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– Hey there. This is Amy from the bestVPNdeals.com. And today we're talking
about online shopping. We do it a lot nowadays which carries its own
risks and opportunities. However, a simple trick
can make your purchases a lot more secure and allow you to save a whole lot of money by unlocking deals and goods
not available in your region. How you ask? The answer lies in three
magic letters, VPN. (upbeat music) Before we get into the details. If you want to get a great deal on some of the top VPNs available, just check the link in
the description below and find the best VPNs
for shopping online, streaming or just good old privacy. Also subscribe to our channel
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Let's get back to our topic. VPNs have so many benefits to anyone who spends time on the internet. Want to binge a show that is
restricted in your country? A VPN could help you to unlock Netflix content that is
not normally available in your region. One to hide yourself from
any possible intruders who are after your personal
data or login information? A VPN will help to stay anonymous. One to unlock smarter and
safer ways to shop online, discover hidden discounts or bonus items, VPN will do the trick. The point of the matter is online vendors and online services engage in what's called price discrimination which is a fancy way of saying
charging a different price for the same product,
depending on where you live.

So if I'm from Australia,
I'll pay one price, and if I changed my location
to let's say the USA, the price could be lower. It's totally unfair, right? Well, no worries. With a VPN you can switch to a location to almost any country. You see online shops and
services determine your location by looking at your IP address, and what a VPN does is it makes it seem like the VPN Server IP
address as your IP address. In other words, connect to
a server in Italy and voila. You're a proud Italian and just observe the miracles happening in your shopping cart.

Some online stores block
a part of their menu to customers from specific locations. They might show more
items for our customers from certain countries or States and hide some items from
visitors, from other countries. In such cases, a VPN
turns into a valuable key that opens up a whole
new shopping experience. With VPN, you could win
this hide and seek game. Pretty cool, you bet.

Last but not least security. The internet is vast and full of dangers. Maybe it sounds a bit dramatic but still you can't be too careful. With a VPN, your online
traffic becomes untraceable to fraudsters. Let them wander in the dark with a VPN. No one can steal your login
or credit card information or other sensitive info, such
as your name and address. You can check the top VPN offers @thebestvpndeals.com right now and see which one suits you best. You could find the best
VPNs for streaming, gaming, and of course, for online shopping, or VPNs that serve the universal purpose of unlocking a free internet.

Well, it's time for me to go. There's a delivery coming any minute now. Huh, see you in the next video. (upbeat music).

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