VPN + Netflix: change your Netflix country and watch anything

ah netflix the best friend we could have asked for these past months in lockdown filling the empty nights with dawson's creek and tiger king binges however netflix users can no longer ignore that some content they're dying to access just doesn't seem to be available in their specific libraries i'm sure it's happened to you where you really fancy watching something that's been mentioned in a podcast or on tv but it just isn't there well this is all down to the country you're located in and luckily there's a way around it that's why in this video we'll outline the whys letting you know how you can use a vpn to unlock the shows you yearn for no matter where you are in the world and we'll even talk about the countries with the largest libraries so you can avoid future disappointment [Music] hi i'm amy from cybernews.com if you're new here be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel for fresh content we post every week now netflix itself is available in close to 200 countries across the world however due to contracts with production studios and copyright agreements netflix is holding out on us and some content is restricted to particular countries in short what shows up on your netflix library might not be the same as what keanu reeves scrolls on a lonely winter's night that's right the list of content you see solely depends on where you are in the world essentially netflix has the right to stream content they don't own the copyrights too only in agreed-upon locations so if you're traveling or want to access specific content this can become an issue and that's why many are looking for solutions to these restrictions many have turned to virtual private networks as a fix to accessing the glorious content they are after and to bypass their country's restrictions however there may be a question looming over your head is this even legal well that's a fine question to ask nobody wants to end up behind bars and yes it is very much legal to use a magical vpn to unblock that netflix content in most countries however some countries that already have restrictions on vpns users could face huge issues we're talking china iran or russia so that's definitely something to keep in mind and although technically it is against netflix rules to use a vpn to alter their service that doesn't make it illegal and it's not like netflix will close down your account if you're repeatedly using a vpn for this reason the worst that will happen is you'll see a irritating error page now you know it can be done but how does a vpn do these magical things a vpn lets you connect through an intermediary server hiding your ip address and making it look like you've connected from a different location so when you use it alongside netflix it tricks netflix into thinking you're in at the specific country that you've connected to so we will show you how all that works first you just need to download and install your preferred vpn there's many that can unlock netflix although not all so it's important to get the right one a few of our picks would be nordvpn surfsharkvpn or expressvpn which make the process as smooth as possible and offer a large variety of different servers to connect to around the world using up-to-date technology that's needed to unlock netflix next you'll need to use the vpn to connect to the country that you'd like to watch netflix from this is really simple and although vpns might have slightly different interfaces you generally just click a location on a map or select a country's name from a list say for instance you're in the us then your netflix catalog will look a little something like this now the us has the largest library with around 6 000 titles under its belt however today you fancy watching some rick and morty because let's face it it's pretty great but once you've looked it up it doesn't appear to be in your library high chances are that it's available in the uk netflix catalog so all you've got to do is take a little virtual holiday and select the uk on your vpn i'll just take a little sip of my tea in respect for my people [Music] anyway this will create a secret tunnel and you'll just need to refresh or log in to your netflix account grab some snacks and press play likewise to any other country you're located in it's all the same process if you were located in the uk but wanted to watch some criminal mines or weeds top content that is available in us netflix you'd follow the same process currently the top five largest netflix libraries happen to be the united states canada united kingdom india and australia so really there's a lot to be unlocked and you aren't just limited to the uk or us if you're still stumped about what vpn provider is the best for accessing that prime prime content then click the link down in our description and head to our website we have a list of our recommendations and all the reasons why these are the best for unlocking netflix also you can find instructions on how to solve netflix proxy error that many people come across whilst using this method if you're wondering if there's another way to go about accessing the content you'd like but without getting a vpn then it's a pretty simple answer but first be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel to support us now if you're looking for alternatives i can confidently say that using a reputable vpn to unblock netflix is the most secure and foolproof way out there however some have tried proxy servers this is possible but it isn't very safe and as your data will not be encrypted therefore you're putting yourself in a pretty unsecured situation and don't forget vpns have many uses besides watching netflix anonymous browsing the ability to pay with cryptocurrency or bitcoin for anonymous payments so if you're looking for a vpn that won't let you down you have our top suggestions on our website and thanks for watching this video let us know down in the comments the first thing you would watch if you have no restrictions we look forward to seeing you next time you

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