Windscribe VPN review: should you pay for it?

What's up, everyone? Hope you guys are
doing great! My name is John from VPNpro. And today, we're going to put Windscribe for a test drive. Windscribe is a fairly new VPN. It has
been around for roughly three years but it claims to be the best on the market.
But is it really? In this video, I'll go through the highlights of our full Windscribe review, which you can find at If you want more in-depth information about Windscribe, make sure to check that out. I'll include the link
down in the description. Alright! Now, let's get started. When I saw what Windscribe had to offer, I wasn't entirely convinced at first.

I thought it was just
too good to be true. I mean, don't all VPNs promise you the
world? But after doing the tests, I'm actually quite happy for the results.
Aside from the fact that they have a free version, they allow users to have
unlimited simultaneous connections. Hooray for gamers! Windscribe also has
no identifying logs policy, provides great speeds, works with Netflix and it
even has an add and malware blocking feature.

Well, for general online
activities, Windscribe might be a gem. But of course, not all VPNs are perfect.
One of Windscribe's downside is that they don't have a live chat support. They
have a chatbot named Gary but he can't really handle complex queries. I guess
that's what they need to improve on in the future. Another downside is that ç has a very complicated refund policy.

You have to meet several
conditions for you to get a refund… which you can get within 30 days. Now, that's
just too long a wait. With that said, let's take a closer look at what Windscribe has to offer. When it comes to privacy and security
credentials, I can say that the Windscribe can be considered as one of the
safest VPNs in the market. What's also great about this is that the free
version has almost the same level of protection as the paid one.

features include military-grade encryption, enough tunneling protocols
with two stealth options, a kill switch, leak protection, plus a host of other
technical security and privacy features. And even with all these bulletproof
features enabled, their speed does not disappoint. It used to be faster though, when they first launched. But as more and more
users are connecting to their servers, the speeds are inevitably going down.
Still, compared with other top VPNs in the market, it's one of the fastest. But
before you go partying online with Windscribe, I just want you to know that this
VPN is based in Canada… which is a member of the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance. On the
bright side, though, Windscribe promises a no identifying logs policy.

They do
collect some data but it's not a big security risk to worry about. For
streaming, most particularly on Netflix, Windscribe has dedicated servers for
that. But unfortunately, based on our latest tests, we were only able to access
the Netflix US library. The speed is also good for HD streaming. Windscribe is
also okay to use with Disney+, Amazon Prime and other media centers. As for
torrenting, Windscribe also works great but do you note that there are a few
server locations that doesn't allow P2P connections. Now that we've covered the
basics, let's ask something really important: what about the price?
Fortunately, Windscribe VPN offers its service for relatively low prices. All
plans have the same security features and allow an unlimited number of
simultaneous connections. Payment options include credit cards, Paymentwall gift
cards and Bitcoin. They won't require your email to sign up so you can
definitely purchase anonymously. The only downside, as I've already mentioned, is
their complicated refund policy. Ao should you use Windscribe? It's a
definite yes from us, at least for its free version.

It's actually one of the
best free VPNs out there. And if you're thinking about buying it, we believe that
it has great potential to climb up the ladder. All things considered, we
recommend Windscribe for geo-ublockers, gamers, streamers, and travelers.
That's why we're giving Windscribe such a high rating. I hope this video
helped you decide if Windscribe is the VPN for you. And again, if you want a more in-depth look at the Windscribe and all of its features, make sure to click the
full review link in the description below. Also, don't forget to thumbs-up
this video if you liked it. And subscribe if you loved it! Thanks for watching..

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