Tunnelbear VPN Review 2021 🔥 Can It Compete With The Competition?

People have been asking for it so this will be a quicker review/overview but when we get a chance to do a more in-depth review I'll put that in the description file below Tunnel bear is actually located in Toronto Canada has been around since about 2011 and it's somewhat unique in that Offers Both free and paid service Now the free version works on multiple devices but limits you bandwidth to around 500MB per month so it's a bit limited but again it's free and can be a great way to check out their service before you commit to paying for anything They now have around 350 VPN servers in 22 countries and they include North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia Just a reminder when you're looking for a VPN ideally you want to find one that has one in your country or at least very close to it otherwise it can really affect your speed and performance You get it through a VPN, the interface is user friendly It's not always been the case with a tunnel carrier so it's good that they made some updates This is great for beginners, great for someone new to the VPNs now want to kind of get in on the security features so there's a strict no-logs policy and they're very clear about this, great to see that means they don't sell or use any of your data but the best is because they're in Canada if they're required by Canadian law Hand over your personal information like your name, email address, operating system, version you're using, not the data you're using or using and even the last four digits of it is your credit card number and that's all information that can be handed over but other than that, you know they've definitely kept to themselves during the test no detected Leaks The tunnel carrier uses an open VPN by default paired with AES 256 I think it's worth noting that they were audited by kir 53 back in 2017 so this is the audit they asked them to pay for to have this happen to them Q53: It's like a cybersecurity company and what They found it had several critical and high-risk outcomes, but the tunnel bear addressed all of these problems over the next several months, and then it was confirmed.

Dua from them getting a better level of security and then later the same in 2017, the hacker ran a deep back into the tunnel bear blade to see if there was any noticeable weakness no abilities they couldn't find basically anything in the tunnel bear final come as use The VPN is very safe and secure, and I would say this is definitely one of their strengths overall, there are a few other notable features they have since they have kill switch anonymous IP and you can have up to five simultaneous connections with different devices that I can I say it's kind of industry standard out there at the moment it's nice to see that some have less so five is a very good number they have another feature called ghost bear which is a plus that tries to hide the fact that you're using a VPN it's actually good enough Many companies and governments scam but unfortunately not all of them so keep it up keep in mind that using this feature slows you down a bit so I don't leave it all the time again when it comes to ease of use be pregnant The tunnel is very easy for anyone to use they have made a lot of improvements here great for beginners just a really nice interface keep in mind now while some of the advanced apps are lacking these features make it easy to use for anyone new to using a VPN so you know it's kind of a pro or scammers depending on your situation then regarding it torrent tunnel bear used to not allow this but all seems to have changed now tunnel bear allows torrenting and use of Tor network confirmed by one of its representatives Lots of users want to use tor in conjunction with VPN to increase their anonymity To the max keeping it in mind that your speeds may drop drastically while using it and then in terms of customer service unfortunately in the department tunnel Bear still doesn't offer live chat at least through their ticket support system very fast like within 2 hours sometimes which is Its great though say to allow up to 48 hours just in case but the responses are good you feel you get a response from a real human there is some life and character to the person to link to your help ticket so I definitely prefer the live chat support you know at least the feedback on the tickets is very good so the biggest downsizing is the downside the bear tunnel is just the VPN is slow the speeds go down an average of about 50 percent that's really, really bad We'd like to be honest about anything less than 20% and while that's not the worst I've seen, it's pretty bad by today's standards so something else Bear Tunnel is having a hard time blocking Netflix and doesn't support installing their VPN software directly on a device Your guidance now for some this may not be a big deal but obviously if that's the feature file you're looking for and you want to use something else I know it's pricing wise there are a few options of course there is the free plan I mentioned before again that They limit you to 500MB per month of bandwidth but it's great that you just need something maybe a little use or as a way to try out their service of course they have a $9.99 monthly plan I'm basically ten bucks you can pay too For a year up front which is $60 which is about five dollars per month The best price for the offer option is to pay for three years up front Pay $120 for that and 333 per month so you know the pricing Seems to be reasonable, it’s just right for what other VPNs are doing But the trick is that these deals aren't as good as we know the VPNs we'd like to recommend so we list for example or shark surfing is a couple of our favorite options and you know putting the links back in the description for all of these things we want to compare prices to one of the things that We love doing them when you click on the link to a VPN We include coupon codes Any discounts exclusive offers offer the best we can get We put them in the links so you are Go straight to those you don't have to know Worry about harassing any of them that way keep it up Check it out in the description if you're interested that's kind of a bummer you know about tunnel bets it's a clincher in a sense, the other thing is Tunnel Bear surprisingly no refunds Or they have a money back guarantee and that's like the industry standard at least at this point they have a seven day money back guarantee All the best VPNs have that Would I recommend a tunnel bear You know there is no contested tunnel bear Easy to use Offers solid security But you know There are many other VPNs that do this in addition to the best VPNs we recommend against surfing shark, Nord or expressvpn they offer the same features plus some extra features in this case of the surf shark you get the same features as the bear tunnel Plus you get a few extras like unlimited connections instead of just five and it connects with Netflix, it connects with Hulu, I mean there's a lot of it actually, and it's decently less money, so the other thing with Nord you can go with Something like Nord and you'll get a better VPN for the same price you get with the tunnel bear so add to that how disappointing the speed results are and unfortunately this is not a VPN I can recommend at this time so I hope you are I found this a helpful video if so please leave a thumbs up I always appreciate it and remember to review the description below I will include anything related links to the best price and any promotions or discounts if any coupon codes I will make sure to find the best one for you and then enter them again Description also if you have any comments or questions put them in the comments section I would love to answer as many of these as possible otherwise Thanks a lot for watching I really appreciate your time and I look forward to seeing you in the next video

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