What is SmartDNS? (and how is it different than a VPN?)

What is Smart DNS and how is it different
from a VPN or a virtual private network? Today we’ll spend just a couple minutes
to explain the details and advantages of something like Smart DNS. Thanks for joining me. My name is Josh and this is VPN Video Reviews. We’re covering Smart DNS today, specifically
what it is and how you can use it. Simply put, Smart DNS is a technology that
is used to disguise your location, allowing you to access geo-restricted content.

Unlike a VPN, which encrypts and reroutes
all of your internet traffic through another server, Smart DNS is more akin to, let’s
say switching the license plate on a car. The car’s actual location hasn’t changed,
but the plate indicates another state or country. This is useful for you when it comes to streaming
services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC and other popular services that geo-restrict content. Here’s the deal.

Despite the global nature of the internet,
these companies license their content based on location, so they can only show a particular
movie or TV show in particular country. It’s ridiculous but it’s reality. So if you’re traveling outside your own
country, you’re stuck watching only the content that is available in that country. In some places, like China, they’ll block
everything. What Smart DNS does is trick these services
into thinking that you’re in a location that you’re really not. It’s call spoofing your location. And going back to that car analogy, when you connect to the internet through Smart
DNS, you can choose which country’s license plate you want on your car and when you access
a site like Netflix or Hulu, they check your plate and serve you the content they’re
allowed to give you.

Sometimes they can spot a fake location but
most of the time they can’t. And if you think about, when you’re paying
for the service, it only makes sense that they give you what you paid for. It's stupid that they don't. For my recommendations on the best SmartDNS services, click the link you see above here or check the video description below. I keep these up-to-date based on my personal experiences. And yes, these are affiliate links, which means that
at no extra cost to you, I will be compensated for helping you find what you need.

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