a simple user interface hideman encrypt
your internet data you can use any site you want without any limitations remove banners
and tracking system from websites and other apps so that's it for hideman vpn the next
vpn that falls at #4 is surfeasy vpn for android surf yes surfeasy vpn well surfeasy vpn provides
you with up to 500MB of data protect per month for free surfeasy is one of my favorite vpn
for android with surfeasy you can get features like wifi hotspot security you can block ad
trackers encrypt all traffic on your device and some other amazing features so the next
vpn and which falls at #5 and is the last vpn is finch vpn and this vpn is different
from the others that i've mention with this vpn you can get free unlimited internet on
data connection finch vpn also supports open vpn that means you can download open vpn configs and run those configs
on open vpn android apps with this vpn you will be able to connect to TCP and UDP ports you
can also connect to your selected TCP or UDP port finch vpn gives you 3GB of data
per month and you can also access blocked websites
so that is it for my list of the best VPNs for your android device i hope you enjoy this
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