Top 5 Reasons You Need a VPN!

Gay guys, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite topics in today’s video About computer (network) security In the past, I mentioned an important tool, you can call it a VPN This can encrypt your network connection and keep it from snooping, making you more secure So today I will introduce the situations in which we need a VPN , And I will show some examples, which I have not mentioned before In this video I will use a very useful VPN-Nord VPN, Also thank Nord VPN for sponsoring this video I really like this VPN because it is more user-friendly than similar products And it has some special features that I have never seen in other VPNs, such as anti-DDOS attacks, VPN server connection process (Double-VPN), P2P service (for example, torrent download) Therefore, I will put the link in the introduction for you to download.

There is a coupon code in the link, you can also use it. So. . . . First of all, the first major benefit of a VPN is that you can protect your privacy when using a VPN When you connect via VPN, the website cannot see your real IP address Can only see the IP address of the proxy server And because there are many people using the same server, you are effectively anonymous. Let's see how it works In this example, we can choose any server of NordVPN At this time, all websites will see the IP address of the server we choose If you want to switch IP, you can choose a new server So you can get a new IP immediately, even if the IP is foreign You can browse this website with different IP addresses anytime, anywhere The way it works is to encrypt the connection you want to make and then send it to the NordVPN server Then your connection is at the other end of the "tunnel" you can think of Back to privacy, this also means that search engines and other websites cannot track your Internet history If you are online on the campus network or work network, they cannot monitor you Can't see what you are browsing Another important thing I should mention is that you want to make sure the VPN Will not record your whereabouts, or that you are worried that the government will gain access to your personal privacy However, NordVPN does not log your whereabouts, which is great Let’s talk about the second point, in this case you have to use a VPN service That's when you are using WiFi If you ignore it, those open hotspots (WiFi) that don’t require a password Will not encrypt the data you transfer between your device and the hotspot So if the website you are browsing at this time does not apply HTTPs This means what you do will be monitored by others As I said before, when you connect through a VPN, all data is encrypted before transmission So when you connect to a VPN, it doesn’t matter even if you connect to a public hotspot Because the link under the VPN is safe I'm not only talking about your computer network security in this video, because in some cases you will use your phone to connect to public hotspots So a VPN for mobile phones is very necessary NordVPN has a mobile client for Android users and iOS users Of course it also includes Windows and Mac operating systems You will find that the mobile client is very similar to the computer client, you choose a server and connect to it This way your data will be protected even if you are connected to a public hotspot (WiFi) You will know if it works, because on iOS it will show a VPN icon on the top On Android, he will display a key icon So I firmly believe that some of you will use VPN on your phone So we don’t have to carry a laptop with us Of course, the third reason is related to many of us That is, VPN can unblock your current IP from websites, such as the IP of your company or school Although I don’t recommend that you waste time doing these things at work But sometimes you have a legitimate reason to browse content on the Internet And some blocked websites Now I will show what it does and enter the routing settings Add a network block to YouTube Then when I tried to connect to the official YouTube website, as you can see A prompt will pop up on the screen, which means that this website is blocked Now we switch to another NordVpn server, but how long When we try to log in to YouTube again, we will find that the block (firewall) is gone Of course, this is not only limited to small environments such as schools and companies, up to the country, VPN is also applicable It can help you unblock websites from countries, such as the famous "Great Wall of China (GFW)" In that case, you need a VPN no matter where you are The importance of VPN is self-evident Speaking of filters, a nice feature of NordVPN is the feature called "CyberSec" It can help you filter out malicious websites that you may encounter by chance.

Users can choose whether to enable this option, but I personally think it is necessary to enable it for safety. Well, now we have the fourth reason, you should have a VPN Because it can help you bypass the restriction of the content on the multimedia website to your current region For example, how many times have you watched YouTube videos But saw a (tragic) tip that is not available in your country The same is true for Netflix, which only provides corresponding movies and shows in certain countries/regions. YouTube and Netflix are definitely not happy that I teach you how to bypass the regional restrictions on multimedia content on their websites But that is really a simple thing As you can imagine, you only need to be in the country where the content is allowed on the site Select the corresponding VPN server.

You can see it in the NordVPN program, you can click on a country It will automatically select a server for you, or you can Go to the country list and select a server And you can see there are thousands of servers for you to choose When you connect to a server in the country of your choice, your IP address will also become the IP address of the corresponding country It looks like you are in that country Very convenient Well, the fifth reason is that you have to have a VPN because Your internet service provider has restricted your internet connection Not everyone does this, but many ISPs will The program or service used to restrict the connection.

The most typical example is p2p download, and torrent download If you searched for your ISP name and "throttle", I bet There will be many results With VPN, all data passes through the same encrypted tunnel This way your ISP will never know what you are doing, so they can't control anything You have to know that not all VPN services will allow p2p services, such as torrenting But as you might guess, NordVPN is one of them That’s why I’m so happy that they sponsored my video They actually have dedicated servers that can use p2p services So I think they made some optimizations for this In this video, I will also show you some other professional servers.

For example, anti-ddos attacks, these servers are resistant to hacker attacks So that your connection will not be interrupted Then what I find very interesting is this Double-VPN service Actually encrypt your connection twice through multiple server nodes In this way, you will be in a very secure network environment At the same time, this also has a very useful function called "Onion over VPN" Once turned on, you can directly access the Onion Network and Tor network without downloading the Tor browser.

If you are not familiar with Tor, I will not explain too much in this video But it is a very safe way to connect to the internet At the same time, it takes a lot of time to configure, but it will be very simple if you use NordVPN You may not have thought about these many reasons for using VPN before And these are five reasons I can only think of I thank NordVPN again for sponsoring this video You can check the specific content in the introduction As you can see in the video, even if you have never used a VPN before, you can get started quickly But it also provides some functions for advanced users. For example, if you want to connect using the OpenVPN protocol or some other way And there is an automatic termination switch option, if the VPN connection is disconnected It will terminate the connection, so you will not accidentally expose your real IP. So I hope this video is helpful to you And welcome to express your views in the comments.

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