VPN Kill Switch Explained | NordVPN

Have you heard of the feature called the Kill
Switch? Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Actually, the Kill Switch helps you avoid
the drama. When you use a VPN, you encrypt your traffic
and hide your physical location and IP address. But what if your connection to the VPN server
drops? Your sensitive data could be intercepted,
and your security — compromised. The Kill Switch comes to the rescue. It monitors your connection to the VPN server
all the time, and if the connection accidentally drops, the Kill Switch blocks your device
from accessing the web. When the VPN tunnel is reestablished, the
Kill Switch restores your internet access. Of course, if you use NordVPN, the probability
of failure is very low. However, in many cases, the VPN connection
may drop because of issues on the user’s end.

For example, interruptions in your internet
connection may cause interruptions in your connection to the VPN server. Or your firewall might block the NordVPN app. Finally, if your device has auto-updates turned
on — and it should — it may reboot itself and connect to the web without the protection
of the VPN tunnel. The Kill Switch saves you in all these cases. And many other cases none of us can foresee. It’s the last line of your cybersecurity
defense. Stay safe. To learn more, subscribe to the NordVPN Youtube

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