What Is a VPN ✅ And Why Do You Need One?

what is a vpn and why do you need it and why 
exactly this is the first thing you should   consider having to ensure your network security 
interested continue watching let's start with   the first part what is a vpn vpn a virtual private 
network allows you to create a secure connection   to another network or the internet in very simple 
terms a vpn connects your pc smartphone or tablet   to another computer called a server somewhere on 
the internet and allows you to browse the internet   using that computer's internet connection so if 
that server is in a different country it will   appear as if you're coming from that country 
and you can potentially access things that you   couldn't normally now any vpn operates using vpn 
protocols now what in the world are vpn protocols   vpn protocols are the methods by which your pc 
connects to the vpn server some protocols are   better for speed in for network security and 
some simply work better under certain network   conditions if that makes sense now popular vpn 
protocols in use as of today includes openvpn   ikea v2 lt2p ipsec pptp wireguard ssdp and others 
and different vpn providers use different vpn   protocols which makes them better for one purpose 
or another depending on your particular situation   by the way if you're interested in my top choice 
of best vpn providers on the web i'll put links   to those in the description box below they are one 
of the best vpn providers on the web that provides   top rate quality now how exactly does vpn help 
you and why do you need vpn great question you   can use vpn to access region restricted websites 
like netflix and hulu watch streaming tvs in   other countries shop online while abroad shield 
your browsing activities when on public wi-fi's   and thus protect yourself from hacking use local 
versions of different websites avoid detection   while researching the competition checking the 
results of your marketing campaigns if you are   an internet marketer save money on airline and not 
only airline tickets access geo-restricted social   media pretend that you're home while you're 
traveling and so on wouldn't you be excited   to use public wi-fi's and rest assured that you 
won't get hacked no big surprise these days vpns   are really popular but not for the reasons 
they were originally created for they were   originally created to connect business networks 
securely over the internet or to allow you to   access business network from home actually vpns 
are still widely used for this initial purpose   mostly in a tea industry this leads me to the 
types of vpns out there and the first one the   one you would be most interested in is commercial 
vpns a commercial vpn is also called personal vpns   or consumer vpns is a private service offered 
directly to individuals usually for a fee in   other terms commercial vpns cater directly to the 
privacy needs of their customers you can find some   of the examples of those commercial vpns in the 
description box below the second type of vpn i   have already mentioned and that is a corporate 
vpn a corporate vpn also called a business vpn   allows employees remote employees to access their 
company's networks while working from home as if   they were physically present in the office unlike 
the commercial vpns business or corporate vpns   are geared at providing security to the data of 
the company and not necessarily to individual   who cares they are not there to protect your 
privacy but rather the privacy of your company now   the third type of vpn is self setup vpn some tech 
experts and some diy hobbies choose to use their   own vpns using their own vpn equipment that is not 
only for individuals but also for the companies   who choose to establish their own vpn connection 
self-setup vpns however do not provide the   protection of shared ip addresses server locations 
in multiple countries or other features that are   widely enjoyed by users of commercial vpns you 
most probably would want to use commercial vpns   because a they have a lot of features that other 
vpns don't b you don't have to be a tech person   to set it up and c they're extremely easy to 
use now that we have talked about what a vpn   is and why you might need it in your business or 
personal life we will talk in details how exactly   does a vpn work and we'll do so in our next 
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