unblock websites on iPhone or iPad using VPN

hi guys this is Hassan today I am going to show you how we can unblock websites which are restricted in your area so when I'm browsing this website it is giving me an L and I am not able to open this website so what you have to do is open your app store and search for battlenet application click on download button to download the app and after that you will be able to see for small F icon with a mask on it open the application and it will ask you to install profile you can click on install and from there you can check more details of that as well click on install button in the top right corner again and give the password of your iPhone or iPad so so now your traffic will go to the VPN server instead of your local server click on install again and install profile click on done button in the top right corner so now you can see the button has been changed to connect instead of installing so click on your homepage button and check for settings you will be able to see that the VPN profile has been installed in general and the settings you can check the profile it shows in battlenet which is the application and VPN says it's not connected so now go back to your application and click on connect button it may take a few seconds to connect some times so once that is connected you'll be able to see a VPN icon in the top left corner of your screen so now go back to your Safari browser and reload the URL or website which is so now you will see the website has been open successfully using a VPN server okay guys thank you for watching the video please give a thumbs up or click like button if it helped thank you so much see you bye

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