what is up guys welcome back to teezy's top five so 
today we're going to be taking a look at our top   five picks for the best vpns of 2021 as always 
here at tz's top five we make these videos based   off genuine market research and as much as we can 
product usage itself let's get into it shall we   so if you don't already know what a vpn is 
it essentially helps make you more anonymous   online it encrypts your internet usage and pretty 
much tricks your laptop or mobile device into   thinking you're in a different location however 
each vpn is of course different from the next   so in this video we'll be detailing those key 
differences to help you find the best vpn for you   as always there will be links to all the featured 
products in this video down in the description   and if you do like what you're seeing here 
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discord server to get involved with the community   so in that number five today for our fifth best 
vpn of 2021 is cyberghost coming in at just 199   when you sign up for a three-year subscription is 
absolutely amazing value for money and one of the   cheaper ones on the list today one subscription 
will also account for seven different devices   which is an extremely generous amount just like 
all the vpns on this list it does unlock all   exclusive netflix libraries although it has to be 
said it doesn't quite do it as smoothly as some of   the other vpns on this list the vpn boasts almost 
7 000 servers across 90 different countries and   when you consider the price point it represents 
absolutely great value for money the one bad thing   we do have to say about cyberghost is that the ios 
app is a little bit underwhelming compared to the   competition on this list but if you are looking 
for a cheap desktop vpn then cyberghost might just   be the one for you and it'll do the job just fine 
coming in at number four for our fourth pick today   is ipvanish now this is actually another 
very cheap vpn coming in at just one pound   86 slightly cheaper than our first pick cyberghost 
that price also comes with less commitment   you only have to commit to a year subscription as 
opposed to the three years you get with cyberghost   if a cheap user-friendly netflix unblocker is 
your priority when looking for a vpn look no   further than ipvanish ipvanish also has really 
solid ios and android apps which makes it even   better on the go with 1600 servers in over 70 
different locations ipvanish is no slouch however   it has to be said its speeds are not comparable 
with the next three vpns coming in on our list   today so do keep that in mind it is also said to 
have poor amazon prime and bbc iplayer unblocking   so if you are a brits abroad and want to keep up 
to date with your favorite shows perhaps keep on   watching the video and consider one of our 
other picks now honestly the next three vpns   could really be put in any order as each one has 
their own benefits but in that number three today   we've gone for nordvpn if you purchase a two-year 
membership nordvpn will set you back around two   pounds 74 a month a fantastic price for the 
super fast speed you're gonna get using nordvpn   security wise nordvpn offers a double vpn system 
where all the internet traffic is encrypted   not just once but twice it also offers six 
simultaneous connections which for the price is   very generous for most households i'm sure this 
will be absolutely fine it has both a desktop   and a mobile app which are relatively simple 
and easy to use although when compared to the   following two it is perhaps a little bit more 
complicated for most people though we're sure   it'll be absolutely fine here at tz's top five 
we've actually been using nordvpn recently and   would highly recommend it yes it is slightly more 
expensive than the first two vpns but the features   it comes with definitely makes it worthwhile in at 
number two today on the list we've got expressvpn   now expressvpn is actually the priciest vpn on 
the list today coming in at 499 when you purchase   a one-year subscription with that you're given 
a choice of over 3 000 different servers in 160   locations across 94 countries expressvpn boasts a 
really responsive customer service team and does   offer 24 7 live chat support which is always a 
bonus if you do run into any problems or if you're   just not that tech savvy expressvpn also unlocks 
different geographical locations on netflix hulu   disney plus and amazon prime with the best speeds 
of any vpn on this list one subscription is   supported on five different devices which for most 
of us will be absolutely plenty although we will   say it doesn't quite offer as good a deal as our 
top pick today stay tuned now in at our top spot   for number one on the list today is of course surf 
shark now this is the one we personally use here   at tz's top five and it comes in at just one pound 
79 a month and that's when you subscribe to a 24   month subscription it also boasts access to over 
30 different netflix libraries which is a great   deal higher than a lot of the others on the list 
the interface of sur shock is incredibly easy to   use and it also offers usage on unlimited devices 
a huge benefit which no other vpn on the list   offers at the moment it also boasts a great ios 
android and even an amazon fire stick app meaning   you should be covered from all angles here when 
it comes to security you have nothing to worry   about either it has now added the new protocol 
in town wireguard to its open vpn udp and tcp   and even ike v2 options in addition surfshark 
boasts a private dns and an extra security blanket   via a double vpn hop incredible value for money 
and it is number one on a list for a reason   so that's it for today's video guys if you did 
enjoy it please do hit that like button and   consider subscribing to the channel if you found 
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chat or for tech help lastly there are of course   links to all the vpns mentioned in this video 
down in the description for now though this   has been tz's top five thank you so much for 
watching and we'll see you in the next one you

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