we'll be looking at how can you set up
free VPN a new Android device so in my case my device is being white then but
the instruction and the steps will be same for all over any Android device so
first you need to come to the setting then switch to the VPN tab here you can
see I already made a profile of Poland server which is a part of VPN book.com
so anyway this is how you need to setup and before that let me take you to the
VPN book page so this is the URL where you have to visit you can get the link
from the description down below all you just have to just click then after
getting over this page you can see all the details of the server name
configuration file and everything you need you need to switch to the PPTP
there you will be able to see all the name of the server belongs from a Poland
Denmark US Canada everywhere so you just have to copy the details
from this page to your settings within your Android smartphone so first let me
delete this profile so we can see how to get this done manually and so let me
delete okay it's done so now all you just have to do you just have to tap on
the add VPN then you need to name it the name should be unique for your own
interest just to identify from the next time if you have multiple VPN connection
or the PPTP set up so I'm going to copy the server name from this page a VPN
book comm and I'm gonna paste it all over the data but I'm just gonna name it
Poland so it can be unique for me to identify now the type will be PPTP the
server address or you just have to paste this one PL 22.2 to 6th or VPN book comm
now the VPN username and password the username will be always same the VPN
book but the password you need to put in manually it gets changes every time
after a regular interval you can't copy and paste this because
this is an image file so you just have to type it by yourself so after putting
all the details all just have to tap over the tick but if you want to make
some extra changes like if you want to put your own DNS server or something
extra information you can put it all right over this section but
um but in this case I'm gonna let it as it is and that's it now I'm gonna hit
over the VPN button and then it will verify all the credentials server name
username and password and it will say connect so if it says it's not
connecting then there will be some issues like with the password or
something so make sure you verify all and everything now if I go back to the
Chrome and if I look for my IP address it clearly says that your country is now
Poland so now I can access all the block content outside the regional boundaries
because my country is now changed within this device so similar to this you can
set up your US server one us over to Denmark France Canada all over and
everything and you can access each and everything without any issues the
connection will be also dependable on your ISP so make sure to configure
properly I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do don't forget to smash
the like button for more tips and hacks subscribe to the channel and as always
thanks for watching I'll see you guys the next one

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