Tor over VPN: how it works and do you need it?

as online surveillance often threatens the very idea of private browsing we have to take matters into our own hands and look for private and secure options some of us may turn to vpn as a secure option for staying anonymous on the wild web whilst others may look to the tour network for untraceable connections but what about pairing these two up is it the ultimate power couple of the connection security world and does the average joe even need to consider using tor over vpn let's take a look in this video hi and welcome back to another video from if you're new here don't forget to subscribe to our channel for regular advice on secure and private online choices so tour overvpn huh from politicians to journalists tour overvpn is used by many for various reasons as i mentioned taught over vpn or ongoing overvpn is what it's called when you combine a vpn with the tor network but how does it really work and how does it protect you well to start with the basics a virtual private network used alone can root your connections through an intermediary server masking your real ip address all while encrypting the connection from your device to the server and back this secures your internet whilst protecting your data then you have tor which ensure operates on a network that anyone is able to join this system works by sending your traffic through a network of volunteer servers at least three each time adding layers of encryption at each point so they both master your ip both use encryption but when these two are coupled together you've got the vpn encrypting the connection between your device and the server then the request is sent through at least three tall relays before reaching its final destination basically when used in conjunction the idea of someone tracing back the connection to the original source is as likely as seeing pigs fly if you're looking to learn how to use story for vpn click the link in our description and head to our website so when we talk about the safety level of ongoing vpn we first have to talk about the security of these services separately after all nothing is foolproof and certain vulnerabilities do exist for instance when choosing a vpn it's very important to check that the service is a no logs vpn this is especially important for your privacy as it not only hides your activity from everyone it also hides it from the vpn provider itself and when it comes to the tor network there are ways for bad actors to track you through compromised servers however when used together you have two entities to rely on rather than one and the likelihood that both will be affected is very low especially because of the several layers of encryption that's why some use them in conjunction so what about general internet users who cherish their privacy and anonymity yet think this might be a little bit over the top well tall overvpn might become more of a hindrance than a godsend for some especially as your speed will be significantly slower due to the chain of intermediary servers and your connection can sometimes get caught due to unexpected blocked exit nodes but there are various pros and cons to using toro over vpn multiple layers of encryption and a great deal of anonymity being top of the list neither the isp nor vpn provider will be able to see what you're doing which can sometimes be a concern for some so it's really up to you to decide if you need this level of anonymity for some solely relying on a vpn or just tall might not be enough especially people working with sensitive data or people living in countries with strict censorship there are other steps you can take to have anonymity and privacy but first don't forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for regular updates so this isn't your only option there are alternatives like a double vpn which roots your traffic through several servers and not only encrypt your connection once but twice it's important to find the right fit for you that tailors to your online habits so thanks for watching this video we look forward to seeing you next time

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