VPN for TikTok: Can a VPN get around TikTok US Ban? + TUTORIAL

– Do we have to say goodbye to TikTok with all the friends
we've made on the platform and all the hours and
hours of crazy fun content? Guys TikTok is being banned in the US and we're here to figure out whether we're still going
to be able to use TikTok with a VPN or whether we'll
have to say goodbye forever. You can check out our list of VPN setup an impressive history of
getting around geoblocking and censorship, the link
will be in the description. Plus for your weekly dose
of privacy news and tips hit the like and subscribe button. US President Donald Trump
has signed an executive order that will ban TikTok unless the app is sold to a
US buyer by mid September. If this happens that 80
million US TikTok users will no longer be able to access the app. In this video, we're going
to answer your questions and concerns whether a VPN will allow you to beat the TikTok ban.

We'll look at what VPN
companies and tech experts have to say plus examine India's case where the ban is already in place. So here's the deal with a TikTok ban. I'm gonna make this quick. The US government pass
TikTok a security threat over concerns that it's feeding data to the Chinese government and
censoring political content. Trump's order will make it
illegal for any US citizen to transact with TikToks owner
ByteDance by mid September. Microsoft the front runner
in the bid to purchase TikTok and restore order to the universe.

Trump's executive order has
raised some major concerns for a start with a VPN enabled
you to get around this ban. After all getting around censorship, it's one of the main selling
points of a VPN tech. By routing traffic through a VPN server and encrypting browsing data to make it unreadable to third parties. VPN skinfold ISP is about
what they're doing online, all they see is you connecting to the VPN. If VPNs can unblock streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix and let you use platforms
like Google and Twitter in countries where those
platforms are censored, you should be able to
use it to access TikTok once it's been, right? Well, the answer is not so simple. VPN services like NordVPN
and Surfshark are confident that their tech will get you
through this TikTok drought and have put instructions on their sites for successfully unblocking TikTok. However, TechRadar a
hugely popular tech news and review sites says, VPNs can allow US users to access TikTok. However, this depends on
how the ban is enforced. If the app for example is
illegal in the country, official app stores
are forced to remove it and it gets much more
difficult to download the app.

So following the ban, app vendors like Google Play and App Store may not be allowed to host TikTok anymore. In this case, you won't
be able to install it and possibly even run it
from your phone's App Store even if you have a VPN. TechCrunch another major tech site agrees that VPNs are not a magic bullet, saying that governments
can make it difficult for average users to access VPNs, by removing them from local app stores, users would have to register
in another regional App Store, which often involves roadblocks from owning a local credit card. Countries may even
illegalize the use of VPNs. Guys VPNs are a major
Internet Security tool.

I don't think the US
government will ban them. But the current situation has
got these tech sites worring. Now here's a great VPN hack for you. You can use VPN to change the
location on your app store in order to download update or run TikTok. Alice, a data analyst at Surfshark has shared her take on this quarter saying there are many guides on how to change your app store location, so it won't be that hard for you. Just don't forget to turn on your VPN before doing the changes. She ends by saying you will
be able to access TikTok. There are always ways to
bypass such restrictions, but it will take a little
bit of time to do it. There are multiple
Reddit threads with tips on how to do this too. How well does this trick work? Well, the best way to answer this question is by taking a look at India, where TikTok was banned in July. So what are Indian browse
doing to bypass the TikTok ban? Many Indians are saying
that TikTok doesn't work even after changing their app
vendor location with a VPN.

User speculate that
TikTok is being blocked based on device IDs. So devices that have already
been registered to TikTok can be used for running
TikTok under the ban. However, when users reset their device or install TikTok on a
new phone, TikTok worked. In a moment I'm going to do
a quick and simple tutorial on how to unblock TikTok with a VPN if the US TikTok ban happens. But first I'd like to
share my favorite VPN for unblocking TikTok. I highly recommend these three VPNs, they have an incredible track record when it comes to accessing
censored or geoblocked content. They let you unblock streaming libraries on multiple platforms,plus
reliably bypass censorship in countries where the
internet is restricted. So they have a proven track record.

Now guys, here's how to
access TikTok with a VPN If the ban happens, download and install a trustworthy VPN. You can do this via your app
store, sign up and login. Pick a server that's anywhere
outside of the US or India. Go back to your app vendor
and change the location by going to settings, picking general and then under language and
region picking a fresh location. I'd recommend that UK or Australia, if you're English speaking. Now you can access your TikTok account by the website or the app, and if you need an extra
measure to get it working like our Indian TikTok browse do, you can try resetting your device or swapping it out for a new one.

Guys, now that you know how
to get around the TikTok ban, check out the full list of
VPNs that have a solid history of getting around geoblocks right here. Subscribe to our channel for your weekly dose of VPNs and security and thanks for watching..

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