You Were Using Your VPN WRONG! That’s how it’s done

You were using your vpn 
wrong. That’s how it’s done Nowadays VPNs still don’t seem to become a 
common thing. 30% of all Internet users use   VPNs and more than 50% of these people use 
it to access better entertainment content.  If you are already a VPN user and 
you use it mostly occasionally when   you need to access a certain website or 
an app that is restricted in your area,   you may not seem to realise the hidden gems of 
your VPN and how it can make your life safer.

So you were using your VPN wrong and here’s why: Using a free VPN If you’re using a free VPN, you should ask 
yourself, “and how exactly do they make money,   if I’m not paying for their services?”. Well, 
the only logical answer to that question is   if they’re not making money off 
you, they are probably making money   on you. So with a free VPN you cannot 
exactly be sure about your data safety.  Also, free VPN services usually provide a 
limited connection speed, so your experience   is not as comfortable as it should be.
On the other hand, spending a few dollars a   month for a VPN subscription is absolutely worth 
the speed and safety it provides.

And if you’re   still not sure about paying for a VPN, just take 
a 7-day free trial period and see for yourself. Using VPN only when it’s needed Many experienced internet users 
use VPN connections all the time.   And by all the time I mean 
absolutely all the time.  Think of it, as you spend a regular workday. 
You start out with your home wi-fi, then you   turn to mobile, then you connect to a spot on 
your workplace and many other hotspots during   the day.

So you use a lot of different connections 
and besides compromising your data, you also leave   a digital footprint. So having some special 
tools, someone may even spot your location.  Instead with a VPN turned on all the time you 
connect to hotspots via a different location.   Your IP address is hidden, so you can feel secure 
and don’t even bother about your privacy online. Not using it abroad
Using VPN in a foreign   country that you’re visiting is non negotiable. 
Coming to a different country, your data is way   more in danger than home. Of course, you don’t 
have to worry about your government watching you,   but trust me, the foreign governments 
are even more interested in you.  Besides, unsecured tourists 
that connect to free wi-fis   are like a gift for hackers. 
They may easily steal your   credit card info, login credentials etc.
So next time, when you’re going on vacation,   be sure to put a fast and secure 
VPN on your preparement list.

Not using it for Netflix As I said before, more than 50% of 
VPN users are using it to change the   entertainment content and if you have 
a paid VPN and not use it for Netflix,   well you are missing a huge point of VPNs.
For example, if you’re living in Europe you   may not know that US Netflix recently bought the 
Chappelle’s show. One of the greatest comedy shows   of the 21st century created by a Mark Twain 
Prize Holder Dave Chappelle himself. The point   is you won’t find anywhere else.
And if you’re not into comedy,   you’ll be amused by how much new content 
you can discover with a VPN anyway..

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